Overcome Laziness
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Laziness is a slow poison that kills our mental and physical stability very badly that we never imagined. To overcome Laziness we need to change our routine and the environment we live in.

Laziness can’t be cured in one go. It involves a process through which laziness can be eliminated from our lives. Let’s know the 10 practical tips to overcome Laziness.

Why Do We Feel Lazy?

Most of the time laziness happens due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Lack of Discipline
  • Continuous Failures
  • No External Force
  • Feeling of Pleasure

Lack of Sleep

Sleep plays a significant role in strengthening our memory and concentration levels. And if you sleep less, you feel so tired and you tend to delay things further. This decreases our attention span which leads to laziness.

Lack of Discipline

If you are disciplined to do something then laziness is not an obstacle. But once discipline breaks laziness comes into existence.

Continuous Failures

If someone is facing continuous failures then hope and motivation to do something decreases and they tend to quit the work, which develops laziness further.

No External Force

If there is no one who appreciates you and there is no one who gives you punishment for doing something then you’ll take it easy in doing things. If some external force acts on you, then you’ll start to take some measures to work on something.

Feeling of Pleasure

When someone feels the pleasure of doing certain things, they unknowingly fall into the loop of laziness. The addiction makes them lazy by making them unwilling to do things.

Effects of Laziness

  • Lethargic Mind
  • More Stress
  • Less Energy
  • No Discipline
  • Decreases Attention Span
  • Unable to Focus
  • No Goal-oriented
  • More Anger
  • No Time Management
  • Less Social Interaction
Overcome Laziness

10 Practical Tips To Overcome Laziness

1: The 2-Minute Rule

Every time you feel like quitting doing your task, just do it for just 2 more minutes. Our main agenda is to attain a flow state, once you build momentum then everything is a piece of cake.

This 2-Minute rule helps you in building momentum which eliminates the tendency to become the slave of laziness.

When you apply this 2-minute rule honestly then you half way away from overcoming laziness.

2: The 5-Step Formula

To overcome laziness, your foundation needs to become stronger. Your foundation becomes strong when you take care of these 5 things:

  • Have Cold Shower
  • Breakfast
  • Healthy Diet
  • Exercise
  • Meditation

Have Cold Shower

Cold showers eliminate sleepiness and energize your mind and body. It increases the circulation of blood and activates your ability to focus and attention levels. It helps us to stay active the entire day by eliminating tiredness.

Tip: If you feel cold showers are not for you then take a cold shower for about 30 seconds and continue with lukewarm water and before you end your shower again take 30 seconds of cold showers.

By doing so, you can experience the same benefits as in cold showers.


Laziness is inversely proportional to the amount of energy that’s there in your body. The more energy you have in your body, the less laziness you feel. So you need to make sure you have your energy levels maintained in your body so as to experience less laziness.

Breakfast plays a crucial role in energizing our body and we should never skip our breakfast to overcome laziness.

Healthy Diet

Poor balanced food leads to less energy which obviously makes us feel too tired very early.

Our brain works at its optimum level when we eat a balanced diet. It not only keeps our body healthy but also cures laziness.


Stretching and lifting weights, make muscles active. When you feel too stressed, lazy, or lethargic to do something then doing some exercises will make you energetic and eliminate laziness.


For body exercise and for mind meditation is a must. If our mindset changes our entire life changes. A clear mind gives you the path to success.

Meditate 15 minutes daily to achieve alertness and overcome laziness.

3: Take Power naps

A 30-minute nap during the afternoon not only improves your focus but also enhances your memory and mood.

If you feel tired after an extreme work session, taking a power nap will refresh your mind and eliminate laziness the entire day.

4: Stay Hydrated

More than half of your body is made up of water and constantly gets lost by sweat, urine, and breathing.

When the body loses fluids, we feel a bit tired and lethargic. To eliminate that feeling we need to intake water to stay hydrated.

Water helps in carrying nutrients to our body cells that help in achieving alertness in our brain. So drink water to overcome laziness.

5: Set Smart Goals

To conquer laziness, you need to set the goals in such a way that it is impossible for you to get distracted in between the work.

Start with one small goal and slowly increase the intensity of your work. Like this, you’ll be in the momentum of your work.

Use Pomodoro Technique, and Time Blocking Technique to tie yourself with your work.

Overcome Laziness

6: Enable Reward System

Take Rest when you feel tired only after the successful completion of your task in your checklist.

Enable a rewarding system to avoid burnout and let the showers of motivation flow on you.

7: Become Disciplined

When you are consistent then you can achieve impossible but when you are disciplined then you can accomplish unimaginable.

Without discipline, we can’t achieve anything in our life. When you are disciplined to do something then there’s no way for laziness.

8: Take Calorie Rich Food

To stop being lazy you need to maintain energy levels in your body. That energy comes when you take calorie-rich foods into your diet.

Food reflects how you live in your life(healthy or unhealthy). So what you eat matters and therefore you must take care of what you’re eating.

Examples: Nuts, Chia Seeds, Dry Fruits, Sprouts, Dates, Eggs, etc.

9: Do Work In Chunks

To get rid of laziness you need to work in small chunks so that your mind feels relaxed even though you overload.

Work done in small junks takes time but it’s the only solution to overcome laziness and retain what you’re doing for a long time.

10: Enjoy and Take a Rest

The only reason we can’t eliminate laziness is; that we are not getting the results that we think of. Due to the absence of enough patience, we tend to become lazy.

Once you truly enjoy the process and be yourself then you can combat laziness.

What you need the most is patience which makes you succeed one day.


To quit being lazy, you need to take control of your mind. Because you need to know that small wins eventually lead to huge success. When you aim for faster results on your bigger goals you lose your patience and become lazy to continue thereafter.

To stop being lazy, you need to start small, go slow, gain momentum and you’ll eventually achieve big.

In life what really matters is not speed, it’s accuracy. Accuracy is achieved by slow momentum of your goals each and every day. That’s how we can get rid of laziness.

Slow and Steady And Win The Raceā€¦

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop being lazy?

If you do these things you can avoid laziness:
Have Cold Shower
Never Skip Breakfast
Take a Healthy Diet
Exercise Regularly
Do Meditation

What causes laziness?

Laziness is caused by these major following reasons and we need to tackle laziness before it gets even worse.
Lack of Sleep
Lack of Discipline
Continuous Failures
No External Force
Feeling of Pleasure
Lack of Interest

Why am I so lazy in life?

Because you have no motivation within yourself. You feel very bored and lethargic over everything. To get rid of laziness you need to add exercise and meditation into your life.
By doing so you can somehow deal with laziness.

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