Redefining Success
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What does success really mean to you?

Is it Money, Fame or Freedom?

Success means different for each and every one of us. We measure success on the number of cars someone has, the amount of money they have in their bank account and the growth of their companies.

Nowadays, success is determined by the viewer, not by the successful people.

Let’s know what success actually means and redefine success.

The Four Pillars of Success

These four pillars are the foundation of success and in one word we can say that if you have these things then you’re already a successful person.

  • Good Health
  • Basic Necessity Fulfilment
  • Respect
  • Growth with Peace

Good Health

If you’re healthy, then everything can be managed. Real success lies in your healthy lifestyle.

Get strong enough to resist diseases and become enough healthy to deal with life problems with a sense of smartness.

Try not to neglect your health because your health is your major priority.

Basic Necessity Fulfilment

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothes
  • Clean Water
  • One Friend

If these things are there in your life, then you need to be grateful.

We run behind success but many people all over the world don’t have these basic necessities and you need to be thankful to God for having these many things for your livelihood.


We don’t know how many people want to become rich but we know that everyone wants respect in their lives.

Growth with Peace

Mostly, we grow in stressful situations but we need to know how to grow with peace.

Growing peacefully is nothing but growing up very slowly every day to 1%.
(Even though we grow slowly due to the compounding effect we achieve the greatest heights)

What Are The Obstacles of Success?

There are only two rules to achieve success in life:

  • Consistency
  • Momentum

But obstacles are many on the way, to overcome those obstacles you need to be focused and determined on your goals. These are the most common obstacles that are faced by almost everyone:

  • Self-Doubt
  • Procrastination
  • Comparisons/Overthinking
  • Self-Sabotaging
  • Sticking to Comfort Zone
  • Poor Time Management
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Social Media Addictions
  • Depression
  • Laziness
Redefining Success

What Actually Success Means?

Success means the combination of a happy, healthy, wealthy and peaceful lifestyle.

If you are able to help yourself and the people around you then it’s called success.

If someone is happy because of you then it’s called success.

If there is someone who cares about you, who supports you, who stands behind you when you need them then you are said to be successful.

10 Tips To Achieve Success In Life

1: Expect Less

The only reason for your sadness is because of your expectations in your life.

Expectations are good when you expect from yourself but when you expect from others then sadness arrives.

Everyone has their own priorities and it’s not necessary that you are the only priority to someone. This is why what is expected is different from what you receive.

Expectations kill your confidence and only when you expect less you’ll live a peaceful life.

2: Depend on No One

Everyone is selfish about their own lives and you don’t know when your friend becomes your enemy.

The moment you need someone the most, that’s the moment they are not available to you.

You may help others a number of times but when you need help, no one is ready to help you.

At least there’s no one who listens to you.

Depending on others is of no use when no one is able to help you.

Learn to depend on yourself and that’s how you become fearless and confident and you grow in life.

3: Pick One Goal

Every one of us has one main goal in our life. Pick that one goal do your research and make plans accordingly to achieve it.

You may find it difficult to identify that one single goal but when you try a lot of things, you’ll come to know what your strength is.

Moving with laser focus in one direction will help in reach your destination in no time.

4: Master and Earn

Even though you only have one skill with you, master it such that no one can beat you in that skill and soon you’ll become a monopoly.

Money is not everything but it’s something that helps us in living our livelihood and helping others.

Everyone needs money and most importantly almost everything is run by money.

Simply, master one skill and earn money for your day-to-day expenses.

5: Get Your Basic Necessities Ready

A common person needs shelter, clothes, food, clean drinking water, money, good neighbours and respect from society.

Since you’re a common person these these necessities will make you feel successful.

Indeed, success is the measure of happiness. The happier you are in your life, the more successful you become.

Redefining Success

6: Be Kind With People

Kindness gives hope to the people that you can’t see. It’s like offering water to a person in a desert.

You need to spend a penny to express kindness. Just give a smile, respect and a sense of hope when people approach you.

Like this, you’ll be liked by everyone and most importantly you’ll live a satisfied life.

7: Be Yourself

Just by following the habits, routines and lifestyles of other celebrities, you won’t become one.

You need to be unique, inspire and make your own identity.

Never act like other people because you’re good at what you’re doing.

8: Help Others

If some needy asks something, nowadays people are ignoring that and scolding those needy people.

You may say that no one will help you in hard times but you need to help those people who are needy because you’ll never know how your help comes back to you.

Just give a smile and if you’re capable of doing something for them then do it but if you can’t try to show a way to do it so.

Your suggestion sometimes can change someone’s life.

9: Work Hard

Without hard work, no one has ever succeeded in something big.

Behind every successful person, there’s a lot of hard work that you won’t see.

Work hard every day and work smart when it’s needed.

10: Enjoy Life

Happiness, Success and Enjoyment are not destinations in life. These are like partners in our journey without which we can’t live a peaceful and worthwhile life.

When you enjoy everything you do, you never experience stress, anxiety, and overthinking.

You have a limited period of time, rather than wasting it in overthinking, comparisons and jealousy it’s best to enjoy it.

You can’t control others lives but you have entire control over your life.


Success means happiness. Success demands discipline, hard work, determination and most importantly patience.

If you maintain consistency and momentum in your goals then you can achieve overnight success.

The key is simple but when you tend to take action you’ll experience the efforts, struggles, sacrifices and hardships.

If you are determined to cross those obstacles then the success will be yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real meaning of success?

Success means happiness.

What is a successful life?

A successful life includes the combination of a happy, healthy, wealthy and peaceful lifestyle.

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