Law of Attraction: What It Is and how does It Work
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What is the Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction is a simple philosophy, which states that if you attract positive thoughts you’ll tend to attract positive results in your life and if you attract and think negative thoughts you’ll tend to attract negative results. Basically, how you think, determines how your results will be. Let’s know how to make your dreams come true through the law of attraction.

Many people believe that the law of attraction really works for them but on the other hand, they’re someone who never believed this philosophy.

Let’s know in detail about the law of attraction and how does it works and let’s understand if this philosophy really works or not.

How the Law of Attraction Works

Our brain is a complex organ that controls the entire mechanism of our body and it is responsible for all actions and activities which we perform in our life.

Even today, Neuroscientists don’t know how information is processed and how thoughts are generated. As you know, the brain has unlimited storage, even though we forget things really quickly. There are many truths about the brain which are still undiscovered.

Thoughts are the primary source of energy that is attracted and manifested. A normal person gets 6200 thoughts a day. More than half of them are common and mostly unwanted. Only a few thoughts can become a game changer in your life.

Before you start using the law of attraction in your life, you need to control your mind and moreover, you need to know how to control your thoughts.

By just correcting your breathing and getting control on your thoughts you can see extraordinary results in your life.

7-Step Formula To Use The Law of Attraction In Your Life

Raising a thought, Visualising It, and Making it come true is a simple example of the Law of Attraction. Let’s understand how to use the law of attraction in simple 7-Step Formula:

Step:1 Raise a Thought

Before you attract something, you need to think of one goal in your mind. The thoughts shouldn’t be something impossible ( i.e. I want 10 Million Rupees, I want to own a company, etc) The thought should be reasonable and capable of achieving by you.

Step:2 Visualise Them

After you raise a thought in your mind, Visualise how you gonna achieve it. Believe that you are going to achieve it somehow and be positive about that. Deeply Visualise your thoughts.

Step:3 Attract Them

To attract your thought, you need to set constant unusual reminders to remind yourself about that thoughts and visualize them. Every day think of your goal by doing the required hard work to achieve that goal.

Step:4 Think of archiving Them

In order to make thoughts come true, you need to be patient enough. It takes time and effort for your brain. Think that you’re close to achieving that thought. Then your brain will start showing results in your life. If your goal is big then it may take even years but be patient and visualize your thoughts.

Step:5 Think That You’ve achieved Them

Think that you’ve achieved your goal, then after a lot of visualization, your brain starts to show a way to make thought come true in reality. The frequency with which you’ve started your thought, the same frequency should be maintained until you get desired results.

Step:6 Repeat Your Thought

Repeat your thought positively through gratitude, affirmations, and positive thinking every day. This is the time when you’ll notice your paradigm shift. (a crucial change in your thought process to accomplish desired results)

Step:7 Raise Your Frequency of Thought

The probability of making the thought true also depends on how much frequency you’re repeating your thought and how much harder you want to achieve it (A burning desire).

This is the simple 7-Step formula to use the law of attraction in your life. You can make your dreams come true by following the law of attraction.

Best Practices To Make Law of Attraction More Effective

These practices will boost your thinking abilities and helps in a paradigm shift:

  • Gratitude
  • Affirmations
  • Positive Thinking
  • Journaling
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Seeing Positive In Others
  • Positive Mindset
  • Commitment
  • Hard work

Where We Can Use the Law of Attraction

In almost everything we can use the law of attraction to attract positive results in our life:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Well-Being
  • Wishes
  • Goals

Does the Law of Attraction Really Works

According to my research and personal experience, I can say that the Law of Attraction really works. (Not all time, but sometimes) Our actions determine how the results will be. If we succeed in using the Law of Attraction, some extraordinary results will come in our life.

Many people don’t believe this philosophy because they prioritize their actions over their thoughts.

But at some point, our thoughts make us do actions; and the harder we think about them; the harder we desire them;  the harder we act on them in order to achieve them.

The primary source of achieving anything in life arises from a thought. So the Law of Attraction really works.

So, you can make your dreams come true with the help of the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction Works only If You’re Avoiding These 5 Mistakes:

1: Not doing Hard work

Only thinking about your goals and visualizing them doesn’t give you the desired results, you must put in the hard work which is required to achieve your thought(goal). The harder your actions are the sweeter your victory will be.

To be short: Do the hard work needed for your goal. (thought)

2: Thinking Negative

The Law of Attraction is about thinking positively about your goals and visualizing them. If you start thinking negatively then the matter of the law of attraction doesn’t get in the way, since you’ve not followed the rules and steps of the law of attraction. If you’re unwilling to think positively then it’ll not be going to work for you.

To be short: Think positive about your goals.

3: Unusual and Impossible Goals

Sometimes our thoughts don’t match our capabilities. We tend to think of something which is impossible to achieve or it is behind our capability. In that case, it doesn’t work or it may take huge time if you really follow the Law of Attraction.

To be short: Think and Set Goals according to your capabilities.

4: No Patience

Everyone wants early results. No one wants to wait to achieve their goals. But patience is a must if you’re using the Law of Attraction. Things will take time to attract and it takes time to change the vibration of thought to achieve desired results.

To be short: Be Patience in attracting your thought.

5: Changing thoughts frequently

If you change your thoughts frequently and change direction at every moment then the law doesn’t work for you. If you frequently change your thought your paradigm will never shift and the vibration of the thought also remains constant.

To be short: Stick to the single goal until you attract it.

If you’re following the Law of Attraction by eliminating these mistakes, surely you’ll succeed in attracting and manifesting your thought (goal). By eliminating your mistakes you can make your dreams come true with the help of the law of attraction.

The Bottom Line

The Law of Attraction isn’t something new, it was known since the 19th century but we aren’t aware of that. Due to the huge success of “The Secret” book, the Law of Attraction came to attention.

Law is Attraction is very simple; Raising a Thought, visualizing It, and changing the vibration of thought (paradigm shift) makes the thought come true through enough hard work.

Everyone can use the Law of Attraction and make their thoughts come true.

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