Who doesn't dream about a better life? But to make your life better, first, you need to make yourself better.
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Who doesn’t dream about a better life? But to make your life better, first, you need to make yourself better. By making simple changes in your life and adopting a new simple lifestyle you can drastically change your life within 6 months. Let’s see how to become a better person. (21 Ways)

Let’s see 21 ways to become a better person

1: Meditate

Try to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. It not only makes you feel relaxed but also decreases your stress and anxiety levels. Meditation helps you gain clarity in your life.

2: Exercise

By just exercising thrice a week, many health problems can be eliminated. Running, Jogging, and doing yoga every day can help you to be far away from many of the diseases.

3: Be Hydrated

More than half of our body is made up of water. So drinking enough water every day is essential and necessary for maintaining the proper functioning of the brain and as well as the body.

4: Wake Up Early

Our work can get done faster when we wake up and start early than doing the work late at night. In the morning times you have the highest attention span and doing something at that time makes you more productive.

5: Learn about Finance

You need to know about the financial terms and how the finance system works. You need to know how investments work and how to stay away from debt by learning about how finance works.

6: Manage Your Time

We all have 24 hours every day. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, all matters is how much productive you are. You need to know how to manage your time effectively through certain techniques like the Time Blocking Technique, Pomodoro Technique, etc.

7: Run a Side Hustle

How long do we depend on the money of our parents? We are grown-ups and we need to know how to make our own money to pay for education. So to make money you need to find your passion and learn an in-demand skill and start running as a side hustle besides college.

8: Communicate Well

To need to know how to communicate with people in the right way. Words are the most powerful weapon in the world they can make you a powerful person if you know how to talk. If not you may get into trouble.

9: Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact shows you that you are interested in the conversation with the other person. It also shows that you are speaking the truth and you are honest with what you are talking about with others.

10: Maintain Journal

Maintaining Journal shows how your life is going and what are the things you are accomplishing in your life. It also helps you build accountability in yourself. It shows the positive and negative in your life.

How to Become a Better Person

11: Never Skip First Meal

Your Breakfast is crucial to start your day with full of activeness. You may feel lethargic and tired if you did not take your breakfast. It also improves your mood and concentration.

12: Avoid Junk Food

Eating fast food and other junk food may seem tasty but it’s loaded with full of unhealthy ingredients which are preserved for a long time. It causes serious health problems and moreover, junk food should be avoided in your diet and you can replace it with home-cooked food.

13: Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking breaks your attention span and focus levels on different things. If you’re doing anything totally indulge in doing the same thing until it won’t finish and then jump into another task. By doing this you will remain full focus and attention on a single thing.

14: Focus on the single goal

Most people are failing in life because they aren’t able to focus on a single goal for a long period of time. They are constantly jumping from one goal to another in search of either money or success. If you want success, focus on a single goal without changing it.

15: Stop Giving Advice

Many of us have a habit of giving advice to others. But think once:

Did they ever implemented it?


Did you implemented them in your life, that too “NO”!

So, stop giving advice to others and focus on only improving yourself.

16: Start Saving Money

We waste a lot of money on buying materialistic things which we don’t need. To have money in your pocket when needed we need to first save that money. So don’t buy unnecessary things and start saving and investing your money.

17: Invest In Yourself

Before you invest your savings in the stock market or crypto, you need to invest that money in improving yourself which may be a course that you’re passionate about or a self-help book. No matter what others do, you need to invest your money in yourself to raise your value even more.

18: Talk Less

No one wants to hear you if you’re saying a small thing in a very lag manner. You need to talk less whenever necessary and avoid unnecessary talkings that may end you in falling in trouble.

19: Dress Simply

The first impression is the best impression. So rather than focusing on expensive clothing and accessories, try to simply have a formal look. Maintain your clothes clean and ironed.

20: Be Grateful

Be grateful for what you have. Be kind whenever possible and whenever necessary. The most three important things in life are:

  1. Food
  2. Shelter
  3. Clean Drinking Water

If you have these three things then you’re great because many people haven’t had any of these three things. Be Grateful.

21 Focus on Yourself

In this generation, we might get distracted from our goals. Overthinking, Comparing, and Negativity are disturbing us from reaching our goals. The only way to get out from these distractions is to just focus on yourself. No matter what others are doing in their life, you need to just Focus on Yourself, and nothing matters.


Everyone wants to become better in their life but they always want to be but they never action enough to get there. Consistency is the key and if you want results, work on yourself for just 6 months by following and implementing all these 21 tips then you’ll be able to become a better person eventually making your life better.

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