The Power of Focus: How To Concentrate And Get Things Done
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In this distracted world, it became nearly impossible to focus on a stretch for one hour on any important work, where a person easily gets distracted by a notification from the phone. Our phones became a source of the biggest distractions ever felt. Due to this, we are lacking something called the power of focus. But don’t worry, here we are to awaken and recover your power of focus and concentration.

Why Improving Our Focus Important?

If we don’t improve our focus, at some point in time it becomes difficult to remember things for a longer time which results in less memorization power. The things which take less time to do, take more time to get done. It means the loss of our focus results in wasting our time, overtime we loss our memory and we get difficulty remembering things for a longer time.

So focus and concentration are necessary because they help us increase our productivity. And the focus is essential for healthy mental health.

Where Our Focus Gone Actually?

Due to the constant distractions, we face on a daily basis, we got habituated to distract very easily and it resulted in losing our focus and concentration.

Attention span is drastically decreased and distracted minds get even more distracted when they tend to sit for doing important work.

Patience is required in any situation and you need to know how focus plays a major role in improving your life and being productive.

5 Steps To Recover Our Lost Focus

Step:1 Social Media Detox

Social media is designed in such a way that it grabs your attention and makes you distracted very easily.

Once you got addicted to social media then no one can help you unless yourself.

Turn off your notifications and block your time for your social media to avoid instant loss of attention to social media.

Step:2 Schedule Your Productive Hours

Every time we can’t work with the same energy and the same productivity so choose the time when you are more productive than you usually will, and work in those hours as per your schedule.

Do it consistently for over a period of time, and you will be able to work with the strong focus and concentration in your study hours that you are scheduled.

Step:3 Adapt Discipline

The power of discipline is something that should be understood by everyone. Discipline is something that forces you to do something that you aimed for even though you want to give up, it pushes you to your full potential to complete the goal that you aimed for.

Adapt discipline in any work you do, no matter what happens in your life. Discipline, Consistency, Patience, Goal-oriented person can do anything in your life that you aimed for.

Step:4 Mindfulness Meditation

To declutter your mind it’s important to practice mindfulness meditation and yoga in your daily routine. Just spend 15 to 20 minutes doing breathing exercises and pranayam in the morning to make your mind calm and declutter the unnecessary thoughts from your mind.

As I say earlier patience is the key to success, making your mind free from unnecessary thoughts through meditation takes time and the results you will see are unbelievable when you practice meditation over a period of time.

Step:5 Be Consistent

Whatever work you do Do it consistently. Even though you are bad at something, maintaining consistency for a period of time makes you master in that something.


12 Tips To Improve Your Focus and Concentration

1: Time Spent Work Done

It does not mean that if you spend more time you have done more work.

It absolutely incorrect

And it also doesn’t mean that you’ve done more work if you spend more time.

Most work done is independent on time. Work done is dependent on the amount of information you absorb in the dedicated amount of time.

So try to do deep work whenever you sit doing something avoiding shallow work since it consumes more time and the amount of information absorption is very less in shallow work.

2: The Basic Blocks

  • Rest: if you don’t take enough breaks and rest in between your work then obviously you will get tired and over time you get burned out and stop doing your work. So take enough breaks and rest in between your work to avoid lethargy.
  • Sleep: Sleep plays a significant role in improving your brain functioning and making your brain sharp. Adequate sleep of 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended for the proper functioning of the brain throughout the day. And also make sure you sleep at a fixed time.
  • Nutrition: You are what you eat. If the nutrient intake is insufficient your brain will suffer nutrient deficiency and make you feel less active and you may struggle to remember what you study. So take a properly nutritious diet for the healthy functioning of the brain.

3: Do Exercise

The only self-improvement tip that I will recommend for overall self-improvement of your life is to “Exercise“. Doing exercise regularly will not only make your body fit but also helps you in improving mental fitness, builds discipline, knows your responsibilities, and improves your focus and concentration levels.

Do exercise regularly and the results you get are numerous and unbelievable.

4: Make Your Mind Busy

If you don’t put work into your brain, gradually your brain’s capability decreases. To make your brain sharp you need to give some work to it so that it becomes sharper over time.

Even though you don’t have any work, try to solve maths calculations in your mind (which is also known as mental maths) to improve your focus and sharpen your brain.

5: Schedule Everything

If you’re scheduling something, that means you are putting something into our waitlist which are need to complete one by one. That means you’re aware of what are the tasks you need to work on, without a schedule you’ll be lost in the question of what to do next.

So scheduling helps you in maintaining the flow of work and also the flow of focus and concentration levels.

6: Use Space Repetition

Repeating what you’ve studied at regular fixed intervals helps improve focus and in concentration levels.

It also helps you to memorize faster and improve your memorization power.

7: Time Blocking

Know your productive study hours and block your time to do very important tasks that’ll drastically change your life.

If you’re blocking your time to do certain tasks, then you’re also blocking your phone and other distractions not to disturb you in between the blocking time period.

8: Adapt Mindset

Don’t do anything forcefully, if you want to improve focus and you’re unwillingly doing meditation with the thought that it doesn’t work. Then obviously it doesn’t work.

You need to love the work you do and for that, you need to adapt to the growth mindset that’ll help you in improving your intensity of doing work.

9: Set Specific Goal

Without any specific goal, you may or may not reach anywhere. Having goals in your life helps in giving the right direction and also builds better decision-making power.

Know the one thing that you want to achieve mastery in, and put everything on that goal.

10: Quality>Quantity

Everywhere quality of something matters a lot. Everyone is struggling to improve the quality. In the beginning, try to focus on quantity and then go to the quality of work.

11: Build Systems

Experiment with your study patterns and build suitable systems that work well during your study hours. Schedule at what time you’re going to do it and do the same thing daily. After you build this system, over a consistent period of time you’ll see magical results.

12: Reward Yourself

You’ll always work for something, and if you get there you’ll be very happy. To make it more interesting, reward yourself after every simple achievement that will eventually push you to move forward to your highest potential.

The reward may be as simple as your favorite chocolate ice cream.


Whatever we need we need to immerse ourselves into the work for the maximum absorption of information and it’s only possible by putting out focus and concentration on the work we are doing. You can improve your focus and concentration levels by just following the above tips and can change your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my focus concentration?

Step:1 Social Media Detox
Step:2 Schedule Your Productive Hours
Step:3 Adapt Discipline
Step:4 Mindfulness Meditation
Step:5 Be Consistent

Why is my focus so poor?

This is because you’re not sharpening your brain every day, you need to give enough work to your brain so that it can become sharp which helps in building focus.

How can I focus on studies?

1: Start With Easy Subjects
2: Use Pomodoro Technique
3: Maintain Consistency
4: Adapt Discipline
5: Reward Yourself

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