How to Develop Strong and Healthy Relationships
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A Relationship should be like a fish and water, no matter how many fishermen disturb you, you should maintain the same strength in your relationships. It’s easy to say but when the situation comes, it gets harder to stay stronger in those moments. Like this many of the relationships break down so earlier before it gets started.

Developing a strong relationship is as simple as understanding each other but it is also as complex as understanding each other.

The more you try to get stronger in relationships, the more you fall into the infinite loop of confusion.

Let’s understand what relationships are and how to have healthy relationships with one another.

Types of Relationships

There are many types of relationships and mostly they are derived from one another. But there are majorly 7 types of Relationships. They are:

1: Friendship
2: Marriage
3: Love
4: Infatuation
5: Trust
6: Responsibility
7: Neutral

1: Friendship

The greatest, strongest, trustworthy relationship is friendship. It is the type of relationship in which the majority of people are involved. The value of friendship is something that is priceless and the experience of friendship is unforgettable. It’s a fortune to have a great relationship in friendship. And there is no point in explaining the greatness of friendship since you know the value of it.

2: Marriage

Everyone at some point in time will experience the vibe of marriage. The sounds of tabla, positive vibes, engagement, and walking around the fire mandap making the seven promises to each other are some of the best moments you’ll ever experience.

Marriage is a journey of happiness, promises, trust, responsibility, and understanding.

3: Love

Love has no limits and no age to happen. You don’t know at what time you may fall in love. But all the love is not true love. It may arise due to infatuation ( in other words people say, one-sided love). It’s not true love and the feeling of love is of only because of physical attraction.

True love is something that happens unconditionally. The sign of true love is, even though you don’t talk with each other, you need the presence of each other beside you. True love is not based on attraction, attachments, or agreements but on trust, understanding, and devotion towards each other.

4: Infatuation

The attraction towards the opposite gender by their appearance is termed to be infatuation (one side of love). It doesn’t last long and it’s just an attraction force causing your interest in the opposite gender. The easy way to identify you’re in infatuation is to give yourself enough Time.

If you spent more than 6 months of time thinking about him/her, then usually it’s not an infatuation. But it is also not true love. That’s something behind love. True love is made by understanding each other and by the exchange of thought processes of each other.

5: Trust

Sometimes there’ll be no friendship, love, or infatuation. The only thing that exists is “Trust”. Trust makes a person care about others even though they don’t care about us back. This is when you trust someone really strong. No matter in any relationship there exists Trust in each other.

If you trust someone, it means that even though they’re angry with us; or not talking with us, the feeling of trust will make you care about them without expecting something from them.

6: Responsibility

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the relationship is, what matters is your responsibility towards him/her with respect to society. As a Man/Woman, you need to know your responsibilities towards the society you’re living in and you should be responsible.

Responsibility is something that becomes habituated while you are growing up.

7: Neutral

This is the type of relationship where there are no emotions between each other. But there is a neutral feeling in each other. You may find that neutral relationships don’t exist but it exists in many of us and we may not know.

Neutral relationships are nothing but there are no emotions between each other but there is a feeling of hope between each other.

Why do Relationships Matter?

You may forget the words of the people but you cannot forget the experiences that you spend with them.
That is why relationship matters a lot in building a network and for well-being.

The moment when you’re feeling low or sad, you need a friend with whom you share your feelings. You need a wife in your life, where in every moment she takes care of you. You need to be trusted and maintain the responsibility to your loved ones. So relationships matter a lot in maintaining a healthy, happy, and balanced life.

10 Bitter Truths Of Strong Relationships

1: Stop Being Nice

The more you become nicer to someone, the more you’ll be liked by them. This is absolutely incorrect. This is the bitter truth that you’ll realize later in your life. We’re living in the type of society where nicer people has no value. Even though there’s nature is to do good deeds for others. Others will think that he is doing these deeds in return for something.

Like this nicer people are disliked by almost everyone and mostly neglected by everyone.

2: You Are Going To Be Disliked

No matter how good you talk, nicer you behave, someone is going to dislike you at some point in time. You cannot please everyone and you cannot live by getting disliked by someone.

Have a thought that you’re going to be disliked by someone, then you’ll not have the intention that everyone will like you. 

3: Be Yourself

No matter what others think about you, you need not change your life because of others. You have your own life and you need to live your life with your own rules. If you try to live the life of others, you’ll live the life of others, not yours.

Be Yourself and never change yourself for the sake of others.

4: Others Are Different From You

Not all you meet have the same qualities you have. If some believe in you, some blame you. If some cares you some neglects you. Everyone is different and they want to be with them whose interest match with them.

You may be an introvert but you’ll find extrovert friends. You may be caring but others may not care for you as you could. Everyone has their own rules of life and everyone may not think like you.

5: Don’t Expect Something Back

The lesser you expect from others, the happier the life you live. Expecting something from someone for something will end you in despair.

Before you expect something from others, expect more from yourself then you’ll have a reason to work harder towards your goals.

6: Nobody Cares You

Nobody cares about you. Really.

There is no one who cares about you a lot except your family relationships. Nobody will at least think about you and be thankful for what you have done for them. Only when they are in need of something, that’s the time they remember us. And not because they loved us but to fulfill their needs, they get a reminder about us.

Don’t care about others and think less about others and never depend on anyone. Because nobody cares when you’re needed.

7: Your Heart Sometimes Breaks

Without misunderstandings and fights, there’re no relationships. At some point in time even though how close you’re to your loved ones, sometimes misunderstandings occur and your heart breaks due to lack of trust.

If the love you shared with someone is not returned by them and if they’re neglecting you even though you care for them, respect them and trust them. Then your heart breaks and the feeling at that time is undigestable.

8: There’ll be always Misunderstandings

No matter how much your understanding levels are, you’re going to misunderstand someone at some time. Misunderstanding is not the problem but not investigating what happened that began misunderstandings and figuring out the reason and not telling sorry to them to whom you made hurt is the biggest problem.

Problems will obviously occur in relationships but if you stay untalked to each other is not the solution. You need to figure out how to clear those misunderstandings.

9: Others May Not Trust You

You may do everything that is needed for them. But even though you can’t say whether they really trust you or not. Whoever you believed that they have trust in you, is the one who breaks your trust first. Believe this, this will happen to you at any time.

Trust no one and if you trust someone be ready to get the pain of breaking your trust.

10: You’ll Be Used

Sometimes what we think might not become reality. If you are stuck in some relationship where you find that you’re being constantly used by someone in terms of money, attraction, or helping nature. Try to move out of those types of relationships.

It’s better to avoid those relationships before it gets even worse.

11: You may Not Get Respect

You are caring for someone, giving respect, and taking responsibility as per your duty without expecting anything from them and you are the only one who cares for them more than any others. But what do you get in return from it?


You don’t even get some respect back even though you care and be responsible for them. There’ll be no thankfulness for what you’re going on doing for them and sometimes they neglect you without any reason.

Be ready to not get respected back.

12: Never Lack Focus

In falling into the traps of relationships never and ever forget about your goals and ambitions. This is why you are struggling really hard day and night and sacrificing everything to accomplish your goals.

Never ever lose focus on your goals and give utmost priority to your goals.

how to develop strong and healthy relationships

Foundation of Strong Relationships – The Three Pillars

There are three pillars that make the foundation for strong relationships. That is:

1: Respect
2: Trust
3: Care

Without respecting, trusting, and caring for each other, there is no relationship that exists. Even though they exist, they will break down soon. Because these are the foundation of the majority of the relationships and if you’re lacking these pillars in your foundation, you may not be able to build strong relationships.

12 Tips To Develop Strong And Healthy Relationships

1: Understanding

Misunderstandings can arise at any time but you need to understand each other in such a way that, with the help of your understanding you can clear all your misunderstandings.

Understanding is nothing but knowing about each other’s feelings, way of thinking, and behavior (reactions) in different situations.

2: Be Honest

With false statements and false promises, no relationships can be built. True love can only be found when the partners are honest with each other.

When you know the truth and be honest, there’ll be trust; when you trust, you respect each other; like this, you’ll succeed in building strong relationships.

3: The 3 – Stage Betterment

  • A Good Son
  • A Good Husband
  • A Good Father

(Same Applies For Women)

One should get better by moving these 3 stages. One should first become good as a son to his father, then as a husband to his wife, and finally as a father to his son. If you try to skip one thing and jump into another you may be unable to build strong relationships with one another.

4: Clarity > Anger

If anger covers your mind at the time of conflicts then it arises more misunderstandings and situations may become out of control if you’re unable to control your anger levels. No matter what the relationship is, problems will arise somehow at some time.

If you be calm in those situations and identify the solution to the problem that raised conflicts is the best way to eliminate problems in relationships.

5: Spend Time With Knowing Each Other

You know about each other feelings only if you spend time knowing each other. There are some things and secrets that you need to share for the smooth flow of the relationship.

If you know about each other no matter what conflicts you get, you’ll always understand each other and solve your problems.

6: It’s Ok To Be Possessive

In a relationship, it’s ok to be possessive about each other. And you need to be possessive in a relationship. But when the limit of possessiveness increases then it’s a problem.

When you are in a relationship and casually talking to another person, the person in that relationship shouldn’t think that talking as a doubt. If a person doubts you in a relationship then the most common reason might be over-possessiveness. Try to be possessive, but not exceed the limit.

7: Find Positivity

We are all perfectly imperfect. We all have some imperfections. Rather than focusing on those imperfections, it’s better to focus on looking for good qualities in a person. This is how positivity increases in a relationship.

When both partners focus on the good in themselves then gradually you’ll be able to make the imperfections into perfections slowly with the power of positivity. Find positivity and avoid negativity.

8: Say Sorry

Sorry is a word when you say to someone when there is your’s mistake. But in a relationship no matter who’s mistake is, you need to take your side and say sorry to your partner even though your mistake is not there. It does not mean that you’re weak, it’s means that you giving priority to your partner over your ego.

The simple word sorry can stop many relationships from falling and breaking down.

9: Be Genuine, Caring, And Trustworthy

Making false promises, and showing fake emotions doesn’t make a strong relationship. You need to be yourself and you shouldn’t change yourself for the sake of others. If you be yourself, the right people will come into your life at the right time even if you have no hope.

Be genuine, and caring and have trust in a relationship in the hard times. The real test of your relationship will happen when you are going through a difficult phase in your life.

And when you follow to be genuine, caring, and trustworthy in your relationship, then no matter how difficult situations might be, you’ll easily manage to get out of them.

10: Never Allow A Third Person

In a relationship, no other third person should enter any of your conflicts, hardships, and in happy moments. You can’t predict how a third-person involvement can sometimes break some relationships sometimes.

Whatever the secrets, sadness, weakness, strength, happiness, and any type of emotions should be made private in a relationship. No other third person should involve in your life matters.

11: You Can Always Be Replaced

If iron loves gold, it does not mean that gold is also loving iron. Even though both are metals, their value is different. In the same way, if you love someone, respect them, care for them, and be responsible for them, that not means that the person is also loving you back.

It does not work like that. If the opposite one finds value in you, then they show interest in you.

This proves that you’re always replaceable and you should never expect what you’re expecting from the other person.

12: Never Depend On Others

Whether it’s friendship or in a relationship never ever try to depend on anyone. You may help everyone who is in need, but when you need help no one will be ready to help you. This situation repeated many times in my life and no one really helped me when I need them.

So I decided to never depend on anyone no matter how much best friend or close friend he/she is, I’ll never depend on anyone.

If you have this type of mindset, no matter what happens in your life, you can solve your problems by yourself without depending on others.


Relationship is not a part of your life, it’s how you live your life with the other person. It’s not like if you read a book on how to build strong relationships and if you apply them in your life then automatically your relationships become stronger.

It never works like that. A relationship is a journey of good and bad, happy and sad, true or false where you’ll go through almost every possible situation where you need to prove to yourself that you have a good understanding, trust, and the feeling of hope that you’ll be forever with them in any situations whether it’s happy mornings or sad nights.

This is how you build strong relationships in a relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 most important things in a relationship?

1: Respect
2: Trust
3: Caring

What are the 4 types of relationships?

1: Friendship
2: Marriage
3: Love
4: Infatuation

What are the 5 things that make a relationship healthy?

1: Understanding Each Other
2: Be Genuine, Caring, and Trustworthy
3: Replacing Anger With Thinking
4: Be Honest
5: Spend Time Knowing Each Other

How can I build a strong relationship?

1: Be Genuine
2: Be Positive
3: Be Responsible
4: Be Yourself
5: Be Honest

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