These 9 Tips Will Make You Manage Your Time Effectively
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Time runs away and waits for none. So managing becomes crucial to stay productive and most importantly not wasting unnecessarily. The more you be complicated with time management, the more it’ll become. So follow simple tips but follow them effectively and you’ll achieve mastery in time management and you can manage your time effectively.

These 9 Tips to manage your time are simple and easy to implement and the benefits are enormous.

1: Know The Worth Of Your Time

If you just waste 15 minutes of time every day unknowingly and unnecessarily.

You would waste:

  • 7.5 hours in a month.
  • 92 hours in a year.
  • 1,095 hours in 10 years

This is called the Compounding Effect. If you utilize that 15 minutes then you would master any skill and can make a living too. I just took an example of 15 minutes but nowadays we’re wasting hours of time every day. Then just think how much time you would waste doing nothing. So, know the worth of your time and take advantage of it and manage your time effectively.

2: Know Where You Are Wasting

Now you know the worth of your time, figure out where most of the time is going to waste and write them on a piece of paper. Now strike off the things that are unnecessary.

It may take time to figure out what’s necessary and what’s not but think for a long and make the right decisions.

Because sometimes playing a video game seems time-wasting but for a person who is going to pursue game development then playing that game is not a waste of time. It helps in understanding the design and movements in the game which helps in becoming a better game developer.

3: Know Where To Invest Your Time

After taking your own time you understood what’s more important to you and you all know the worth of your time.

Then why wait?

Invest your time in what’s most important to you and at the same time fulfill the worth of your time.

Remember to spend most of your time on the important things rather than urgent things because you will be benefited from the important things in the future.

4: Schedule Earlier

If you are going to picnic tomorrow, are you going to pack your bag tomorrow morning or the day before the night?

Absolutely you’ll pack the day before you go to picnic…

In the same way, you need to schedule things before you start your day. Because you will have an idea of what to do, soon after you wake up early in the morning. Or else you will get confused about what to do first.

5: Set Goals

Without setting goals you can’t achieve anything. First, you need to set goals in order to reach your passion.

You should set smart, measurable, achievable, and time-bounded goals in order to finish them in no time.

Setting goals becomes very crucial because it’s the primary step to fulfilling your passion.

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6: Set Deadlines

If you give 1 hour time to clean your house it takes 1 hour and if you give 15 minutes it takes 15 minutes.

This is why setting deadlines is very important to complete the task before the deadline or else we lag those tasks and take more time than is needed.

Set targets and deadlines so that you will be alert and focused to complete that task before the deadline.

7: Add Entertainment

If you leave 10 hours for sleeping and other activities, you will be left with 14 hours and if you work 14 hours every day one day you will get burned out and you will quit doing it.

To avoid it you need to add entertainment to your schedule to make your mind balance mentally. Take a reward for the successful completion of your task and encourage yourself to be motivated for the next tasks.

Taking breaks in between and constantly regarding yourself is the best way to trick your mind for a long period of time.

8: Block Time

Blocking your time for a particular work is the best way to boost self-discipline levels and also to be productive in your work.

Choose a skill as your hustle in which your interest lies and block your time for this hustle in your schedule. After a few months you’ll be performing well in your side hustle and you may make a living after a year too.

So block your time for some particular work so that any other work doesn’t disturb you while you are working on your side hustle.

(Important: While you work on one particular thing you should not think about other works until you finish your current work. This is also what is called “Laser Focus” .)

9: Track Progress

If you are working hard enough and you are not tracking what you are doing then you will not know how you’re performing and how far you came in your life from nothing to something. Tracking becomes crucial to know how you are doing in your life.

Just maintain a journal and write about your life goals and what you’re achieving every day and month. Through this, you’ll know where you’re in your life and where you should go in your life to reach your desired goal. These tips will help you manage your time effectively.


Time is precious. These tips will help you manage your time effectively. And how you use it entirely depends on you. Whether you waste it or utilize it, it’s in your hand. But what is really meant to you is your goals and life ambitions. So that you won’t regret later in your life of wasting a lot of time doing nothing, it’s better to utilize the time doing something that will make you progress in your life and move forward in your life.

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