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As soon as the alarm rings in the morning we feel very lethargic to wake up. We feel tired and unenergetic and our eyes become red. Like this, we start our day and our entire day goes with Laziness and tiredness and we’re unable to stay energetic.

To feel energetic we need to follow some practical tips that’ll help in overcoming laziness and give us full of energy to stay active and energetic throughout the day.

What Causes Low Energy Levels?

Most importantly there are three things that will cause low energy levels:

  • Lifestyle
  • Eating Food
  • Environment

What you do for a living also matters. When you’re involved in physical work you need more energy and you should consume more nutrients.

When there is less physical work involved, then less energy and more physical exercise are required.

Eating Food
What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat, how often you eat, how much quantity and quality of food you eat also matters.

When you eat right at the correct time then everything goes right.

But when you eat the wrong foods at the wrong time, everything from digestion to absorption takes time and sometimes it can affect the gut health.

This video will help you in making the right eating habits. (It’s very important because you are what you eat)

When you live in a place where everyone around you eats right and healthily, after some time you also develop the same eating habits.

It’s impossible to find that environment because everywhere we find people eating junk food and midnight biryanis.

But we have a choice of going to a nearby Ashram and participate in volunteering.

Through this, we can learn about the essence of eating the right food, and also at the same time we can live with nature.

12 Practical Tips To Stay Energetic All The Time

1: Sleep

No one can ever stay energetic without sleep. Without charging even a phone becomes dead. Sleep is like charging our mind, body, and soul where our physical and mental growth occurs.

We need to take care of our sleep. By doing these three things we can have a quality of sleep.

  • Early Sleeping
  • Fixed Sleep Schedule
  • No Screens

Early Sleeping
To get up early we need to sleep early. The more early you sleep, the less you feel lethargic and tired and you can wake up without any alarm.

Fixed Sleep Schedule
Sleep at 9 PM and Wake up at 5 AM. This is the ideal time for a quality and deep sleep. Late-night sleep must be avoided because the more late you sleep the more lethargic you feel.

No Screens
Try to avoid electronic screens before you sleep because they delay the sleep hormone.

Good and quality sleep is required for a productive and energetic life.

project better life

2: Get Some Sunlight

Vitamin D is crucial for your bones and health. It improves your strength, immunity, and mood.

We feel active and energetic and it improves mental health.

So get some sunlight in the morning to improve your overall health.

3: Drink Water

Half of the problems will be eliminated from our bodies, if we just drink clean lukewarm water every day.

If you find it hard to drink 3-4 litres then consume fruits or vegetables in the form of fluids.

Water not only eliminates our thirst but also enhances gut health.

4: Eat 6 Meals

To stay energetic the whole day, you need to need 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) but if you eat less and feel low in energy eating 6 meals a day is recommended.

The diet should not include junk food but well-balanced food.

5: Exercise

You work all day just by sitting in a chair then how do you stay energetic?

Moving your body, Running, Workout is a must to make your body fit and avoid obesity.

An intense workout of just 10 minutes is enough a day to keep your body in shape.

Stay Energetic

6: Avoid Screens

If you stick to your mobile screens then you won’t feel sleepy because your body doesn’t release Melatonin (Sleep Hormone) due to the absence of darkness.

This will decrease your quality of sleep and cause tiredness.

Just avoid mobile screens for about 2 hours before you sleep and 2 hours after you wake up.

7: Cold Showers

As soon as cold water touches your body, you become alert, circulation of blood increases, you awake, and all tiredness is avoided.

If you find it hard to take cold showers then follow this method:

30 Second Rule
Shower with cold water for 30 seconds and then you can turn to lukewarm water and just before you finish your bath take again 30 seconds of cold shower bath.

8: Take High-Calorie Foods

Many of us eat the same quantity of food that we eat in 5th standards. This is why the energy we get is small and we are unable to stay energetic.

High-calorie foods are those that provide calories with less eating.

Example: Oats, Nuts, Almond, Kaju, Chia Seeds, Salmon, Meat, Egg, etc are some of the High-Calorie Foods

9: Get a Health Checkup

Sometimes there isn’t any fault from you. Getting a health checkup once a month is recommended so that we won’t get ill.

Preventing something before it becomes worse is best.

Go now and get your health checkup done today.

10: Take Power naps

Due to traveling, workload, and stressful conditions, we may get tired and feel unenergetic.

Rather than taking supplements or medicine for your problem, you can take a deep power nap.

Soon after a power nap you no longer feel anxiety and laziness. And you work more productively than ever.

11: Live In Nature

Every problem has a solution and that solution can be found only when you spend time in nature.

Stress is the main reason for us to not be able to stay energetic.

Live in nature to stay connected to it because, for every question you have, nature has the answer for you.

Just live in nature to experience immense willpower.

12: Avoid Smoking/Alcohol

The simple way to destroy your entire life is to smoke a cigarette a day and drink a peg a day.

And the only way to save your life is to quit smoking and drinking.

Like this, you not only save your life but also save the lives of others too.

Drinking Alcohol/Smoking will directly affect your immune system and will eventually make you lazy.

To stay energetic you need to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Bonus (Healthy-Energetic Oat Meal Recipe)


  • Take a Bowl
  • Add some Lukewarm Milk (as per your requirement)
  • Add some rolled oats (as per your requirement)
  • Add two tablespoons of honey
  • Add two dates
  • Add Dry fruits like Cashew, Kiss Miss, and Almonds
  • Add one tablespoon of Date Syrup
  • Add half a spoonful of chia seeds
  • Mix well and refrigerate for about 10 minutes
  • Your high-calorie oatmeal is ready to be served.

Tip: Eat this oatmeal in the morning times and if you find it hard to eat, you can make a smoothie and drink it. But eating is more preferred.


To Stay energetic while studying, working out, and doing other activities requires energy and stamina. This is gained by food.

If you eat right, sleep well, and involve yourself in physical activity, you’ll always stay energetic throughout the day.

If you do everything but you can’t able to feel that energy then you need to implement these 12 tips in the next 3 months.

After that, you won’t feel lethargic and always stay energetic all day.

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