How working smarter, not harder is changing my life
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When I realized the power of smart work then my whole life changed drastically. But at the same time, I am not against hard work. This point must be remembered by everyone while reading the whole blog. Smart work is something that makes you productive and makes your work done in less time. Let’s know how working smarter, not harder can change your life too.

When I was in school, I used to read everything, literally everything. From line to line, word to word I used to read everything to secure higher distinction in exams but for that, I used to spend hours of time studying.

In the other scene, my friends used to read the night before and get passing grades within less period of time.

And what guess that marks don’t mean till today now.

The highest marks I scored and the passing marks scored by my friend are now studying in the same college. Now there’s no difference in the marks.

To conclude, marks don’t say about us anything. We are determined by the skills that we have. Studying the night before for exams and securing passing grades are enough and what we must focus on is our skills.

So many times smart work beats hard work. But most of the time hard work is only the upper hand.

Like this, in life, we’ll find situations where just by using smart work you can face and cross those situations.

So to use smart work in your life where hard work isn’t necessary that much, here are the 10 Principles that’ll make your work doneā€¦

1: The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle or The 80/20 Rule says that you need to focus on just 20% to achieve 80% of results. This principle not only works to clear your exams by learning the most important questions but it also works everywhere you use it. Working smarter, not harder can change your grades and entire life.

2: The 1/90 Principle

You can change your entire life if you focus on one thing and make it your habit. This principle tells us that you need to choose a skill and master it for the next 90 days. After 90 days your life won’t be the same as it looks before. The condition is simple you need to choose that skill that can change your life in every aspect by working smarter.

3: The 50/30/20 Rule

This rule is a financial rule which helps you manage your money effectively. This rule states that you need to spend 50% of your salary on needs, 30% on your wants, and 20% on investing in the stock market. This rule is applicable to almost everyone and can manage their money effectively by working smarter.

4: The 30/20/10 Rule

This rule is all about your self-improvement. This rule states that you need to do 30 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of exercise, and 10 minutes of reading. Doing this daily can show you immense benefits in the long run by working smarter.

5: The 1% Rule

James Clear in his book called “Atomic Habits”, said the importance of 1% improvement daily makes you a far better person than you could be. Improve yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially by using the 1% Rule, and see the magic it shows by working smarter.

6: The Only Goal Principle

It means that you need to have one primary goal in your life. Many of us have 3 to 5 goals at a time. In this scenario, we may not able to focus on all of these goals at a time. So, you need to set one fixed goal and if you succeed to achieve that goal, your entire life would be changed through working smarter.

7: Fill The Gratitude Jar

You should be grateful for having a life like this. We need to be grateful for what we are and the great things happening in our life. If you don’t be grateful for what you are now, then you are unable to know the value of the life you have. So be grateful for what you are. Be Grateful.

8: Don’t Be Busy

We always try to act like we’re busy but that’s not true. You won’t always be busy. But you should have to be productive. Then you’ll save much time and can eliminate distractions. So, try to be productive, not busy. Then you’ll know the benefits of being productive by working smarter.

9: Give Half of The Time

If you give 2 hours to complete an assignment it’ll take 2 hours but if you allocate 1 hour it’ll take 1 hour. Decrease your deadlines and give half of the time to get things done faster and smarter.

10: Convert Passion Into Progress

We all have passion but we do not put the passion into progress. Our passion becomes true if we take enough action and progress on our goals. Thinking is not enough, doing it is a must, if you want to see a dream come true. This is one of the most important principles in working smarter, not harder.

These are the ten principles that when you applied in your life you can experience the magic of working smarter, not harder.

  • The Pareto Principle
  • The 1/90 Principle
  • The 50/30/20 Rule
  • The 30/20/10 Rule
  • The 1% Rule
  • The Only Goal Principle
  • Fill The Gratitude Jar
  • Don’t Be Busy
  • Give Half of The Time
  • Convert Passion Into Progress

In life, we have to do both hard work and smart work. Without these two things, it gets harder to get things done, but by using smart work in some cases you can make your work done in less time without working hard. However hard work always pays off and always you should strive for hard work and you should use smart work in doing that hard work.

What is the meaning of work smart not harder?

Working makes you more productive and takes less time to complete tasks. So using smart work where hard work is not needed is the real meaning of work smarter not hard.

Why it is better to work smarter than harder?

Because working smarter decreases the time spend on the work and saves us a lot of time.

Is work smart not harder must?

Absolutely Not, harder pay off every time but not smart work. So use smartness in hard work.

Is it better to work harder or smarter?

You need to work harder in order to work smarter. Because smartness comes from hard work.

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