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Winners don’t quit because they know they’ll win tomorrow “.

Everyone wants a luxurious life but no one wants to work for that life. Then how are you gonna achieve the highest standards of life?

The only way to achieve your goals before everyone else is to outwork everyone.

Outworking everyone is not just working more hours than others, it means achieving our highest potential possible.

You need to follow these tips in order to outwork everyone in the long run.

10 Tips To Become The Best Version of Yourself (Outwork Everyone)

1: Don’t Tell

You don’t need to tell your goals, plans, routines, and schedule to any of your friends. You need to understand that no one are well-wisher for you and they discourage you.

Go underground, grind there, and shock everyone with your results.

Nobody believes in your words, so why waste time in pleasing everyone with your words? Grind hard and your actions are enough to show who you are and your capabilities.

2: Don’t Show

People hate the progress of others. This is why we should never show off our goals, achievements, and ambitions.

And there’s no need to show off everything that happens in your life because your goal is not to please people with your achievements but to work hard to achieve your goals.

Never work for appreciation, work for yourself.

3: Never Outshine

I know you’ll be better than someone but don’t tell them that ” I am better than you “.

Because no one knows one’s capabilities, he/she can outwork everyone when they feel they got insulted.

You have to win the game by using your smartness not by raising fire in your enemies.

4: The 5 Pillars

No matter how hard you may work in your life you need to never break these pillars because these are the foundations for your success.


Our mental and physical growth occurs during sleep. So to recharge our brain and work to our full potential, we need a pure 6-7 hours of sleep.


Exercise is required to keep your body fit and maintain a good physique. Exercise not only gives you strength but also enhances your memory power.


We are what we eat. To be healthy, you need to maintain a healthy diet. To outwork everyone we need energy, this energy is given by the diet we take.


Hydration is crucial for the improvement of memory, avoiding burnout, eliminating tiredness, and staying healthy.


A clear mind gives us clear thoughts and positive vibes. Meditation helps in achieving that controlled and clear mind.

Our main priority is not to get sick. When we get sick we lose our ability to work hard. So to maintain balanced health and to outwork everyone, you need to maintain these 5 pillars because these pillars help you in building your dream life.

5: Believe

If you think something, it becomes a dream.
If you write something, it becomes an action.
If you believe in something, it becomes reality.

Everything whether it’s impossible or unimaginable, if you believe in it and work for it, one day you’ll achieve it anyhow.

To outwork everyone you need to sacrifice everything that becomes an obstacle for you.

Outwork Everyone

6: Be Patience

Results won’t appear soon after you change your habits. It takes months or years of time to see visible results in your life.

You should work hard even if you won’t see results because you never know how close you are to achieving your goals.

7: Work Like Hell

Outwork everyone no matter what others are doing, you should work more than they think. Work 100 hours a week. No weekends, parties, and holidays.

Work like hell, embrace change, and aim for success.

8: No Excuses

The three most common distractions that make everyone distracted are:

  • Social Media
  • TV/Webseries
  • Mobile Phones

These are the majority of times when people waste their valuable time. But everyone should enjoy life. But at the same time, the people who want to outwork everyone should sacrifice everything.

They should have no excuses for anything.

9: Never Stop

While you outwork everyone, you achieve small achievements, but by the appreciation of people you get pleased and you start enjoying the achievement, leaving the challenge of outworking everyone.

You should never stop your hard work through small achievements or else by the appreciation of others. You should never stop working hard until you reach your end goals.

10: Become Beast

Now you’re not a human. Now you’re a beast. You work 2x times as an average human works in a day; You won’t enjoy life, you embrace change; You are determined by yourself, not by others and you work for yourself, not for the sake of others.

You should become a beast, who is hungry for his goals. Become the best version of yourself that you’ve never thought you could be.

Beast Mode Activated…

  • Don’t Tell
  • Don’t Show
  • Never Outshine
  • The 5 Pillars
  • Believe
  • Be Patience
  • Work Like Hell
  • No Excuses
  • Never Stop
  • Become Beast


You are not what you think, you are more than you believe in yourself. You can do anything possible. What lacks is a burning desire and the bravery to sacrifice everything for your goals.

Everyone has a life. But not all dream their life. But the people who dream it, outwork everyone to become the best version of their life.

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