New Year Resolutions
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Every new year begins with a promise of sticking to new year resolutions the entire year but hardly lasts for 2 weeks.

Again the same routine, same habits, and same things repeat again.

Once you have entered a new year, your hope rises to build a dream life but we don’t work hard enough to build one.

But it won’t happen this new year again, this year will be your transformation year.

This year you’ll be sticking to your New Year resolutions because you’ll know how to make, stick, and achieve New Year resolutions.

21 Best New Year Resolutions To Change Your Life

1: Wake Up Early

Everyone’s first New Year resolution must be to wake up early in the morning. Your day should start with the morning sunrise.

If you win the morning then you can win the entire day.

2: Do Meditation

Meditation is for your mental well-being. When you’re strong mentally then no one can harm you with their emotions.

To eliminate overthinking, self-doubt, self-sabotage and comparisons daily practice of meditation is essential.

3: Workout Thrice A Week

To eliminate lethargy, tiredness, and weakness you need to start your workout routine as soon as possible.

Aim for fitness, not for bodybuilding.

4: Read 15 Minutes

Knowledge is Power. No matter how many podcasts, or video content will come online, there’s always a huge benefit of physical in-depth reading.

Reading just 15 minutes a day will give you the knowledge that a 3-hour movie series will never give you.

5: Eat Healthy

To stay healthy, fit, and muscular you need to eat a well-balanced diet containing sufficient nutrients for the growth and development of the body and mind.

Eat healthy for yourself and be healthy for your life and goals.

6: Sleep 7 Hours

A phone without charging is always dead. Same way without sleep our ability to work mentally and physically decreases.

A good sleep of 6-7 hours is essential for a healthy and active working day.

7: Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential part of our body. More requirement of water is needed for the body than that of food that we intake.

Consuming fluids, fruits, and salads will indirectly improve your overall health.

8: Pick a Goal

One goal at a time, And only in one direction. This is the mantra to achieve your goal faster and easier.

Put everything into one thing and see how that one thing will come to you.

9: Do Yoga

Not only elders, yoga is performed by everyone without any age criteria. Yoga is for developing your inner strength, flexibility, and capabilities.

Yoga not only improves your focus but also enhances your memory.

10: Track Your Goals

To know how far you’ve come for your goal and how far you need to go to achieve your goal, you need to track them.

Tracking goals gives you the motivation to maintain the momentum in your work.

New Year Resolutions
(Download and print this habit tracker to track your New Year resolutions)

11: Manage Your Money

Money can put you in trouble if you don’t know how to manage it. Your Savings, Spending, Investments, And other miscellaneous must be tracked in a journal.

If you can manage money then you can manage home.

12: Schedule Everything

The time that we spend thinking -“what to do next?”, is more than what we actually do.

Scheduling everything will make it easier to do every task one by one and helps to limit procrastination.

13: Maintain A Hygiene Routine

No matter how smart you are, you’ll be judged by your appearance. And we don’t need makeup to look beautiful.

We just need to focus on maintaining good hygiene to look clear, neat, well-dressed, and good.

14: Talk With Smile

Just a smile can make your conversation very special and positive. Authenticity is built when you keep a smile while you’re talking.

A smile can build the connections that normal words cannot build.

15: Become Serious

You need to become serious about your goals. Because if you don’t become serious now then you’ll regret later on your new year resolutions.

The weaker you are, the more you can become stronger.

16: Be Grateful

If you’re reading this, means you’re alive and healthy. You need to be grateful for your life.

Be grateful today and rest becomes all good.

17: Be Positive

You can’t avoid negativity but you can control it by spreading positivity. Being positive is also a trait of a leader.

What you think becomes real if you stay positive enough about what you think.

project better life

18: Avoid Procrastination

If procrastination is your problem then being disciplined is your solution. A focused study of 2 hours is enough than a shallow 6 hours study.

Break your work into chunks and reward yourself to limit procrastination.

19: Maintain a Journal

All New Year resolutions should be maintained and tracked in a personal journal. Anything you do, experience, or find interesting write those things in that journal.

Your journal reflects your whole New Year’s resolution performance.

20: Eliminate Bad Habits

Breaking a bad habit is way more difficult than building one. Breaking a bad habit takes time and obviously, you need patience to break it.

If you do not break bad habits today, you’ll be broken by those bad habits tomorrow.

project better life

21: Set Boundaries

Don’t let anyone control your emotions. Never allow anyone to cross your boundaries.

Maintain a small circle of quality people.

12 Life Lessons For Making New Year Worthwhile

1: Never Depend

Never, Ever depend on others for anything. The moment you need them the most, they are not available.

If you depend on yourself then you’ll become fearless, confident, and self-dependent.

2: Never Trust Others

If your heart is strong enough then you can trust everyone around you because you can withstand when they break that trust.

But when your heart is weak then trusting everyone is not good.

Life Lessons

3: Never Tell Everything

To get appreciation, we sometimes get more excited and tell everything that we know to others. This will not reflect immediately but one day hits hard and puts you in trouble.

There are some personal, professional, and privacy-related things that you need to manage accordingly.

4: Never Lend Money

You Lend money and in return, you’ll get problems. When they give back your money then it’s ok. But if they don’t return then the problem starts.

No other person should know how much you make or spend money, like that you need to use money.

5: Don’t Tell Your Goals

There are some goals that must be kept secret. The probability of your goals converting into reality decreases when you tell them to others.

Stay silent, calm and work on your goals, and let your success show your capabilities.

6: Be Silent

Silence creates a mysterious environment. No one knows how to defeat you if you’re silent. When you build something in silence then it sounds loud.

In silence, you have no opponent and you become undefeatable.

projefct better life

7: Work Hard

No matter how small your goal may be, it is achieved by putting in hard work. Without hard work, you’ll achieve nothing.

Trust in hard work and everything will come to you in no time.

8: Live Simple Life

When you have a New Year resolution of living a happy life then your entire life changes and becomes peaceful.

When you live a simple life you live a happy life.

project better life

9: Avoid Emotions

When you connect with emotions then you’ll become mentally unstable. Improve your emotional intelligence to avoid getting fooled by other’s emotions.

When you become emotionally strong then you’ll become mentally active.

10: Never Compare

You are unique. You are not determined by comparisons but by your abilities and hard work.

Don’t spend your time in comparisons, overthinking and self-doubt rather spend time setting goals, keeping deadlines, and achieving them.

New Year Resolutions

11: Always Be Confident

Believe in your abilities and always be confident in every moment you spend in your life. Walk with confidence, speak with confidence.

The power to achieve anything is within yourself. You just need to awaken it by being confident.

12: Be Yourself

Focus on yourself, Live a simple life, and be happy with what you are and where you are. Be yourself and be unique and you’ll live a very wonderful and worthwhile life. (Having this in your New Year resolutions will drastically change your life)

Life is easy but you make it hard.

project better life

5-Step Formula To Achieve New Year Resolutions

Step:1 Reflecting Past

You can’t change your past but you can learn a lot from your past, implement it in the present, and change your future.

Note down the things that you wished to do in your previous year and try to complete those things in this new year.

When you keep new year resolutions, you shouldn’t make the coming new year the same as the previous year, you need to be disciplined in your goals and willing to take action towards achieving your goals.

Make a blueprint of how you are going to implement habits and routines that will put you in the transformation form.

To stick to your New Year resolutions you need to have these five qualities:

  • Regret
  • Determination
  • Willingly To Work Hard
  • Discipline
  • Appreciate Yourself

Regret: You tried to stick to your New Year resolutions but many new years passed and you haven’t put anything to change your life. You will feel regret, pain, and suffering from not achieving anything in life. This will push you to work for your dream life.

Determination: Regret is not enough to achieve your New Year resolutions you need a burning desire and determination on your goals to achieve them and maintain consistency and momentum.

Willingly To Work Hard: Everyone will question your abilities to that extinction that makes you start self-doubting about your own abilities. Put your head down and work hard work so much such that your success gives the answer to them.

Discipline: Consistency is built by being disciplined in your goals. When you work more than an average human works actively then it’s called discipline. When you complete all tasks on your to-do list even though you feel tired doing it, then you’re disciplined.

Appreciate Yourself: You work hard, and you push to your higher limits and potential, therefore appreciating yourself and rewarding yourself is a better way to boost your motivation and continue the momentum.

New Year Resolutions

Step:2 Setting Smart Goals

Today we have one goal and tomorrow we have another. We constantly change our goals every day and at last we can’t able to achieve perfection on any of the one goal.

The same applies to your New Year resolutions, today you work on something then tomorrow you don’t touch it.

This is why you need to know how to choose your goals correctly, how to plan to work on them, how to stick to them, and finally achieve them.

Choose Your Goals Correctly
When you choose the wrong goals either you give up or change your goals frequently.

  • You need to choose goals in the order of level of difficulty.
  • Choose the goal which is easy to complete and which you love.
  • Choose the goal that helps you in the long term.
  • Have one primary goal and work at least one hour on that goal every day.
  • Once you choose a goal you need to work hard.

Plan Your Goals Effectively
Planning gives you an overlook of how to work on your goal to achieve it. When you plan you know what to do next without getting a thought of – “What to do next?”.

  • Block time and work on your important goals at this time.
  • Choose a calm environment
  • Make a To-Do List
  • Apply 5-Minute Rule
  • Keep a Deadline

Stick To Your Goals
To keep your New Year resolutions, you need to do it mindfully with full focus and concentration.

  • Divide into chunks and do work in intervals.
  • Track your goals and reward yourself accordingly
  • Do slow, small, and steadily
  • Near Give Up
  • Think about your dream life to bring back motivation and to make the flow continue.

Achieve Your Goals
By effectively choosing, planning, and sticking to your goals you can achieve your big goals.

  • Always Workout
  • Believe That You Can Achieve Anything
  • Always Embrace Change
  • Be Motivated
  • Have a Purpose
New Year Resolutions

Step:3 Maintaining Consistency

To keep your New Year resolutions up to the end of the year, you need to maintain consistency in your goals.

Maintaining consistency in your goals requires a lot of discipline, patience, and hard work.

These three steps will help you stay consistent in your New Year resolutions:

  • Imagine Your Future Self
  • Frighten Yourself
  • Take Breaks and Do In Chunks

Imagine Your Future Self
Keep more expectations about your future so that you can at least fulfill some of them. Be greedy and selfish about your goals.

Imagine your future self and get motivated to work to make your dream come true.

Frighten Yourself
When nothing works for you to be consistent in something then frighten yourself by imagining the negative things that may happen in the future when you don’t complete this work today.

By using the power of negative thinking that we have, we can stay consistent in our goals.

Take Breaks and Do in Chunks
To avoid burnout you need to do your work in small intervals which builds interest and momentum. Break the work into small chunks that make it easier for you to complete them.

New Year Resolutions

Step:4 Staying Motivated

Hope is the oxygen that makes you stay awake in your process of achieving goals.

Staying motivated means having hope and belief in your goal that makes you move forward in your goals.

These tips will help you stay motivated to stick to your New Year resolutions:

  • Surround yourself with people who have acquired knowledge and expertise in your field.
  • Avoid harmful and toxic people
  • Track Your Goals in a journal.
  • Find your inspiration and mentor who constantly inspires you.
  • Be Positive

Step:5 Appreciate Yourself

There is no one who’ll appreciate you in your process but you’ll be constantly questioned about your abilities. People say you’re incapable of achieving the goal that you desire to achieve.

With the people’s opinions, we question and doubt our abilities. And finally, we break our New Year resolutions.

When you know how to live without people’s opinions you’ll understand life in a better way.

These tips will help to make you appreciate yourself:

  • What you do. do it mindfully and by putting some interest.
  • Set boundaries and be private about your goals and life.
  • Celebrate Small Wins.
  • Believe in your Abilities.
  • Be always hungry for your goals
How To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions


To write New Year resolutions you need to know your purpose in life or else you just fill a paper of goals, not your dream life.

To set goals for a new year you need to figure out what you want in the next upcoming 15 years.

Your Aim, Vision Board, and Passion are what most matter in one’s life to achieve success.

To make, plan, stick and to achieve your New Year resolutions you need only three qualities:

A burning desire to achieve your passion, Disciplined Consistency, and Intense hard work.

These qualities will make you what you dreamed of in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 New Year’s resolutions?

Wake Up Early
Read 15 Minutes
Eat Healthy
Workout Thrice A Week
Track Your Goals

What can be a good New Year resolution?

Do Meditation
Manage Your Money
Maintain A Hygiene
Routine Talk With Smile
Be Positive
Maintain a Journal
Break Bad Habits

What is the New Year’s resolution in simple words?

It’s a promise that you make to yourself that you’ll transform the life that you dreamt of by keeping New Year resolutions.

What is a New Year’s resolution for students?

Wake Up Early
Sleep 7 Hours
Stay Hydrated
Do Yoga
Be Grateful
Avoid Procrastination

What are the 3 most common New Year’s resolutions?

Wake Up Early
Losing Weight/ Gaining Muscle
Quitting Bad Habits

How do I start 2023 right?

Make Goals
Plan Them
Stick Consistently
Achieve Them
(Your transformation should start a month before the new year so that you get used to new routines and also build momentum.)

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