How to be Disciplined In Your Goals?
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Discipline is what is needed to make things happen in the real world. Discipline makes you consistent and makes you achieve your goals. Then why we can’t able to maintain discipline in our goals and habits? To know about this question let’s understand what’s discipline means and how to be disciplined in our habits as well as goals.

What is Discipline?

Pushing ourselves more than our limits and capabilities to do something willingly or sometimes unwillingly is called Discipline. Pushing yourself even further after being tired after an extreme study session the night before the exam to complete the syllabus and pass the exam needs the discipline to make you sit at the table and work and complete the task you aimed for.

7- Step Formula To Trick Yourself Into Be Disciplined In Our Work

Let’s understand what’s discipline means and how to be disciplined in our habits as well as goals through 7-Step Formula.

Step:1 Think of Results

Before you start doing your work, just think about the results that you get after successfully completing the work. Like this, you’ll be motivated to achieve that by doing your work without distractions. This gives you an initial boost to get to do your job and complete it in no time.

To be short: Think of your achievements to trick your brain into working more than you think.

Step: 2 Know Your Why?

You should be aware of what you’re doing and why you’re doing and where you’ll reach by doing so. If you’re crystal clear about these questions then you’ll be able to find a clear path to walk into. Or else you’ll never reach your destination or it may take longer to reach so.

To be short: Know your passion, to be motivated enough to achieve your goals.

Step:3 Start Small

Big goals can’t be achieved overnight, they are achieved through consistent practice of over years. If you think about your goals then when will you act on them to make them real? So start small and slowly increase your levels of hard work and you’ll see the power of consistency overnight.

To be short: Start Small, Set Small Goals, and Achieve Them. Repeat

Step: 4 Get Going

You’ll find difficulties raising in your work after you have started working on it. But those challenges will make you move forward in your life. You should move towards your goal and work towards your goal even though it seems you’re failing. Because success hides behind the failures and only if you fail sometimes you’ll be able to find your desired success.

To be short: Get Going even though it seems hard.

Step: 5 Get Serious

It’s time to become serious about your goal once you trained yourself enough as a beginner. Now you need to put in more hard work to reach your goals. This is the time when you’ll know how much you are disciplined on your goals. Your discipline is extremely tested in your hardships and in difficulties.

To be short: Get Serious about your goals and be disciplined.

Step: 6 Train Yourself

Train yourself to work consistently by taking constant breaks in between and being disciplined in your work. To make discipline a habit you need to practice it every day consistently. Do meditation and exercise to make your day stress relief and be disciplined in your goals. Training teaches how to be disciplined in your goals even more.

To be short: Practice makes you disciplined.

Step: 7 Reward Yourself

We are not robots to do work every day without taking any breaks in between. We are humans and with the satisfaction of working hard, we need to treat and reward ourselves to continue the journey of life joyfully. Also, the reward makes you happy and motivated to achieve your goals faster. Reward yourself to be more disciplined in your goals.

To be short: Reward Yourself after your intense hard work with your favorite treat.


Discipline is what makes things happen in real life. Without it, we may not achieve our desired goals or it may take more time to achieve them so. It may take time to make discipline as your habit, but if it’s done then you’ll be consistent enough on your goals and you’ll achieve them in no time. By using this 7-Step Formula you can be able to be disciplined in your goals.

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