12 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Memory Power Naturally
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We all forget some things sometimes. But when it becomes a habit then it’s a problem. This will gradually lead to “memory loss” where a person’s memorization power is lost significantly. But it happens with everyone and it can be cured by taking simple measures, you can follow these 12 powerful tips and increase your memory power naturally.

1: Include Nutritious Food

We need certain types of nutrients and minerals that will help us in keeping our minds sharp and smart. Vitamin B-12, omega fatty acids, and minerals like calcium, and potassium are necessary for mental growth.

When you are not receiving these types of vitamins and minerals your brain
start losing its sharpness and you feel a loss of memory

You Should try to include nuts, fresh vegetables, salads, seafood, fish, oats, sprouts, and more healthy foods in your diet to increase your memory power naturally.

2: Get Enough Sleep

If you want to sleep enough then you will feel lethargic and tired and your brain may not function to its fullest potential and you may forget what you remembered.

So take 6-7 hours of sleep which helps in reducing stress and retaining memory effectively.

3: Practice Breathing Exercise

Breathing plays a major role in our life. If we just change our breathing system then most of the problems will be eliminated from our bodies.

If you are forgetting something really quickly then you need to follow this breathing technique to remember something that you learned.

  • Take a Deep Breath
  • Hold for 45 Seconds
  • Exhale All At Once

Try these steps 5 to 10 times to see visible results and to increase your memory power naturally.

4: Take More Green Veggies

Green Vegetables contain vitamins A, C, E, and K. These vitamins help you improve your memory and remember what you learned to some exist. So include green veggies in your diet to increase your memory power naturally.

5: Get Some Physical Exercise

Whenever you decide to change your life, the first habit that almost all recommend in your daily life is to do exercise. Exercise has innumerable benefits and immense power to make your body and mind strong.

Get some walking, weight lifting, push-ups, and pull-ups in your routine to increase your memory power naturally.

6: Write Down

Whenever you are dealing with important tasks, try to note it down in a journal so that even though you forgot, you will be left with the note that you have written already.

This will help you remember the most important things in your life. Like this, you will be habituated and after sometimes will be able to remember without taking any notes and make you increase your memory power naturally.

This usually takes time but it always works.

7: Use Flash Cards

Using flashcards is the best way to remind yourself instantly about the things you need to do and things you need to remember.

Even most smart people forget their work sometimes, so use flashcards to remind things instantly.

8: Constantly Train Your Brain

Sometimes you are causing memorials because you are leaving your brain freely without giving the work it is needed. So set targets and give challenges to your brain so that it becomes sharp and eventually you can increase your memory power naturally.

9: Use Spaced Repetition

Repeating something for certain intervals of time is the principle of spaced repetition.

If you are trying to remember the important formulae in the chapter then the repetitions should be as follows:

  • First Repetition: After 15 Minutes of Reading
  • Second Repetition: After One Hour
  • Third Repetition: After One Day
  • Fourth Repetition: After One Week
  • Fifth Repetition: After One Month

After these repetitions, the information will be stored in your long-term memory and you won’t feel memory loss.

10: Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself every day to improve your memory capability by giving small activities to your brain and constantly training your brain to become sharp and eliminate memory loss and to increase your memory power naturally.

11: Be Hydrated

Sometimes just taking a sip of water can remind you of the answer to the question in the examination.


(Water helps in recharging the cells and improving oxygen levels in our body and our mind becomes active and we are able to retain the memory that will be stored successfully)

So stay hydrated all the time irrespective of how you feel about drinking or not.

12: Be Relaxed

You can easily increase your memory by just staying relaxed and be less stressed. What you do, do with a calm mind and all will be settled in your mind.

Follow these 12 tips and increase your memory power naturally.


Without forgetting we can remember new memories. Forgetting is also a boon to us in which we forget the toxic and unwanted things from our minds. If forgetting doesn’t exist then we wouldn’t live a happy life.

However, you can follow these 12 powerful tips, can increase your memory power naturally, and can change your life from nothing to everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I increase my memory power?

Yes, you can easily increase your memory power by just following these 3 habits:
1: Meditation
2: Healthy Diet
3: Be Hydrated

Which foods improve memory?

Foods like nuts, fresh vegetables, salads, seafood, fish, oats, sprouts, and more healthy foods should be included in your diet.

Why is my memory so weak?

Because of the stress, social anxiety, and excessive use of social media attention span is decreasing gradually and our’s memory is becoming so weak.

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