Winning Slow
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Have you ever read any articles where you find teenagers becoming millionaires in a very short period of time?

Mostly Yes Right!

But we don’t whether it’s luck or their hard work (behind the scenes).

This made everyone aim for early success.

Due to this people are rushing to find their passion, working faster to achieve early success.

But on the way they are missing out on many opportunities and most importantly they’re not gaining any “Experience“.

Why rush, when we can achieve everything that we need and what we want by moving slowly…

Let’s find out how to win slowly by moving slowly.

What Does It Mean By Moving Slow?

We are living in a generation where everything is evolving faster. Everything is moving fast forward and this made us move with the evolving technology.

It’s not bad to move with technology. But we need not necessarily move fast for early success.

With the fast-evolving technology, all are aiming for early success and most importantly people are getting jealous and depressed by seeing others succeed.

People started constantly comparing their lives with the luxurious lives of people who have achieved a lot in a very
young age.

By constantly feeding this in their mind, they also wanted to achieve success faster. By thinking so, they’re doing everything in a rush so as to achieve success faster.

But they are forgetting that success is a slow process sometimes.

They outwork everyone to achieve early success but due to the absence of any visible results they tend to quit doing it and they say – “Why is this only happening to me ?”.

Sometimes you need to focus on yourself to achieve more than you think. Because the more time you start comparing your life with another person, the more your life seems empty.

Sometimes you need to move slowly in order to achieve what you want without any stress and depression.

If you want to achieve what you want peacefully, then you need to move slowly.

Winning Slowly V/s Winning Early

We don’t know when we’ll win and we also don’t know whether we win or lose in the journey of life. But we are just assuming that if we want to win in life we have two choices.

Either we can win by moving slowly or moving fast. Both have their own abilities and faults.

The choice that you’ll choose will determine how you win in your life.

Winning Slowly

Winning Slowly is nothing but moving slowly by taking your own time in figuring out your passion, taking small steps, setting tiny goals, working in small junks, and finally achieving your goals. It happens very slowly and takes time.


  • More Time To Figure Out Goals
  • Less Stress, Tensions, and Anxiety
  • Little or No-Depression
  • More Peaceful
  • Long-Term Success
  • More Opportunities


  • Takes More Time
  • You may face people’s opinions
  • You may get belittled
  • You may not have value

Winning Early

Winning Early is nothing but to win as early as possible. It includes thinking big goals, taking risks, jumping big, figuring out everything faster and finally achieving big goals. The entire process happens in fast-forward.


  • Take Less Time
  • More Fame, Money, and Respect
  • More Freedom
  • More Social Influence


  • More Stress, Tension, and Anxiety
  • More Depressed Minds
  • Less Peace
  • Fewer Opportunities
  • Burnout Situations
  • More Pressure

Winning Slowly might take time but it’s worth investing your time in doing something mindfully and peacefully and with less effort you can achieve more in life.

The Process To Win Slowly

In the process of winning Slowly, you tend to have more focus and productivity because you observe what you’re doing slowly. This will help you in enjoying your life and at the same time you achieve what you dream.

When you do something slowly, you are involved in doing it with your highest possible attention.

Like this, you may win slowly but you’ll be peaceful in what you’re doing and you can attain long-term success in your life.

Winning Slow

5-Step Formula To Winning Slow

Step:1 Become A Stone

Many external factors will affect you when you do everything slowly but you need to remain as a stone to continue your process of winning slowly.

You need to eliminate these things from your life:

  • Overthinking
  • Comparisons
  • Other People Opinions
  • Suggestions
  • Jealousy

These things will pollute your mind and destroy your dreams.

If you think of yourself as a stone and eliminate these things from your mind then you’ll be peaceful about what you’re doing.

Trust no one and believe in your abilities and if you think you’re doing correctly then continue doing it.

Because what you see, can’t be seen by anybody.

Step:2 Maintain Consistency

You believe in the physiology of winning slowly and you also know that you have time to figure out and work on your goals. But when you break your consistency then working slowly is not for you.

You need to maintain consistency at any cost because to build empires you need a disciplined consistency.

In the beginning, everything is hard. You learned to walk in your childhood by consistently trying one more time to walk.

You fell many times, you got injuries but finally, you learned how to walk.

In the same way, you learned to ride your cycle.

All these things are made possible because you maintained “Consistency“.

It all starts with consistency…

Step:3 Gain Momentum

Once you succeed in maintaining consistency you’ll attain a flow state where you’ll be in a momentum in doing things.

The moment you felt that you’ve achieved that momentum the only thing that you need to do is to never break that “Momentum“.

Because when you’re in momentum with your work, even though you’re working very hard you won’t feel stressed or burnout. You Just enjoy what you’re doing.

This is why being in a flow state and gradually maintaining momentum is necessary to get our work done in less time with more focus and attention.

Step:4 Become Confident

Everyone has their own capabilities to achieve something in their lives. But these capabilities and powers are hidden by the barriers of self-doubt.

When you break these barriers then you can experience the immense strength of yourself.

Confidence is something that everyone should have in their life.

When you’re confident enough in what you want, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve in your future then listen to no one.

Step:5 Be Fearless

Everyone has their own purpose in their lives. We try our best to achieve it in our life.

We should not be frightened about our goals by thinking that we are not capable of achieving them and also what will happen when we don’t achieve them.

If you think so, you are generating a thought of not wanting something.

Being fearless is necessary to believe in your goals, trust in yourself, and faith in your path.

Then you can live a great life.


Winning is important in life but what’s more important is the process that we go through which shapes ourselves in gaining the ability to achieve those goals.

Moving slowly can give you the results that you want in your life because you do everything slowly, and effectively, and involve yourself in doing it.

The power of moving slowly is something that you achieve everything with less effort when you believe in it.

Small wins lead to huge success…

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