The Art of Taking Better And Smarter Decisions
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A normal person usually gets 6 thousand thoughts a day. Most of the thoughts are useless. And most of the time we spend taking decisions based on those thoughts whether they are correct or not. Like this, we waste a lot of time taking decisions on useless thoughts. And even though we find it hard to make correct and smarter decisions in day-to-day life activities.

It all starts in our mind, the thoughts are the primary source from which smarter decisions are made. So it’s important to filter the mind to avoid useless thoughts. And next, we have to automate the smart decision-making process and lastly, we need to follow a 3-step method to know whether the decision we take is correct or not.

So without any late, let’s understand them briefly and know the 3-step method to take smarter decisions.

The thoughts we receive on daily basis are enormous and we need to filter out them to avoid unnecessary thoughts. It’s not easy as saying, we can’t stop thinking and thoughts won’t stop arriving.

The moment we decide to stop thinking, that’s the time when you got more thoughts than we were getting before.

So, we can’t stop but we need to avoid it somehow.

So how to avoid unnecessary thoughts and also if they arrive how to avoid them?

(Let’s Know)

Here are the 5 things you should do, to filter out your brain from unnecessary thoughts…

1: Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation makes you calm and by focusing only on your breathing you can improve your focus and attention span and can eliminate most of the thoughts if you do it regularly and helps in taking smarter decisions

2: Stop Multitasking

We’re humans and we’re good at multitasking as it’s split out focus on many different things.

In multitasking, you’ll get thoughts of two different things (which you’re working on) at the same time and you may or may not be able to take accurate decisions on both of the tasks.

So focus on one single thing. So you won’t be confused with the different types of thoughts.

3: Stop Overthinking/Comparing

If you spend time overthinking about others then you’ll obviously waste your time raising unwanted and unnecessary thoughts and helps in taking smarter decisions.

Overthinking and Comparisons give nothing. Your hard work and dedication do.

4: Write Down Your Thoughts

Even though we get many thoughts, something it’s false to say that all those are unnecessary. There’ll be some life-changing thoughts behind them and if you feel like that remember to write them down in a book so that you can later on think about that thought deeply.

5: Focus on One Think

We have many goals and we want to achieve all of them at the same time. It’s also a good idea. But if you focus on one single goal and keep all your attention and thinking about that goal then you’ll achieve it faster and helps in taking smarter decisions.

Focusing on one single thing makes you put your thinking system in one direction and make your thoughts flow in that direction only so that you won’t be disturbed by any other related thoughts.

By following these 5 things you’ll somehow manage to filter out your mind from unnecessary thoughts.

It’s time to jump into the next section where we’ll study how to automate the decision-making process.

Now you need to know how to automate your decisions. We can automate our decisions for the activities which we do daily.

For example, we wear clothes every day and for that to you take time to decide which color to wear and which outfit to wear for today. So automate your decisions in this case by setting outfits for a week and repeating the same outfits.

Through this, you can automate many of your day-to-day life activities.

If you learned how to automate the tasks then you would save a lot of time and helps in taking smarter decisions

Here comes the main part of our smart decision-making process, 3 step method to take smart decisions…

Step:1 Identify The Problem

Before doing anything you need to first know what the problem is actually. You need to find the root of the by using the 3W Principle:

  • Why
  • What
  • When

Why: Think of why you got the thought and what’s the reason behind it.

What: Elaborate on what’s your thought and clearly visible about it.

When: Remember when this thought arrived in your mind.

By implementing these 3W’s you’ll come to know whether your thought is actually useful or not. If the problem is solved from its root then it won’t arrive again.

Decisions are nothing but choices and if you take the right choice you’ll be on the right path. But if you choose the wrong one then you fall into a problem.

You may always not take the right choices every time. So take choices and then try to correct them.

Step:2 Think About The Consequences

Decisions are made between two or more choices.

Now after considering 3W Principle, you need to write down the choices you have to take the decision among them. Now write the consequences after taking the decision after some time.

Write down every choice. Now you can clearly see the results it your journal. Now you can strike off some of the choices that are useful if you choose them.

Now you would be left with one or two decisions. Now choose one of them which impacts your life in any growth manner.

This will help you in taking effortless and effective smarter decisions.

Step:3 Alternative

At all times you may not make the correct decision. Sometimes you might make a wrong decision. In that case, you need to go for any alternative decision that will somehow decrease the effort of the wrong decision and helps in taking smarter decisions

The Art of Taking Better And Smarter Decisions

We can’t always take correct decisions. Remember that what happens to you whether it’s good or bad, there’s always a reason. Even though you know that you took a wrong decision, if you have the ability to correct that decision then you’ll become high efficient decision-maker and helps in taking smarter decisions

So you can take smarter decisions by just following these simple steps…

And you can change your life from nothing to everything and helps in taking smarter decisions

Do smarter people make better decisions?

Not all smart people can make smart decisions, when it’s in the case of smart decision making it depends on your creativity, thinking ability, and future thinking.

How can I make my life a smarter decision?

1: Identify Your Problem
2: Ask the Right Questions
3: Choose a Mentor
4: Remind about future consequences
5: Spend Time With Smart People

What is SMART objective decision-making?

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Relevant
T – Time Bound

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