21 Daily Routines For Health, Wealth, and Happiness
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Who doesn’t want health, wealth, and happiness? We all do, but maintaining and balancing them becomes hard when it comes to real life. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t put these three things health, wealth and happiness in our life, we can, but we need to follow some of the daily routines or you may call it has habits that’ll help you in achieving all these three things health, wealth and happiness in your life.

Life is too short but it’s enough to explore and experience new things. In the journey of life, we are keeping happiness behind and walking in search of happiness. Isn’t that sound true?

Absolutely Yes!

So it’s not too late to regret and not too late to start a new beginning. To restart your life you must follow some habits. Soon those habits will take you to the desired destination. Our one and only destinations are health, wealth, and happiness. So to fulfill these things we need to follow a daily routine of habits.

Without any late let’s jump into the 21 daily routines that will build health, wealth, and happiness in your life. These daily routines are simple to implement and give you enormous benefits in the long run.

10 Daily Routines For Health

If your health is well then all will be going to be well. Health is our most priority over any other thing in the world for human beings. So, to keep our health healthy we need to follow these 10 habits in our daily routines…

1: Exercise

The very primary step to making your life healthy is by doing exercise every day. The benefits it gives are enormous and the time it takes to do it is hardly 30 minutes.


Simply spending 30 minutes every day exercising can make you far from several health problems like migraines, frequent colds, body pains, etc. So if you are doing exercise then remember that you’re ahead of so many people over there.

So what you can do in 30 minutes of exercise? Here are the simple things you can do:

  • Walking
  • Doing Push-ups
  • Doing Pull-ups
  • Stretching
  • Planks
  • Sit-ups

2: Meditation

The external world is filled with full of negativity and stress. To withstand it we need to train ourselves to be calm and attentive in dealing with others. So this is why meditation becomes the first most habit to make your mind calm and smart and the most important one of the daily routines.

  • The benefits of mediation are also very high. It helps in the overall development of the brain as well as the body.
  • You can do the following things to maintaining your brain smart and strong:
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Breathing Meditation

3: Food

We are what we eat. And what we eat must be organic and fresh. But it’s hard to find organic vegetables in the market even though someone finds they would be expensive. Nowadays all are hybrid varieties and we have to continue them anyhow. The point is the food we eat must be nutritious, or else it may cause obesity, less weight, etc.
This must be the best diet for you:

Time Foods to Eat
BreakfastOats, Eggs, Chicken, Salads, Milk, Bread, Idlies, etc.
LunchRice, Chapatis, Chicken, Paneer (Or any other curry), Eggs, Curd, Sweet.
SnacksOnly healthy snacks including fruits, homemade fries, dosas, peanuts, etc.
DinnerSame as Lunch
Before SleepMilk, Nuts, etc.
a balanced diet.
  • Maintain Good Health
  • Makes you fit and strong
  • Makes you in shape
  • Avoid Junk Food
  • Eat the right quantity of quality food
  • Consume nuts, sprouts, etc.

4: Hygiene

Being hygienic becomes very crucial because viral infections can attack at any time. Maintaining hygiene is not that hard there are only small things that you need to do, and the rest will be almost perfect. Those small things seem easy but no one implements them. Let’s know what are those and how to be neat and clean.

  • Far from viral and bacterial infections
  • Look Attractive
  • Be Clean
  • Brush Twice Your Teeth
  • Bath Twice
  • Wear Clean Dress
  • Wash your bedsheets once a week
  • Wear Comfortable Innerwears
  • Maintain Your Skin Care Routine
  • Cut Unnecessary Hairs On Your Face
  • Wash your hands after using the toilets
  • Use Duodrent
  • Cut Your Nails
  • Use MouthWash

5: Water

More than 70% is water in our bodies. So consumption of the right quantity of water is a must to maintain your body.
Water can help as a best friend in cleaning your colon and removing dirt from your body.

  • Be Energetic
  • Memorize things faster
  • Clean Your Body
  • Just drink enough water.
  • Include fruits
  • Include fluids

6: Fasting

Fasting means to stay without eating for a certain period of time say 9 hours. Simply stay on an empty stomach for some time. It is as simple as skipping your dinner and taking a different next day’s breakfast.

  • Maintains Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Heart Strokes
  • Maintains muscle mass
  • Do fasting at least once a week or thrice a month.

7: Checkups

You will never know what your body is going through until you go to a checkup.
So visit your home doctor and check up on your whole body. You will think that all is well from the outside but you’ll never know what is going on within yourself. So checking your overall health every 3 months or 6 is recommended.

  • You’ll know your health status

8: Sleep

Irregular sleep patterns can cause headaches, unwanted stress, anger, etc. Both quality and quantity of sleep matter a lot, or else your mind will get disturbed.

  • Stay Active
  • Be Energetic
  • Be Attentive
  • Sleep 6-7 hours
  • Fix Your Sleep Schedule
  • Drink water before you sleep

9: Drinking/Smoking

One of the worst habits that kills your entire life in all areas is overdrinking and smoking. Once you get addicted to them no one can change your life except yourself. So be careful in choosing your habits.

  • Gaining Clarity over life
  • Getting remind of responsibilities
  • Happiness
  • Quit slowly
  • Avoid bad circle
  • Move with good people

10: Yoga

Yoga is the practice to know more about yourself from within yourself. It is the combination of breathing and posing techniques. Yoga helps the balance of mind and body.

  • Increases Concentration
  • Maintains Blood Pressure
  • Reduces the risk of diseases
  • Practice Yoga Asanas

Being Healthy is true wealth for a human life.

Project better life

10 Daily Routines For Wealth

After health, we all chase wealth. To become wealthy one should follow these 10 daily routines or habits:

1: Being Rich Vs Being Wealthy

All want to become rich and look rich but nobody wants to become wealthy. This is why we are falling into a loop where looking rich is the primary goal. But if you shift your mindset and focus on becoming wealthy then no one can stop you from being financially independent. To know the difference between rich and wealthy here is a small example:

What Rich People Do: Spend money on their wants as soon they receive a paycheck or profits.

What Wealthy People Do: They reinvest the profit again into their business to develop even further. Through this, they are compounding their profits and getting closer to their financial independence.

2: Have an Emergency Fund

If all your money doesn’t work for you when you need the most then that money is useless. That’s why keeping some of the money in an emergency fund where it’s easier to use them when in need is the first habit of wealthy people.

  • You can easily use them whenever you need
  • No need of touching invested money
  • No problem of worrying
  • Keep an emergency fund of 6-month paycheck
  • You can also invest a very small percentage of money in a liquid mutual fund where you can easily withdraw them
  • Keep some physical money with you

3: Use The 50:30:20 Rule

Use this rule to become smarter with your investments and get closer to your financial goals.

  • Spend 50% of your money on your needs such as bills, rent, education fees, utilities, and basic necessities which you need almost every day.
  • Spend 30% of your money on your wants such as buying a home, car, etc. (They are meant to save your money to fulfill your wants)
  • Invest 20% of your money in Stocks, Mutual funds, Crypto, and Fixed Deposits according to your risk factor.

4: Spend Wisely

When spending becomes high then earning becomes low. To stop this you need to spend only on those things which are really necessary to you and not spend on materialistic things.

  • You save money
  • Spend money on things only when you have money thrice the price of those things. Or else ignore it.
  • When you like some things and when your brain forces you to buy then wait for 3 days, after 3 days if the same wish continues then you can proceed to buy that thing.

5: Avoid Loans

Unless you’re in the most emergency don’t take loans from any bank or from anyone. Loans seem good at first but they are bad for your financial goals. The penalties, high interest, and fees put you in more debt.

  • You can take student loans for studies that impact positively in the future.

6: Clear Your Debts

Clear your debts before you spend your money on your wants. Wants can be fulfilled in the future but if you don’t clear your debt it always increases.

  • So clear your debts first then only focus on your wants.

7: Invest Wisely

When you invest according to your financial goals then you can reach them. But if you invest money only for profits then you’ll never become an expert investor. Invest only if you understand:

  • Why are you investing?
  • What is your goal of investing?
  • What is the outcome of investing?

If you have the answer to these questions then you can become a wise investor.

  • Invest only if you understand the platform where you are investing in.
  • Know your risk factor before investing
  • Know financial terms properly

8: Be aware of Scams

Now the growth of technology also made the rise in scam rates. You’ll never know when you’re stuck in a scam. But if you properly read and understand what you’re investing in and follow some tips can make you avoid those scams.

  • Never reply to unknown messages
  • Never click on the links from unknown numbers
  • Never share your OTPs with anyone
  • Spread Awareness among people
  • Keep locks to your phone’s
  • Never install apps from unknown resources
  • Never give Unnecessary permissions to the apps
  • Avoid falling into get-rich-fast scams
  • Report to cybercrime when you fall into a scam

9: Invest In Yourself

The best way of investing money where you’ll get very higher returns is by Investing that money in yourself and developing the skills.

  • You become skilled
  • Open to new opportunities
  • Increase in salary
  • Invest in a course that you love
  • Invest in a book

10: Be Simple

The goal is to become wealthy not to look rich. A simple life is a stressless and peaceful life. So focus on being simple and minimalist. Because the more you have, the more clutter it becomes and the more clutter it becomes hard to declutter.

So Less is More.

Look Simple, Be Wealthy.

One Daily Routine For Happiness

1: Focus on Yourself

The more you focus on others the more you get disturbed. Overthinking is the slow poison. Remembering that we all live our own life, we need to focus on our own life to strengthen them and be prepared for the challenges to face and grab the opportunities.

  • You’ll know more about yourself
  • You enjoy your life
  • You live your own life
  • Stop overthinking
  • Focus on your goals
  • Never underestimate yourself
  • Be Grateful
  • Help Others
  • Depend on yourself
  • Be Consistent in your goals
  • Stop Negative Thinking
  • Don’t Compare Yourself with others
  • Avoid Toxic Circle
  • Never Postpone Your Work
  • Be Goal-Oriented

These 21 daily routines will change your life…

20 Daily Routines For Health, Wealth, and Happiness.
change your life with these habits.

These 21 daily routines or habits will change your life from nothing to everything. The life you want to live and the life you wished to live will be yours if you implement these habits and make them your daily routines.

Problems and Challenges are part of life. You can never avoid challenges in your life but you can solve them and become stronger on the way and open the door to wonderful opportunities.

Health, Wealth, and happiness will be yours if you practice these daily routines in your life.

Happy Living…

How can I live a healthy and wealthy life?

Exercise, Meditation, and Spending Wisely are the beginner steps to living a healthy and wealthy life

What wealthy people do everyday?

Wake Up Early
Read a book
They schedule the day
Eat healthily
Invest In Themselves
Time management
Sleep 6 hours
Focus on themselves

How can we lead a healthy and wealthy life at the same time?

Quit Drinking/Smoking
Eat Healthily
Drink Water

What is the best routine for healthy lifestyle?

Eat healthily
Avoid Junk Food
Do Intermediate Fasting

What are 3 habits of a rich person?

Waking up early
Reading books
Learning from others

What are the 7 steps to becoming rich?

1: Learn a Skill
2: Earn Income
3: Use The 50:30:20 Rule
4: Have an Emergency Fund
5: Spend and Invest Wisely
6: Reinvest Profits
7: Generate Multiple Income Streams

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