9 Steps To Be More Optimistic About Your Life
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Being calm and happy in difficult situations is not a simple task. But unfortunately, this is the secret of happiness and being more optimistic about your life.

Being positive even though situations around you are forcing you to be negative is the real challenge that you face in real life.

And if you succeed in staying and thinking positively then you will be known as an optimist.

But it’s not as easy as saying being optimistic in a difficult situation requires a lot of practice and patience to be optimistic.


I used to always think negatively in my life and I used to belittle and scold myself for the kind of life that I am living at that time. This type of behavior continued not for 2-3 days but it continues for about 2 years and 7 months until I realized the hard, undigestable truth in my life.

That day changed my whole life. I was scrolling through YouTube and I found a video that changed my whole life.

In this video, I got to know that ever the things happening in your life are only happening because you’re making to happen them.


That means what you think and believe becomes real most of the time. I was always negative about my life. So I received negativity all the time. And the moment I changed my thinking to positive, things started changing.

I started thinking positively even though I was depressed and hopeless. I thought that thinking negatively will not make any difference so what about thinking positively?

So I continued thinking optimistically even though situations around me are difficult. After a few days, my whole life changed.

Positive things started happening in my life and most of the negative things were eliminated from my life.

Don’t think this has a joke. The one who suffers knows the pain of it. And the one experiences the benefits of it, then only recommends it to others.

Positive thinking will change the frequency of your thoughts and attract positivity into your life and make you more optimistic about your life.

Now you’re going to learn 9 tips that help you be more optimistic about your life.

1: Stop Comparing

If you compare other’s life with yours then you are not leaving your life, you are living the imaginary life of others.

You will know more about yourself when you start living your life of yours without comparisons and overthinking what may happen in the future.

This is the top most habit that you need to eliminate from your life to start being more optimistic about your life. Stop Comparing, Stop Stressing Your Brain.

2: Be Yourself

You should live life with your own rules and the best thing you can do is to change your attitude positively to attract positivity in your life.

You should not be defined by what others say but you should be defined by what you do in your life.

3: Be Grateful

Be grateful for what you are today, and for the better things which are happening in your life and the things that’ll happen in your life.

If you live in positivity and express gratitude tells that you’re really striving for positivity in life.

4: Maintain Journal

Just thinking positively is not enough to attract positivity into your life. You may forget what you read but what you write you won’t forget for a long time easily. This is the power of writing, so you can use this power of writing by writing positive affirmations in a journal.

Think of your goal using the 369 Technique where you think(positively) your goal as follows:

  • 3 times in the morning
  • 6 times in the midday
  • 9 times before bed

5: Forget Past

If you live in past you can’t experience the present and you cannot make your future bright. And most importantly you’ll waste your time and energy thinking about the past.

6: Live In The Present

On an average day, we receive about 6,200 thoughts. And more than 60% of our thoughts will be generated from the past, if you go on thinking about your past then you can’t change your present and eventually, you can’t change your future. So in order to change your future for the better self you need to utilize the present which is in your hands right now.

7: Expect Less

The less expectations you keep yourself the more you will be happier and healthier because when you keep more expectations and you can’t reach them then you will feel depressed and sad and demotivated.

And I am not saying to work less but to work hard and not think about the results. Just be relaxed and have the trust that your hard work pays off.

8: Control Over Emotions

Have you ever experienced people getting depressed in their relationships due to not having control over their emotions?

Either you should have control over your emotions or you should be emotionless.

9: Never Trust

Trusting someone shouldn’t be like believing blindly in them. It should be like just a bond and even though the bond is broken there should be no change in your emotions. Like this, the trust should be.

In simple terms, never trust fully on anyone blindly.


Just think of one thing simply, when you can your life by just thinking positively and believing in yourself. And also you know that there’s nothing you’ll get by thinking negatively. So, try to be more optimistic about your life.

So I think you understand what I am saying and if you implement positivity in your life then your life will change from nothing to everything and you’ll be more optimistic about your life.

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