How to Control Your Mind?
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In order to control your mind, you need to control your thoughts. Thoughts are the roots that create a mess in the brain only if they are negative and unwanted. Positive and Affirming Thoughts help you to accomplish your goals. Let’s see what are thoughts and how to control them and eventually how to control your mind.

What are Thoughts and Their Impact On The Brain

Basically, Most Thoughts are occurred through the 2 Senses, watching and hearing. As per the study, we get at least 6200 thoughts a day and more than half of them are common and unwanted.

Only less than 100 thoughts are said to be unique and useful. Because of overloading thoughts in our brains, we tend to lose control of our own brains itself.

This is why we can’t able to focus for longer, get easily angry; sad, and depressed and moreover we lost our peace and we may fail to control our minds.

Why We Lost Our Brain Control

These might be the 3 most reasons for your loss of brain control:

1: Overthinking

If you overthink what might happen in the future and add your imagination power and think of all the negative things that may happen to you, then it’s the stupid thing ever. Obviously, it’s like we are writing our own fate. Rather than thinking negatively, think positively, then see how things will become favorable to you.

2: Overanalysing

We analyze more than what is needed. If we got a call from our boss and if we didn’t lift the phone due to some reason, we start thinking about what might boss think about us, he would think that I am not working from home. Like this, a huge list of thoughts will pop up in your mind. After all this, if you return a call to your boss, and he says tomorrow there is a party due to the profits of the company. Then you would think that I unnecessary thinking bad things that can happen to me. So stop overanalyzing the situation.

3: Overcomparing

There are billions of people in this world and they all might be bigger than you, smarter than you, beautiful than you. Always there is so much competition in every corner of the world. Rather than comparing us with other people’s materialistic life, it’s better to compare us with what we are today to that what we are before. Then you would think the life in a very better way.

What are the benefits of Controlling Your Mind

There are many benefits of controlling our minds:

  • Makes You Focused
  • Makes You Productive
  • Makes You Manage Your Emotions like anger, sadness and depression
  • Makes You Valuable
  • Makes You Stronger
  • Makes You Goal-oriented
  • Makes You Happier

How to Control Your Mind (12 Tips)

1: Do Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is needed to calm your mind and your thoughts and to manage the balance of your mind and body equally. Focus on your breathing and eliminate all the thoughts from your mind. Follow along with this meditation session and control your mind.

2: Make Yourself Busy

Sitting idle without any work obviously makes you think of something which is unwanted and unnecessary. Rather make yourself so but that won’t get time to get distracted by those thoughts. Even though you do not have any work, do something that makes you grow in your life. It’s better to stop arising thoughts than to eliminate them and you’ll able to control your mind more easily.

3: Eliminate Social Media

Social media is false, which disturbs your overall mental health. The time that you’re spending on social media will cost you more than you think in your daily lifestyle. Addiction to games and social media seems to be enjoyable for some time until you know the dark truth about them,  it’ll be too late and you cannot change your life and you can’t control your life.

4: Travel More

Exploring new things and new experiences is what makes you wiser and calmer. Traveling to new places empowers your mind by eliminating unnecessary thoughts from your mind.

5: Talk to your Parents

Parents are the ones who are the real and true well-wishers in our life. Talking with them makes you know the true values of life. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to tell your parents because they can help you to solve that problem. They’ll teach you valuable lessons that’ll help you to deal with further problems and challenges in your life.

6: Breath Properly

Your breathing affects how you think and how your thoughts arise. If you breathe properly then your mind will be calm. You may think is this happens really? Yes, if you won’t believe then try it, you will know the benefits of breathing correctly.

7: Affirm Positively

Positive thoughts are very crucial to manifest what you want in your life. Don’t focus on others’ opinions about your goals because they aren’t the ones who are working hard like you, since you know how precious your goal is, think positive and move forward to accomplish your goals and then you can control your mind.

8: Let It Go

Sometimes we need not to react in some situations, where silence is needed. Sometimes not worrying about something will make you relaxed and letting go is a simple way and the simplest solution to avoid arguments and extreme emotions.

9: Avoid Overthinking and Comparisons

Overcomparing wastes your time by making yourself busy thinking about others whereas comparisons make you decrease your value by yourself by comparing with others. Both are harmful to your mental health and they both should be avoided in order to be calm and focused.

10: Connect Yourself to Nature

Nature is the medicine for all your problems and the healing power of nature is simply amazing and magical. If you devote yourself to mother nature you will become can so calm and attentive. Nature heals you both mentally and physically in developing well-being.

11: Be Disciplined

Discipline is what makes you stay consistent in any work you’re doing. If you want to accomplish something big in long term you need to be very disciplined and consistent in your work. Discipline is what makes you going and Consistency is what makes you growing.

12: Relax and Reward Yourself

Taking breaks and rewarding yourself after a successful work session, sometimes is the best way to make your workflow smooth and consistent. Rewarding yourself makes you push yourself to the higher limits possible.


Controlling your mind is a complicated one. You need to control your breathing, thought process, and overthinking. If you succeed in bringing these three things under your control then automatically your mind will be controlled and you will succeed in controlling your mind.

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