Become More Assertive
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When you talk with people, they should listen to you, not argue with you.

It’s a way of expressing one’s feelings without disrespecting other people’s words.

Words impact more than actions. So what you speak shouldn’t come from your mouth, it should come from your brain.

If you want to become more assertive then you need to follow these 10 effective tips.

What Does It Mean To Be More Assertive?

Being able to communicate what’s there in your mind to others in such a way that the other person will listen to you and respect your words and also at the same time without disrespecting other’s opinions is said to be more assertive.

Being assertive is a type of soft skill that everyone should adopt.

It’s the skill to avoid arguments, pass clear statements, and build confidence.

What Do You Get By Being More Assertive?

The benefits of being more assertive at work are numerous and these are some:

  • Boosts Your Self-Confidence
  • You Understand Others Better
  • You’ll become a Leader
  • You have less stress
  • You get what you want
  • You create impact
  • You change people

10 Effective Ways To Become More Assertive

1: Practice Self-Talk

Before you talk to others, learn to talk to yourself. Try to convince yourself by using your own communication skills.

Record a 1-minute video of talking to yourself and watch it to find out what to change so that you sound good and natural.

By doing so you build confidence and also learn body language.

To become more assertive you need to practice self-talk very frequently.

2: Check Your Personality

Before people talk to you, they watch you. Your appearance matters and you’ll treated based on your appearance.

Not that materialistic appearance, but a clean, neat, and formal appearance.

The first impression is the best impression. These personality tips make others respect you:

  • Look Clean and Good
  • Keep a Smile
  • Correct Your Posture
  • A Firm Handshake
  • Start with Greetings

These small things will make huge impressions. So never ever forget to do these.

3: Start Slow and Make Them Win First

To become assertive and confident you need to start your conversation very slowly.

Understand what others are trying to say, their opinions, their point of view, and their way of expressing feelings.

Always make people win first, after that, you start convincing your point of view.

Become More Assertive

4: Make Pauses

There’ll be some situations where you get out of control and the conversation gets out of context.

To deal with these situations you need to pause for a minute, control your emotions and you should get back to the content.

Maintain your tone and never raise the frequency of your voice in these intense situations.

5: Believe in Yourself

To awaken the inner potential hidden beneath yourself, you need to believe in your words.

Every word you say should have an impact on society.

When you talk, people should believe in you, they should respect you and finally, they should be convinced with you.

All this happens when you believe in yourself. Just be confident in what you’re saying and everything becomes better.

6: Be Simple and Positive

Never try to oversmart your opponent. Make them imagine that they’re great.

Avoid complex talks and make your voice as simple as possible and as assertive as possible.

Read these sentences:

I agree with your point!

Yeah, I think, I agree with your point!

Which sentence seems more confident and natural. Obviously the first one.

Like this, you need to talk so that people feel you are natural and positive.

7: Understand Perspective

There are always two perspectives that we need to understand to become more assertive.

Become More Assertive

A person who is standing in front says this number is 9.

But the other person standing behind says it’s 6.

Both are correct but have different perspectives.

When you understand the point of view of another person standing beside you then you can take a stand and become more assertive.

Therefore, the conversation becomes more valuable.

8: Be Straight and Say No

It’s better to end the conversation by saying No rather than lagging it.

Being straight doesn’t mean to be rude. You can always end the conversation with a positive ending.

Sometimes you can’t convince others what you want even though you talk assertively because the person in front of you may be more assertive and confident than you. This is the time you should learn from them.

Assertiveness develops through learning, so never end your process of learning every day.

9: Take the Situation Under Control

An effective communicator has the capability to take situations under control and avoid conflicts and arguments if any and he makes sure conversation happens very smoothly.

Just a smile can make a positive and effective conversation.

Before ending make sure you thank them for taking out time to talk with you. Like this, the other people think that he has met a gentleman.

10: Practice. Practice.

No one has ever achieved Assertiveness without practicing. You learn how to be more assertive by surrounding yourself with the people who mastered that skill.

Practice with them, learn from them, and apply them every day.

This is how you become more assertive and this is the only way to develop your assertiveness.

Become More Assertive


It’s not about winning or losing a conversation. It’s more about how smart and sweet you talk to others.

Being more assertive is a soft skill but it’s developed only when you have effective communication skills.

The more you talk to people, the more you understand them and the more you become assertive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I act more assertive?

These tips will make you act more assertive:
Start small
Make them win first
Keep smile entire your conversation
Take Pauses
Understand Other Points of View

What is assertive behavior?

Telling what you want to others without disrespecting them is known to be assertive behavior. And it is a trait of an effective communicator.

Does assertive mean confident?

Confidence is nothing but telling something without any fear. Assertiveness means telling your point of view confidently to someone without disrespecting other people’s opinions.

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