Fear of Failure: Is It A Boon or Curse To Our Life?
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Fear is felt by almost everyone at some point in time. But sometimes the fear becomes a boon and life-changing and at the same time, it destroys your life. Let’s see whether Fear of Failure Is A Boon or Curse To Our Life.

You might wonder why I am saying that fear is a boon to all of us. But all your doubts would be cleared after you finish reading the entire blog.

Let’s know how to use the fear of failure in our life logically to get things done and also at the same time how to overcome fear in some situations where it is necessary and it must be done to stop destroying your life.

What is Fear?

Fear is one of the emotions that make us tensed about something deeply mentally and emotionally.

Types of Fear To Know About

1: Positive Fear
2: Negative Fear
3: Neutral Fear

Let’s understand them in detail:

1: Positive Fear

This is the type of fear that we’ll use to put ourselves on track and complete our work without postponing and with full productivity through developing fear in a positive way.

2: Negative Fear

This is the one which we should avoid and overcome in our life since it drags us back from our goals and makes us stay in our comfort zone. We need to overcome this negative fear to stop destroying our life.

3: Neutral Fear

This type of fear neither brings anything nor takes away things. It basically acts as a neural. Moreover, try not to be in this type of fear. Since it neither makes you fearless nor fearful.

Fear: A Great Source To Make Your Life Productive

In my college days, I had 10 Assignments pending and I need to submit them to the college before the deadline arrives. It would hardly 1 day to complete those assignments but due to my lethargy, I would postpone the work to tomorrow. Unfortunately, that tomorrow never came.

It was the day when all students needed to submit their assignments since the deadline had passed.

I was shocked and stood still for a moment. I was not able to complete my assignments since I was being lazy to complete them.

My number came and I was called by my lecturer. He didn’t find any assignments in my hands and he started his lecture on my recklessness.

And I was given a day to complete the assignments which were left.

The fear that I may fail in assignments made me so productive that I woke up at 5’O Clock in the morning without any alarm even though I won’t wake up morning even though the alarm rings. The fear made me do so.

The fear made me complete the assignments in no time and I submitted them successfully in the next morning.

The point that I am trying to convey to you is that the Fear of failing assignments made me do things that were nearly impossible for me to do so. Fear made me productive like never before.

So the moral we understood from the above story is – We can use fear to get things done faster and more effectively. So let’s understand how to implement fear in yourself to make things happen really.

Using Fear As Your Weapon

Fearing yourself makes you push yourself to higher limits and capabilities and make things done faster.

It’s better to sweat today so that you won’t tense tomorrow.

Adapt fear in yourself such that it pushes you forward when you are low. Here are examples to build fear in a positive way to make things impossible to possible:

1: Fear yourself that you’ll fail if you do not do well in exams and if you do not do well in exams you need to work twice before you were working to clear your backlogs. Fear yourself like this to stop failing and passing your exams.

2: Fear yourself that your parents will become sad if you don’t listen to what your parents say.

3: Fear yourself to work hard for years so that you can live decades of happiness.

Fear yourself in a positive way to put yourself back on track and be productive and complete the things before their deadline.

Now we saw how we can use our fear in a positive way to turn around a situation in our favor. Let’s see how to overcome the negative fear that makes us hold you back from your goals and aims.

Fear: How to Overcome Fear And To Attract Opportunities

Fearing from fear is the only fear that we’re fearing every day and every moment in our life. Fear makes you weak if you fear from it and makes you stronger if you face it.

Let’s know how to overcome fear from your life and stop being in your comfort zone by following the 7-Step Method:

Step:1 Set Boundaries

Set yourself some boundaries so that no one can make use of your kindness and belittle you. You are the king of your life and you should live your life with your own rules. Make sure you never give the right to take control of your emotions.

To be short: Set boundaries and don’t let others cross them.

Step:2 Say “No”

If you’re saying Yes to almost everything then you might not give value to the time which you have in your hands. Value your time as well as your goals and figure out what to do at what time so that you won’t regret it later.

To be short: Say No to unnecessary and time-wasting things.

Step:3 Set Small Goals

Small goals might seem small but consistently completing small goals makes you closer to your goal. Big goals always start with small steps and small goals. Even though you start small you’ll always achieve big in long term.

To be short: Never underestimate small steps in your life.

Step:4 Reward Yourself

Rewarding make you satisfied with your hard work and promotes you to do work more on your goals to achieve them fastly. Reward yourself to stop avoiding feeling depressed and avoid unnecessary fears in yourself.

To be short: Reward Yourself to work even harder and smarter

Step:5 Change Your Mindset

We often want to change our life but we always adopt the same mindset which is always negative and eventually we can’t able to change our life. Before you overcome fear, you need to first change your Mindset from within your mind and adopt a new positive mindset.

To be short: Change Your Mindset and Everything Changes For You.

Step:6 Fail, Fail But Never Give Up

Failing is a part of life and the most successful people have built their empires by continuously failing and bouncing back from them. Failing is good when you learn how you failed and implement the solution so that you won’t make the same mistake again.

To be short: Never Ever give up in your life.

Step:7 Face Them

You always become strong only if you exercise regularly and consistently and the same applies to overcoming your fear. The more challenges you face, the stronger you become in your life.

To be short: Face your fear to grow stronger in your life.

The Bottom Line

It sounds normal to everyone to think like same and change their mindset into something great but it is very hard and it’s going to be difficult. It’s not the days or months, it may take years to adopt a new Mindset that will change your life. So most people don’t have the time and the patience to stay motivated and consistent throughout the phase of development.

But indeed, the people who have a burning desire to achieve their goals then they can take calculated risks fearlessly and they eventually fail and lastly achieve their goals.

Every negative habit or thought can be turned in in our favor by just thinking about that thought and changing the vibration of that thought positively.

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