12 Powerful Rules To Change Your Life Completely
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Whatever we aim to do, we need to do in this one life only. And we have limited time and we all are constantly thriving for success. Sometimes we lose our direction and get in the wrong direction. This happens very often and we need to change your life completely. Otherwise, it will become too late to regain back the shine we lost.

So to live life correctly and to chase our success in one direction, we need to follow these 12 Rules that will change your life completely.

Rule 1: Know where and why you lost.

We are going to lose sometimes somewhere. It happens to everyone. But here your action after you took the wrong direction matters a lot. So know where you currently lost and the reason why you lost. Now write down in a journal and figure out the solution to get out of the rut and change your life completely.

Rule 2: Write Down Your Goals

Now write down the main 3 goals that you’re going to achieve in the next 3 years. And write them down and make sure to take action every day to get closer to your goal and change your life completely.

Rule 3: Depend on Yourself

No one helps you in times of darkness. You only need to train yourself to only depend on yourself. No one is a well-wisher of you except your parents so believe them only. Simply, learn to never depend on anything on anyone.

Rule 4: Don’t Listen Blindly

Don’t listen to anyone, all are going to almost lie to you. They keep something in mind and tell you something outside of you that you’ll never know. So make decisions on your own without listening to anyone and change your life completely.

Rule 5: Focus on Yourself

If you compare yourself and overthink your life by seeing other people then you’ll obviously live a sad life. So to avoid this you need to focus on yourself.

Rule 6: Develop Personality

Your looks and personality matter. If you look nice and professional all will like you. People won’t like fat or skinny people, they like personality people. So go to the gym and grow your muscles and get into perfect shape. And your behavior and attitude also enhance your personality.

Rule 7: Master a Skill

If you have a strong in-demand skill then you’ll get a high-paying job. And you can work with higher standards of people. Skills will pay you until the demand continues in the market. So choose it wisely according to your interest and change your life completely.

Rule 8: Communication

Communication is a skill that you master then your life will be changed forever. Who doesn’t like people who talk magically and effectively? So know how to communicate well and effectively.

Rule 9: Never Learn Everything

We are all human and we can’t focus on everything. And if our direction shifts on so many things then our attention span decreases and we won’t able to get closer to any of those things. So focus on one goal and in one field to achieve the fruits of success earlier and change your life completely.

So Less is More.

Rule 10: Learn from Failures and Experience

The ones who got overnight success, are the ones who failed repeatedly and by counting their mistakes and by learning lessons from them they moved on the path of success.

Rule 11: Know Before You Talk

Sometimes we don’t listen to other people’s words and suddenly say what seems correct to us. But if you stay calm and understand the scenario then you can maintain higher understanding levels with your friends and others too and change your life completely.

Rule 12: Enjoy Your Life

Life is short live with your own rules by loving and sharing your love with others. And at the same time focus on building your dream career and building your own empire.

7 Powerful Rules To Change Your Life Completely Infographic


While living life and enjoying it, follow these rules and change your life completely.:

  • Know where and why you lost
  • Write Down Your Goals
  • Depend on Yourself
  • Don’t Listen Blindly
  • Focus on Yourself
  • Develop Personality
  • Master a Skill
  • Communication
  • Never Learn Everything
  • Learn from Failures and Experience
  • Know Before You Talk
  • Enjoy Your Life


Anyone can change their life, but what you need is the hard work and the determination that you put into making your dream come true. If you have a burning desire then you’ll achieve it anyhow. Anyone can change their life from nothing to everything by following these 12 Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change myself permanently?

1: Identify Your Goal
2: Work For Your Goal
3: Focus on Yourself

How can I change my life in 7 days?

1: Wake up Early
2: Exercise/Meditation
3: Schedule the Day before the night
4: Avoid Distractions
5: Become Laser Focused
6: Change Your Mindset
7: Belief in Yourself

How can I change my life in 30 days?

1: Write Down Goals
2: Work in Breaks
3: Exercise
4: Never skip Breakfast
5: Cut all screens before sleep
6: Eat Healthy
7: Avoid Toxic People
8: Be hydrated
9: Change Your Personality
10: Think Big

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