How to Control Your Emotions
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Emotions play a major role to express how we feel about the situations we face. If you are unable to control your emotions then you may face some problems in your life and even though you try to become emotionless people won’t like you. And they start staring at you. You have to know how to be expressive with your emotions and expressions to look more attractive.

Why do Emotions Matter?

At the right time, if you put the wrong emotions, and at the wrong time, if you put the right emotions then you’ll lose your charm and it portrays that you’re not good at emotional intelligence.

You should know how to control your emotions and you must know at what time you should have what type of particular emotion.

Expressing emotions helps you to grow in your life, makes you attractive, and smart, and maintains stability in your life.

Why Do You Need To Control Your Emotions?

If you can’t control your emotions then you may fall into huge problems.

For example: If you fail to control your anger you may take wrong decisions and you may get into trouble. So it’s necessary to control your anger.

And if you fail to understand emotions in others, you any get cheated by others by using their emotions. Nowadays people became smart and they’re using their emotions to fool you, and if you do not understand their emotions, you may get fooled.

Don’t blindly trust others’ emotions without any further investigation.

So now you know how much emotions are important in one’s life and if you master your emotional intelligence then you’ll understand people better.

You need to get control over these emotions (Sad, Joy, Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Shame, Shyness, and Guilt) to master emotional intelligence.

10 Tips To Control Your Emotions

1: Practice Mindfulness

To control your emotions you need to know how to control your brain. Practicing mindfulness makes your brain calm and makes you alert.

2: Understand Well

If you don’t understand what others said then obviously you will be unable to express your emotions towards them. Listen carefully to what they said and understand them and then you’ll achieve mastery in emotional intelligence.

3: Repeat The Last Word

Sometimes you don’t understand what others said and to continue your conversation and not stop in between you need to repeat the last word which was said by the other person. Through this, you’ll be able to communicate effectively.

4: Little Smile

Moreover in 99.9% of cases if you put a little smile on your face you’ll look attractive and have a positive vibe. So put a little smile on your face to make yourself stand out and be likable in the crowd.

5: Meditation/Yoga

For a calm and peaceful mind, meditation is very crucial. Just spending 10 minutes and improving your brain gives you huge benefits in the long run.

How to Control Your Emotions

6: Use Hand Gestures

If you use your hand guesses to communicate with others, this makes others believe in you even more. This proves that you are confident about what you are saying and that you believe what you said.

7: Use Silence

Sometimes being silent is best rather than being talkative. Use the power of silence to make yourself a mystery to others.

8: Be Authentic

Sometimes being real is best rather than showing fake emotions to others. Be real and be authentic so that the people who like your authenticity will like you and others will leave you. It’s better to maintain an authentic friends circle rather than a fake friend circle

9: Don’t OverDo Or Act

Don’t overdo your emotions. Keep your emotions concise, and with appropriate quantity in your conversations. Don’t act or overdo them, keep your emotions real and concise.

10: Observe Others

Observe others on how they are dealing with their emotions and how they are expressing their expressions towards different situations and take feedback if required and if possible.

10 Strategies For Emotional Intelligence

  • Improve Your Listening
  • Be Genuine
  • Never Shy Out
  • Communicate Clearly
  • Get Some Feedback
  • Understand Yourself
  • Manage Your Emotions
  • Be Positive
  • Network More
  • Be Motivated


Before you get fooled by others by their emotional intelligence it’s better to train yourself to control your emotions and improve your emotional intelligence. Correct Emotions when expressed at the right time, always make you a likable and attractive person. Lastly, follow these steps to improve your emotional intelligence.

How do you control your emotions?

1: Improve Your Listening
2: Be Genuine
3: Never Shy Out
4: Communicate Clearly
5: Get Some Feedback
6: Understand Yourself
7: Manage Your Emotions
8: Be Positive
9: Network More
10: Be Motivated

What does it mean to control your emotions?

To give the correct, concise, and particular type of emotion in different situations of required quantity not by overdoing it or acting.

Why is it important to control your emotions?

At the right time, if you put the wrong emotions, and at the wrong time, if you put the right emotions then you’ll lose your charm and it portrays that you’re not good at emotional intelligence. So to stand out and you grow in networking you need to know how to control your emotions.

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