How To Get Better At Problem-Solving?
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No matter how many problems come into your life, when you know how to solve them then you’ll be ahead of many people. For that, we need to get better at problem-solving.

Not only that, it creates new opportunities and opens several doors to success. And one thing, no matter how much you try to avoid problems, the more problems you’ll need to face them. Rather than avoiding them, try to face them and challenge them, eventually, you’ll be able to solve them and move forward.

I am not going to extend it more and waste your time. Let’s get into the 7-step method to get better at problem-solving:

1: Identify the Problem

To solve a problem, we need to know what’s the problem actually is. Identifying it becomes crucial because if you aren’t able to find what the problem exactly is, then you’ll not be able to find the solution to the problem. And eventually, you’ll not be able to get better at problem-solving. Remember that this is the first and most crucial step to getting better at problem-solving.

Be honest in being transparent to yourself because it’s for your well-being.

(To your better understanding I am going to take a problem and solve it by this 7-step method. The problem is “Phone Addiction”.)

Solution: In the first step I am going to identify what the problem is. So my problem is “Phone Addiction“. But the phone is not my problem, my mindset towards it is my problem.

2: Identify the Root Cause

Every problem has a root cause. If you succeed in identifying the root cause then your problem will be solved in no time. Go into the past and think about what made the problem arise. You’ll get some causes. Identify the right root cause because of which your problem arised.

Solution: In this step, I am going to identify the root cause of the problem. My root cause is Playing Games made me phone addicted.

3: Visualise the Consequences

Identifying the problem and the root cause is not sufficient to solve the problem we need to have a strong desire to solve the problem.

To develop that strong desire we need to think about the consequences if we continue the problem rather than solving it.

The fear that we get from visualizing the consequences will help in building the desire to solve that problem.

Solution: In this step, I will Visualise the consequences if I continue my phone addiction.

  • Loss of Focus
  • Decrease in Attention Span
  • Waste of Time
  • Depression
  • Stress

After thinking of these consequences, the fear that developed in me pushed me to solve the problem.

How to get better at problem solving

4: Write it Down

Sometimes we get confused about our problems so to avoid that we need to write them down on paper.

Say you have 10 to 12 problems write them down line by line and focus on the one problem that will make an impact to remove most of the other problems.

There will be one major problem that will give rise to remaining other problems if you succeed in finding that major problem then solving it most of the problems would be erased.

Solution: In this step, I will write the problems and the root cause of them line by line.

5: Think about the Solution

We have multiple solutions to solve a problem, so we need to choose the most which is suitable to solve the problem easily and will not raise the problem in the future.

After writing the problem and its root causes now write the multiple solutions in which the problem can be solved.

Solution: In this step, I will write the multiple solutions to solve my problem which is phone addiction.

6: Implement the Solution

After writing multiple solutions think about the solution which is most suitable to solve it.

Implement the solution in your life.

What if the solution doesn’t work?

No worries!

Choose other solutions which you have written on your paper and implement them again.

Solution: I implement the solutions and try to solve the problem.

7: Be Patience

We don’t know what problems we face in the future and we don’t know the single correct solution to solve them because we are humans and by using trial and error we should solve our problems with our solutions.

Patience is required in almost everything. The game lies in waiting. The more we have patience, the more we wait, and the more we get the way to get out of it, find clarity in life, and face any situation without any confusion.

These 7 Steps help you to make better at problem-solving.


Implement these 7-step methods to get better at problem-solving:

  • Identify the Problem
  • Identify the Root Cause
  • Visualize the Consequences
  • Write it Down
  • Think about the Solution
  • Implement the Solution
  • Be Patience


To get better at problem-solving we need to constantly solve the problems in our life. The more you solve the problems of yourself and others, you will go on to improve your problem-solving skills. It’s not the skill that comes overnight, it’s the skill that comes from questioning and solving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I improve my problem-solving skills?

Identify the Problem
Identify the Root Cause
Visualize the Consequences
Write it Down
Think about the Solution
Implement the Solution

What are the 3 skills to solve problems effectively?

1: Thinking and Analysing
2: Decision Making
3: Fearless

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