The Benefits of Digital Detox: Techniques for Unplugging and Recharging
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Today we are living a life where if you don’t drink water a day then you can live but you can’t live without your phone for just 10 Minutes. If this continues one day technology will rule the world. Unlimited Scrolling, Consuming reels, YouTube videos, TikTok, etc made human efficiency decrease significantly.

But there’s a way to escape from the chain of illusions, that is nothing but Digital Detox. Let’s know how to Unplug ourselves from social media and regain the spark we lost.

The Effects of Technology On Our Mental Health

Due to rise in the technology, we don’t know how many people benefitted from it, but I am sure that the people who are addicted to technology are way more than the benefitted people.

The virtual world created so many effects on humankind. Some of them are:

  • Decrease in Attention Span
  • Addiction to Games
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Rise in Stress Levels
  • Constant Comparisons
  • No Physical Fitness
  • No Career Guidance
  • No Real Connections
  • Anxiety, Nervous and shyness Increase
  • Loss of Interest

Even though there are many effects caused by technology, these are the most common problems most people face.

Why is A Digital Detox Important?

To brainwash yourself and to regain your lost spark you need a digital detox. Unknowingly we may get addicted to digital media and it’s not your problem, but when you not taking measures to eliminate that addiction then it’s your huge problem.

To get your brain back to its maximum potential, to regain your focus, and to change your life you need a digital detox.

The conditions to perform a detox are simple:

  • No Phone
  • No Electronic Gadgets
  • No Online Content Consumption

You can perform this for 7 days or 21 days. It’s up to your wish. But our recommendation is 21 days.

Advantages of Digital Detox

  • You will find your passion
  • Your mind becomes calm
  • Improves Focus
  • Regains Your Attention Span
  • Improvement in Mental Health
  • Stress Levels Decreases
  • Your Emotions are controlled
  • You’ll know what to do
  • Bad Habits Will Be Eliminated
  • You Live In the Present

12 Techniques To Unplug Digital Media

1: Delete Social Media Apps

Delete all your social media apps from your phone whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Tiktok. This makes you be far away from them.

It’s hardly impossible to delete all social media apps where day-to-day activities are performed through them. We get important emails and emergency messages from WhatsApp. So, when it gets hard to delete them, try to manage them by using time-blocking techniques.

2: Turn Greyscale Feature

You often get tempted and attracted to your phone screen since it appears colorful. To avoid your phone grabbing your attention you need to Turn On your greyscale feature, to make your phone less attractive.

This makes your screen time gradually decrease.

3: Buy A Alarm

Stop setting an alarm on your phone and stop snoozing it every time it rings. And the time you wake up, your phone will be in your hands and just a social media notification is enough to disturb your whole day.

Replace your phone alarm and choose a Digital Alarm Clock. It stops you from snoozing and eliminates the touch of your phone in the morning to make your mornings highly productive.

5: Avoid All Electronic Screens

Electronic screens emit blue rays which not only harm your eyes but also disturb your sleep, causing shallow sleep and lethargy.

Next time make sure you put away your electronic gadgets at least 2 hours before you sleep.

6: Remember Why You Started

Motivation always stays for one day and from the next day same routine continues. So you need to follow your passion and you should trust in the process. You need to know the reason why you have started doing it and where you’ll go when you succeed in it.

If you have a goal and trust in your goal. Believe me, someday you’ll achieve it anyway.

7: Imagine Where You Land

Sometimes tricking your mind is essential to get things done faster. Imagining what you’ll achieve after you fulfill your goal, makes you greedy for that achievement and your brain will mold itself to work hard to achieve your desired goal.

Being greedy on your goal is good and sometimes being greedy helps you to reach your goals.

8: Be Disciplined

If you succeed in mastery in keeping laser focus and discipline on your goals, no matter how impossible your goals are, no one will stop you from achieving them. This is what discipline makes you and it puts you in the place where you believed to be.

Be disciplined in your goals then you’ll see the power of compounding.

9: Time Blocking

The Power of time management is something that you need to understand. Time waits for no one and if you succeed in managing your time you can do more things in less time.

Using Pomodoro Techniques, and Time Blocking Techniques you can easily manage your time.

10: Switch Off At Night

You know that phones emit radiation and it’s harmful for you, and you can’t avoid it but you can protect yourself from it.

Just you need to switch off your phone at night and the times when you won’t use your phone.

11: Keep Your Phone Far Away From You

The probability of touching and using your phone increases when you see your mobile phone near you. To avoid this, put your phone far away from yourself so that it gets harder to find and you won’t want to find your phone due to laziness and finally you’ll not use your phone.

Try to set harder passwords so that it gets harder to use your phone.

12: Meditate and Relax

Meditation makes your mind calm. It is the first habit you need to apply in your life to experience the results of digital detox. If your mind is calm then automatically your focus improves and you’ll become focused on your goals.

Meditate for at least 30 minutes to experience your inner peace.

Final Thoughts

The only one who can change your life is none other than “YOU’. If you know why you started, where you want to go, and the direction you need to follow then you can do anything. The only thing you need is to focus on yourself and you can achieve anything in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I detox myself digitally?

1: Delete Social Media Apps
2: Turn Greyscale Feature
3: Buy A Alarm
5: Avoid All Electronic Screens
6: Remember Why You Started
7: Imagine Where You Land
8: Be Disciplined
9: Time Blocking
10: Switch Off At Night
11: Keep Your Phone Far Away From You
12: Meditate and Relax

How long does it take to digital detox?

Usually 21 days.

Is it possible to digital detox?

Yes, if you are determined to it and change your life then you can really apply digital detox.

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