How to Keep Your Mind Sharp (21 Tips)
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Our brain is like a knife. The more you sharpen your knife the more easily it cuts things. In the same way, if you don’t spend time sharpening your brain then your brain also will become blunt. So to keep your brain sharp you always need to do some activities that’ll help in making you smart and sharp. Let’s know the 21 tips to keep your mind sharp.

Here I am going to divide these 21 tips into three categories and in each category, I’ll include 7 steps each, and also I’ll assign them in priority order to keep your mind sharp.

  • 7 Beginners Tips
  • 7 Intermediate Tips
  • 7 Advanced Tips

7 Beginners Tips To Keep Your Mind Sharp

These are the beginner tips or habits which you need to follow in your daily routine at any cost since they are beginner tips, you can’t skip them.

1: Sleep Enough

Less or More Sleep is harmful to the body and mind. So sleep for about 6-7 hours which is recommended by almost everyone. Also, sleep in fixed schedule timings.

2: Clean Diet

What you eat also plays a crucial role, you must stop eating junk food and should eat the food which is right for your body and brain. Such as fish, which gives us omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your brain and also include berries, walnuts, sprouts, milk, eggs, protein shakes, etc.

3: Exercise

Exercise is not only good for your body it’s also good for your brain. Exercise helps in spreading the oxygen levels evenly to all parts of your body and more amount to your brain which helps in memorizing things easier and makes your mind sharp. Just follow a 10-minute exercise routine every day to keep your mind sharp.

4: Meditation

Mindfulness meditation makes your mind calm, frees you from all the stress and depression, makes your brain think clearly and sharply, and helps to keep your mind sharp.

5: Hydration

Drinking enough water is essential to maintain your health. More than half of our bodies are made of water so we should keep our bodies hydrated.

6: Reading

Without input, we don’t get output. So to say something we need to have the knowledge and the knowledge comes from reading so read the books to keep your brain sharp.

7: Understand

The mind game is about understanding. If you understand something you can convey your message. So try to understand what others say to make your brain alert and sharp when it’s your turn to speak something.

Note: These are the beginner tips and without implementing these, you can’t jump to the intermediate section because these are the root tips that make your brain smart from your roots.

7 Intermediate Tips To Keep Your Mind Sharp

After you have implemented beginner tips now it’s time to even move further to the intermediate tips…

1: Learn a Language

If you start learning a new language new neurons will start developing in your brain cells. These neuro patterns will help you in utilizing the highest capabilities of your brain.

2: Start Solving Puzzles

Solving puzzles, and cubes is the best way to develop skills in problem-solving. Solving puzzles gives the patterns that will help you in figuring out their errors in real life.

3: Learn Vedic Math

We all need math everywhere. The fast calculation is appreciable everywhere. Vedic math is all about mind calculations. This will put you in thinking and solving the calculations in your mind itself, meanwhile making your mind sharp.

4: Keep Working on Brain

You Should keep something working in your brain then it will stay sharper every time. Or else it will get blunt.

5: Try Tongue Twisters

Try some tongue twisters to make your brain alert and sharp and mostly to improve your pronunciation. Some of the tongue twisters are as follows:

  • She sells seashells on the seashore
  • I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream
  • Can you can a can as a canner can a can?

6: Be a Good Listener

People will believe that you are sharp only if you understand what they say, and you understand what they say only if you become a good listener.

7: Speak When Necessary

Always speaking makes your value decrease. So talk only if necessary and moreover, avoid arguments and be silent. That’s the quality of smart people.

7 Advanced Tips To Keep Your Mind Sharp

These advanced tips will significantly make your mind sharp…

1: Challenge Your Brain

You know the brain’s capability only if you assign a task to it and complete it. In simple terms, if you challenge your brain you can expand your capacity for thinking and many other things.

2: Set Targets and Be Consistent

Set daily goals and targets to achieve and be consistent on those things. This will make your brain gradually sharp and smart.

3: Involve In Sport

Most people’s depression can be cured if they get into their favorite sport physically. Because they lost the connection with themselves to nature.

4: Listen To Music

The frequency and vibration that the music creates have the ability to make a thought vibrate and manifest. So listen to music to make your brain sharp.

5: Maintain Daily Journal

You need to write something in your general every day about the things happening in your life. This will help you know the purpose of your life and where you are going.

6: Engage In Social Interactions

We can’t engage with everyone physically so we can engage socially with everyone. Try to develop social interactions to develop your personality.

7: Just Be Relaxed

Being tired, worried, depressed, and sad are not the qualities of a sharp-minded person. So just be relaxed all will be well.


If you want to keep your mind sharp, you need to follow these 21 tips. And if these tips seem difficult then in that case only implement 7 beginner tips and that will be enough to keep your brain sharp and smart. And you can change your life from nothing to everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sharpen my brain?

Do these 5 things to sharpen your brain fast:
1: Sleep Enough
2: Clean Diet
3: Exercise
4: Meditation
5: Hydration

How can I sharpen my mind and memory?

The only tip that’ll help you in sharpening your mind is to make your brain busy working on something. Give your brain targets and you’ll see your brain gradually sharpening.

What makes the brain sharp?

Exercise and mindfulness meditation helps you in maintaining your brain functionality and makes your brain sharp.

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