The Art of Letting Go: Strategies for Finding Peace
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Nothing is permanent in your life. The people you met, the situations you face, and the hardships and happiness you experience all are temporary. When everything is temporary then why you’re always holding on to something in your mind? Letting go is the simple way to react less and regret less.

If you hold on and stay in the past then ultimately you’ll lose the present and future opportunities.

Living present is important because the only thing that we have in our hands is Present only. Let’s know how to focus on present situations and let go of unwanted things in our life.

12 Steps To Letting Go Of Something

You need to deal with the problems one after the other. First, identify what the problem actually is, then follow these 12 steps where after reaching the 12 steps, you start letting go of things that you don’t want anymore. Be honest with yourself while following the 12 steps.

1: Write Your Problem

When you identified your problem write it down in your journal or a paper. Writing makes you remember what you’re going through and helps in better memorization of that problem.

2: Analyse The Problem

Think about why the problem occurred and the reason for the occurrence of it. Note down the consequences while you’re dealing with the problem.

3: Is It Suffering or Real

When you are suffering from a problem, think about whether the problem is real or it’s your imagination. When What is happening in our life is different from what is happening in our mind. Then you are suffering from your imagination or overthinking or illusion.

4: It Can Be Solved?

Every problem that we suffer in our life can be solved but they are some problems that don’t have solutions or it doesn’t require any solution because it’s our imaginary suffering.

5: Solution For Problem

Write all the possible solutions to your problem. Choose one after the other solution and then apply it in your life.

The Art of Letting Go: Strategies for Finding Peace

6: What Happens When You Hold On

Before applying the solution to your current problem, think about what happens when you hold on to this problem for a long time. If holding on and thinking about that problem solves your problem then you must live in your past and hold on to the problem you face.

7: What Happens When You Let Go

There are some problems that people find when they are going through some situations but due to their brain fog, they are seeing problems. Once you see with a calm and positive sight then you’ll observe that everything is alright.

Here sometimes you don’t know what the problem actually is, but you go through the problem and suffer it. This is because of your overthinking, leaving in the past, and holding on to that problem every single minute.

This is why you need to let go of everything that you suffer from imagination.

8: Do The Right Thing

You should identify what to do when you face these types of situations. Sometimes some situations will hold back you in your life more than you ever thought they could be. But unknowingly you’ll fall into the darkness where everywhere you see blindness.

Only if you have the strength and courage to deal with those situations then your life will be filled with the brightness of the light.

9: It Takes Time

Patience is the key to success. If you are calm and non-reactive to the difficult situations that you don’t know how to deal with, slowly you’ll see that situations settle down and everything becomes better with time.

Nothing to do with the brain, not thinking or taking action. Just leave everything and time will heal you.

10: Don’t Struggle or Overthink

In the process of letting go of something, you’ll struggle very much to forget someone but the more you struggle mentally, the more you remember that person and the more depressed you get.

If you still overthink about what happens further then always you’ll become sad.

Real peace lies in the letting of things that we don’t need anymore.

11: Meditation

Meditation makes your mind still and calm in difficult situations and it’s your one and only solution to end your mental suffering.

Today or tomorrow you’ll be able to experience the benefits of meditation.

12: Time Is Your Medicine

The powerful medicine you have with yourself is your “Time”. Time changes everything. It heals you and what should you do when you’re suffering and going through hardships, is just be calm and see how time will change everything from negative to positive in your life.


Let’s understand how I’ll solve my solve using the above 12 steps.

Nowadays many people suffer from love failures and they are living in the imagination of love feelings. Now to get out of those feelings of love and focus on our career, I follow these 12 steps and let go of feelings of love.

First I identify my problem which is Love failure.

  • In step 1, I write the problem in my journal. (i.e. Love Failure)
  • In step 2, I analyze the problem and find out the reason for the arrival of the problem. The reason is because of infatuation, blind love, and one-sided love.
  • In step 3, I find out that am I suffering really or imaginary. In this case, I am suffering from my imagination.
  • In step 4, I think is there a solution to my problem. In this case, I have many solutions to solve the problem.
  • In step 5, I write down the possible solutions to solve the problem. ( My solutions are: Remembering That it’s not true love, Forgetting that person, or Focusing on my career)
  • In step 6, I come to the conclusion that if I hold on to this problem in my mind, it’ll hurt my career progress. Holding on and living in the past is not right.
  • In step 7, I come to the conclusion that letting go and focusing on my career is right.
  • In step 8, I chose the right path to improve my life.
  • In step 9, I give myself time to digest this truth.
  • In step 10, I stop overthinking about the hardships that I am going through in my life by maintaining a calm mind.
  • In step 11, I meditate every day by remaining calm in any situation.
  • In step 12, I focus on my career and leave the rest… (Hoping that time will change my life)

By reaching to 12th step I can really say that I can somehow succeed in solving my problem and I started letting go of someone who doesn’t care about me.

The process isn’t going to be simple but once you have control of yourself anything is possible.


If you want to live a stress-free, regret-free, and happy life you need to practice the art of letting go. In this world, everyone is not the same as you think and not good as you are. Everyone will come when they need something and even though you try to do something good for others, what you get in return is disrespectful, unthankful, and sometimes they even neglect you.

This is the world you’re living in, so it’s better to not give priority to others and be grateful for what you are.

Enjoy your own company and moreover never ever trust someone blindly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I let go of someone I love?

I tried many ways to let go of someone I loved in my life, but every time I think to forget them, I tend to remember them. After a lot of darkness, I found out the solution.

The solution is nothing. You just need to give yourself time. Once you have got busy with your work, you automatically and unknowingly forget the person you love.

Why do I struggle to let go?

You always overthink the things that may happen in your future and suffer from your imagination. The only way to stop your struggle is to do meditation and practice yoga to achieve a calm state of mind.

How do I let go of my past life?

Just focus on the present and constantly remind yourself that thinking of the past will not change my past as well as my future. The only thing which I had in my hands is my present, by which I change my future.

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