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Some day or other you’ll be going to definitely talk with strangers and when you hesitate to talk with them, people think that you’re not capable of talking with anyone. While others’ opinions don’t matter, you need to know how to talk with anyone without hesitation or anxiety. If you talk with everyone you meet, slowly your feeling of social anxiety decreases.

The more you face the things that you fear, the more you’ll become fearless.

– Project Better Life

How Does Social Anxiety Affect Your Life?

We are not born extroverts, sometimes we all feel shy and hesitate to talk with others, but when the feeling of shyness is more than that it could be then you are suffering Social Anxiety. These are some of the effects which are caused by social anxiety:

  • Fear of Judging
  • Humiliation
  • Less Network
  • No Connections
  • No Conversations
  • Lack of Opportunities
  • Teasing
  • Bullying
  • Feeling Nervous
  • Fewer Friends

Root Causes of Social Anxiety

While there are many reasons behind Social Anxiety, there are only 5 root causes that make a person suffer from social interactions. They are:

1: How You Look

Sometimes people are shy and become nervous about how they look and what others think about them. How you look matters a lot but it doesn’t mean that you should look beautiful. You must focus on a clear look and formal touch in your outfits, then you don’t need to worry about your looks.

2: Don’t Know To Talk

Sometimes we try to talk with others but don’t know how to talk and end up not talking much with them. So you need to know how to talk and when you talk well with others then you’ll get the confidence to talk to anyone and your social anxiety will decrease gradually.

3: Showing No Interest

Sometimes even though you try to talk with someone they end up showing no interest. By seeing this we end up talking with no one. But to eliminate social anxiety from your life you need to talk as much as people you can. No one wants to talk to you until you talk first.

4: Not Talking First

Everyone wants to talk with you but you need to talk first to them, then they will start talking with you. So you need to make a step forward and try to talk to others first.

5: Inborn Anxiety

Sometimes no matter how hard we try we can’t talk with others and eliminate social anxiety, this is because we have inborn anxiety and it can’t be eliminated permanently. But it can be decreased slowly when we apply some strategies in our life.

Impact on Relationships and Career

With social anxiety we can’t talk with anyone clearly without any hesitation this makes it difficult to ask our doubts clearly to others and we lose many personalities by feeling anxious. We all feel sometimes anxiety but when it’s more than then we should feel then it may cause several problems.

  • Dispute in Relationships
  • No Understandings
  • No clear path to career
  • Self-doubts
  • Lack of opportunities
  • Underestimate Yourself

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

– Project Better life

10 Strategies To Overcome Social Anxiety

1: Minimise Social Media

It’s impossible to live without social media where important workflows are done through using this medium. But we can somehow minimize the usage of social media by using Time Blocking and Pomodoro Techniques.

2: Do Meditation

To make your mind free from thoughts and other things that cause anxiety, you need to do meditation every day for at least 10 minutes. This will help you in decreasing anxiety levels.

3: Improve Slowly

Take small steps. Even though you improve by 1% a day. It adds up through compounding and makes a huge difference in your lifestyle.

4: Get Better

You need to improve your communication skills to that extent so that even though anyone talks with you, you need to talk without hesitation, pausing, or repetition. Know the art of talking to talk with anyone you met.

5: Have Something Interesting

Know something unique so that people find something interesting to talk with you. That may be some interesting facts, trending topics, etc. Have something interesting to stand out in the crowd.

6: Everyone Don’t Like You

You can never make everyone happy. No matter how good you are. People will try to find out some mistakes in you. People dislike you.

7: 4-Skill Technique

1: Speak less
Speak whenever necessary up to the point only. Don’t elongate your words and avoid speaking useless stuff.

2: Listen More
If you are speaking you are repeating what’s there in your mind but when you are listening you are knowing things that are unknown to you.

3: Think less
Avoid overthinking the things you have no control over and only think big about your goals.

4: Work More
You should work more than you think; then you can reach your HIGHEST potential.

8: Avoid Comparisons

If you compare yourself with others, it means that you’re doubting yourself that you’re not proficient than others. Comparisons reduce your confidence levels and make you underestimate yourself.

9: Believe Yourself

You need to believe that you can overcome social anxiety and be able to talk and express your views. When this happens then you’ll not take longer to overcome your anxiety. That’s the power of believing in yourself. It all starts within you, so make sure you start well and believe in everything you do in your life.

10: Enjoy Your Own Company

You find many types of people and many of them may or may not like you. It happens to everyone. At some time you’ll find that you are alone but you need to believe in yourself and rather than feeling sad about it, it’s better to enjoy your own company.

5 Steps To Build Confidence In Social

Step:1 Just Start Talking

Just by thinking of talking with someone is not enough to overcome your anxiety. You just need to move forward and try to talk with as many people as you can. And over time you’ll overcome social anxiety.

The best way to overcome something is not by avoiding it, it’s by facing and challenging them.

project better life

Step:2 Show Some Interest

Don’t just talk casually, you need to show that you’re really interested in talking with them. By maintaining eye contact you show you’re interested in talking with others.

Step:3 Give a Smile

A smile on a face gives another person a hundred reasons to talk with you back. (That’s the power of Smiling) Smile is a sign of positivity and all people feel positive vibes whenever they talk with you.

Step:4 Improve Personality

Improving your personality is the most fundamental step in improving your entire life. Your first impression is your personality and the more you develop your personality the more the network you make.

Step:5 Get Going

Your anxiety will decrease only if you talk with people and if you make this process continuously then over time your anxiety will decrease.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you feel anxiety about your looks, personality, or anything, remember that it’s not permanent. You can apply some strategies to overcome social anxiety. We find problems everywhere in life, if we fear and leave them, they will fall upon us as a monster in the future. So we need to solve them to move forward in our life to make life more worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you overcome social anxiety?

By applying these steps you can easily overcome social anxiety:
Step:1 Just Start Talking
Step:2 Show Some Intrest
Step:3 Give a Smile
Step:4 Improve Personality
Step:5 Get Going

How can I calm my social anxiety fast?

The more you talk with others, the more your anxiety levels will decrease. So the fastest way to calm your social anxiety is to get started talking.

What are 5 coping skills for anxiety?

1: Be Physically Fit
2: Stop Consuming Alcohol
3: Eat Well
4: Communicate Well
5: Be Fearless

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