The Benefits of Minimalism: 12 Techniques for Simplicity
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Sometimes we buy so many things that it becomes impossible to manage them anymore. Even though we buy according to our necessities, sometimes we overbuy the things that we won’t require really. This creates a messy environment and we may not be able to find the required thing at the correct time when there is a lot of stuff filled in the room. It becomes difficult to manage those things.

This is the time when we need a  Minimalistic life and we should know the benefits of Minimalism.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is not only about decluttering unnecessary things that we don’t need anymore, it’s more than about the management of productive life. It makes our life easier in all aspects of our life.

12 Techniques To Become Minimalist (Simplicity)

1: Stop Using Credit Card

Having credit cards in your hands, it made easy to afford the things that we couldn’t afford. This made to buy excessive things unnecessarily and after some time they’ll become unwanted. To avoid this, you need to stop using your credit card as much as possible.

If you buy things from your own cash then you’ll come to know the value of that something you’re buying.

2: Declutter Your Room

Apart from your working days, allocate a day to clean and declutter your room by removing all unwanted and unnecessary things. Rather than throwing them, try to donate or sell them if possible.

Moreover, try to use recyclable things so that it becomes easier to recycle and they are nature friendly.

Remove all the stuff from your make your space clean and tidy.

3: Organize Your Belongings

As soon as you declutter your room, it’s time to organize your belongings in particular places so that you won’t feel difficult to find out when you require them. Put the things in places where you can find and manage them easily. Put all stationery at some place, your everyday gear at some place, and your clothing-grooming things at another place.

It makes you well organized and helpful to find stuff whenever you need it.

4: The 21-Day Technique

This technique will save you a lot of money. If you want to buy something you need to think about these 2 things:

1: Can I Afford It
2: Do I Need It

If you can afford that thing and you can buy that item thrice times. Then you’re eligible to afford that thing.

To know whether you need that stuff or it is just a materialistic desire, you need to wait for a period of 21 days. Even after 21 days if the same desire exists in your mind. Then you need it and you can buy that thing.

5: Schedule Everything

The utmost quality of minimalism is to schedule everything. Before you start your work, you need to schedule those things ahead.

As a minimalist, you need to work by scheduling things and maintaining a calendar and other productivity tools to improve your focus and productivity so that you become a workaholic.

The Benefits of Minimalism: Techniques for Simplicity

6: Eliminate Your Social Life

If you become a minimalist and you don’t perform Digital Minimalism then the matter of becoming minimalist doesn’t make any sense.

You need to cut your social life as much as possible so that you won’t deviate from your work. Being a Minimalist increase your focus and concentration.

To become hyper focussed in your work you need to eliminate social life.

7: Declutter Your Thoughts

In the same way, as you declutter your room, you also need to declutter your thoughts. You can only work with intense focus unless your mind is free from unwanted and unnecessary thoughts.

To make this happen, you need to start meditating on a daily basis. Yoga is also the best way to improve your breathing which indirectly improves your overall nervous system.

Also, maintain good physical fitness since it’s the real reason to make your confidence levels stand out.

8: Maintain a Journal

Without a journal, life seems sometimes empty to a Minimalist. As a minimalist, you don’t have many things, and the things you had are more than enough for your self-improvement.

Since you have less stuff, you need to know how to use them effectively to the highest possible usage.

Journaling your journey of life not only makes memories but also strengthens your memory management system.

9: Use The Calendar Effectively

Your calendar is your tool to effectively manage your work-life balance. Once you know how to use your calendar effectively, you’ll never miss any event or you’ll ever deal with your work since every time you have something to do in your scheduled calendar.

If you’re always thinking about something and not taking enough action, you need to consider using Calendars, Pomodoro Techniques, and time-blocking techniques so you can somehow put your thinking into taking action.

10: Reinvest In Yourself

As a minimalist, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and rather than wasting it on other entertainment means, try to utilize in improving yourself and your skills. Because you’re defined by the value you provide and the value is provided by your skills.

Indirectly, your skills reflect who you are, and what you’re potential is. Reinvest in yourself as much as possible to see yourself in your best version of yourself.

11: Focus on Simplicity

As you now became a minimalist, you need to focus on simplicity rather than materialistic things. The lesser you have, the more organized you are, the more Simplicity you maintain, and the more you become a professional Minimalist.

And you consider that owing nothing is the best way to have a stress-free, happy and balanced life.

12: Enjoy Minimalism

Becoming a minimalist is entirely based on your interest. Only if you enjoy being Minimalist, you can be. Or else you can have a normal life.

Enjoy how you are and what you do. Because it’s the only thing that matters in long-term compounding success.

Becoming a minimalist is only a choice, not one and only option.

Benefits of Minimalism

There are numerous benefits of being a minimalist. Some of the are:

  • You’ll Be Organised
  • Your Money Will Be Saved
  • Higher Productivity
  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Find Things Easier
  • You’ll Save Time
  • You Live a Simple Life
  • Improves Your Focus
  • Your Environment Becomes Clean and Tidy
  • Better Sleep


Living a minimalistic life is not as easy as you think, you need to sacrifice your wants over your ambitions. For everything, there are some positives and negatives. And it’s worth to once try a minimalistic life.

If you find it useful then you can continue your minimalistic life or else you can come back to your normal life.

Always you need to strive for improvement, not perfection, then you’ll always see exponential growth in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of minimalism?

As a minimalist you save money, you improve focus, you become productive and the value of minimalism is Simplicity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of minimalism?

You’ll Be Organised
Your Money Will Be Saved
Higher Productivity
Lower Stress Levels
Find Things Easier
You’ll live a tasteless life
You’ll need to leave the desire for materialistic things
Sometimes you feel uncomfortable
It’s not for everyone
It’s boring

What is a minimalist lifestyle?

Simple, Stress-Free, Productive, Scheduling, Happy, and sometimes boring lifestyle.

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