How to live a good life?
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Living a good life is not hard. A good life means a simple and happy life. If you want to live this kind of life you need to adopt some habits in your life and also at the same time you need to eliminate some of the habits in your life. Let’s see what those are and how to implement them in life for a good life. Let’s see how to Live a Good Life. [Happily and Simply]

Habits To Include In Your Life

1: Prioritise Yourself

Are you the one who prioritises other opinions over your own opinions?

If Yes, this needs to be changed!

No matter what, you should prioritize yourself first over others. Then your family comes second because they are the ones who made you become so. Then your partner since she’ll be the one who cares about you. Then at last prioritize your friends. This order may vary from person to person. But in actuality, this is the true and perfect order and the formula to live a good life.

People may call you Selfish but don’t mind them because you know what you’re doing and why.

To be short: Be yourself and be first to prioritize yourself first over others to live a good life.

2: Be Goal Oriented

Never go blindly before anything and on the things in which your interest exists no more.

Have a goal in your life and work on that goal and never get distracted from your goal no matter what challenges you face in your life.

To be short: Make a goal and start working on it rather than doing random things.

3: Manage Your Time

The more time you have, the more benefits you get. And if you’re wasting it then it’ll be the biggest mistake because if it’s passed you can’t recover it again. So Change yourself before time changes you.

Time Management makes you productive and helps you to manage your work consistently.

To be short: Manage your time for healthy work life and to live a good life.

4: Exercising and Meditation

Most diseases and also problems can be solved if you include exercise and meditation in your routine.

Stress, Overthinking, and Confusion all these brain eaters can be eliminated by just doing meditation.

For a Clarity Mind and a Healthy Body meditation and exercise play major roles.

To be short: Do exercise and meditation for at least 10 minutes a day.

5: Be an Early Bird

I often thought that waking up late night for doing our work is better than waking up early.

But I Was Wrong!

Waking up early and doing our work is far better than late nights. You would feel that you have got some extra time indeed it’s not real. Your mind is so calm and attentive that your attention levels are high and you would complete your work in less time than you would take earlier.

To be short: Prefer Early Mornings over Late Nights to live a good life.

6: Consume Healthy

You are what you eat. So what you eat matters a lot. If you eat junk and unhealthy foods you may suffer from being overweight and other health problems. And if you eat fresh and healthy foods your life will also be fresh and green.

Fruits, Nuts, Green Vegetables, Eggs, etc considered the most healthy foods for strong immunity.

To be short: Before you keep another cheat day once think about your health.

7: Be Ahead

Where ever you go, there’ll be always someone who is ahead of you. It’s impossible to go ahead of them since they started far earlier than you. Thus, what and how much you are capable of doing something matters rather than what and how much others are doing in their life.

Rather than being ahead of others, try to be ahead in thoughts in your mind. We might get thousands of thoughts a day, but most of them are common and only a few are thought-provoking.

Being ahead of thinking makes you take decisions better and faster in the least time.

To be short: Be ahead in taking decisions faster by imagining your future and live a good life.

Habits To Eliminate From Your Life

1: Comparisons and Overthinking

You know what you are and you know what to do, even though you think about others and their opinions.

You know that by comparing yourself with others will not change your future, but also you overthink about them.

This problem of overthinking and comparisons never ends.

The only way to end these is just focusing on yourself and indulging in your work so busy that you won’t get time to know about others.

To be short: Calm down and focus on yourself to live a good life.

2: Negative Thinking

If one negative thought arises in your mind then it becomes a chain reaction and it begins to spread all over the mind and creates an entire negative-thought system.

Ever experienced this type of experience:

Where you work hard for your exams and you got an A+ grade and after that repeatedly you got A grades in every exam?

What these mean, it’s nothing but the positive chain reaction which is spreaded over the mind.

We unknowingly manifest our brains in such a way that when some negative happens we all think about all the negative thoughts which may arise in the future. This becomes repeated and sometimes it gets manifested. This is why negative things happen because of your thinking.

So in order to remove negativity, you must think positively no matter how bad your situations are.

To be short: Be Positive in every situation you face to live a good life.

3: Talking with toxic people

We have many friends and all might not be as same as you think and as good as they look and as you thought they could be. They all are different having different perspectives.

You might not notice how toxic people are, but ideally, you can guess out toxic people in your circle.

A toxic person will always encourage you in all things but a true one will always say what is right for you and what is not for you.

To be short: Avoid and eliminate toxic people from your circle.

4: Inconsistency

The one who are always inconsistent in their work, they’ll never know the power of consistency. The results might not visible in a day or even a month but the compounding effect will make a big bang effect on your efforts.

No matter what work you’re doing, do it for a consistent amount of time for a  fixed amount of days.

To be short: Be consistent with your work.

5: Postponing Your Work

We all postpone our habits and our work too. We don’t know how much we are distracted from our goal until regret hurts us in the end.

I’ll start doing Exercise from tomorrow. Did that tomorrow will ever come into your life?

Unfortunately, No!

The moment you think of postponing your work, think about the consequences that might occur of not completing this task on time in the future. Then automatically you would at least start doing your work for some time, after you gain some momentum then the things seem easier for you to complete.

To be short: Do your work on time without delaying it.

6: Depression

Never get depressed if you failed to achieve something in your life, or for any reason don’t take it seriously. You need to be strong emotionally or else others make use of it.

Challenges in your life are like opportunities, if you avoid them and be in your comfort zone then you won’t able to catch up those opportunities. If you learn how to deal with those challenges you’ll be able to grab some huge opportunities. If you get depressed by almost everything then how will you withstand the war of challenges?

Life is like an ocean. In order to loot the treasure from it, we need to drive very deep suffering from breath and pressure of water then only we’ll able to find out treasure. But if you stay at the shore you won’t find anything.

Everything happens for a reason. Believing that all will happen in our favor we need to move forward in the race of life without getting sad and depressed.

To be short: Learn to be emotionally stable and strong.

Final Thoughts

Habits To IncludeHabits Not To Include
1: Prioritise Yourself1: Comparisons and Overthinking
2: Be Goal Oriented2: Negative Thinking
3: Manage Your Time3: Talking with toxic people
4: Exercising and Meditation4: Inconsistency
5: Be an Early Bird5: Postponing Your Work


Living a good life became a hard task nowadays. We fall into situations, problems, and challenges where life seems very hard and we might fall into depression someways.

However, no matter how many measures and precautions we take to have a good life, but knowingly or unknowingly somehow we fall back.

It’s the way of life and we need to know that we must fall forward strongly again after being fallen back by the challenges.

Fail Forward and Move Forward.

However, you can change your life from nothing to everything in just 6 months.

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