The Unfair Truth
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Life is not fair for everyone. And everyone at some time thought about why this is happening to me only. We always think that life is unfair to us and blame life, without thinking about what actually happened behind life’s challenges. Let’s know the unfair truth about life.

Life is sometimes unfair but blaming life entirely is foolish. It may be a factor of some failures but it’s not the only factor.

The only thing we have in our hands is to be ready to face any challenges in our life. Rest all depends on our efforts and commitments. So let’s know how to rise above life’s challenges and what’s the unfair truth about life.

What is Unfair Truth?

There are some imaginary things that happen around us whether they might be situations or difficulties that will push us into thinking that life is unfair to us.

Indeed, life is unfair for some people. But dwelling on that doesn’t change or give you an unfair advantage. Rather than concentrating on the things that do not change your life, using the things that you have in your hands and designing a beautiful life for yourself is the best way to deal with unfairness in life. This is the unfair truth about life that you must know to live a regretless life.

10 Tips To Rise Above Life’s Challenges

1: Never Avoid, Face It

Try not to avoid and escape from the challenges you face, try to face them because you can grab opportunities only when you face challenges. The harder the challenges you face, the bigger the opportunity will be. This is the most unfair truth about life.

2: Be Ready To Fail

You’ll be going to fail anyhow at some point in your career. Rather than taking it to heart, try to take it as a life lesson that life is teaching to you and life wants you to know the mistakes you’re doing. Be ready to fail, because failures will teach you the lessons that success will never teach. This is the most unfair truth about life all should know.

3: Learn from it, don’t upset

You should learn everything like that you don’t have any knowledge in that field. Then you can be able to learn more than you were usually learning. Don’t be upset if you won’t get your desired results, focus on learning and implementing and one day you’ll see your desired results. This is the most unfair truth about life to succeed in life.

4: Be Confident

Fear comes from a weak and unskillful attitude. If you are confident about what you do then what is done by you will become an inspiration to the world. So be confident in the things that you deal with and see how clear your path becomes.

5: Believe in Yourself

If you believe in whatever things you do, then that belief pushes you to make it happen. If you think ” I can’t do it”, you won’t. Only if you believe in your ability and skills and have the courage to make anything happen then no one can stop you from achieving your goals.


No matter whether people believe in you or not, you have to believe in yourself.

The Unfair Truth

6: Never Compare

Everyone is fighting their own battle and you can’t fight their battle, the only thing you can do is to fight your own battle. Never compare and compare yourself with your yesterday. Comparison slows down the growth of success. So never compare yourself with anyone.

7: Upskill Yourself

The only way to beat your competitors is by upskilling yourself. You need to upskill yourself so that you have an unfair advantage in your career field. Upskilling is the only way to stay on top in the market of success.

8: Do Hard work

Talent without hard work is nothing. You can beat a talented person but you can’t beat a person who outworks everyone in the room. Disciplined, Consistent, and focused direction of hard work is required to be one of the greatest people in history.

9: Focus on the Goal, Not the Difficulties

We face many difficulties while facing challenges but if you focus on only difficulties then you can’t reach your goal. Your primary focus should be on your goal so that difficulties won’t distract you from achieving your goals.

10: Never Quit

You have come so far and crossed many challenges and difficulties on the way, but when you quit now the matter of crossing those difficulties means nothing. If the regret of not starting tastes like poison then the regret of quitting tastes like deadly venom.

Can You Escape From Unfair Life?

I can’t surely tell you whether you can escape your life from unfairness. But I can assure you that you can somehow make your life fair to yourself by implementing these tips in your life. And the rest is all God’s Grace.


Life is not always Unfair to us. The perspective of life that look at differs from day to day. And by comparing it with others we judge life is unfair to you. Actually, the situation will make you decide whether life is fair to you or not.

Besides all, we have no control over these things and constantly sabotaging our life for the things that are happening in our life is not a great way of living life.

Everything happens for a reason and when you put god first, then whatever happens with you, happens for your well-being.


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