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To advise someone to be consistent in their work is so simple. But when you try to be consistent then you’ll know how much resistance they’re going through.  Even though you try harder sometimes you’ll give up easily.

That is why consistency is said to be the key to success.

To maintain consistency in your work you need not force yourself, you just need to follow some habits and hacks that’ll help you in maintaining consistency in your work.

Let’s deep dive into the ocean of consistency and learn some hacks to make consistency a habit.

Power of Consistency

You may not notice any visible results if you just start being consistent in your work. This is why many people fail to maintain the flow of consistency. They are not patient enough to wait for the results.

You can only experience the power of consistency only if you maintain discipline and patience enough through the process of your hard work. When you dare to do it, then the compounding effect will reflect in your life.

Maintaining consistency on Day 1 is very hard, but it gets easier on Day 10. And when you think about it, it’s better to sweat today rather to cry tomorrow.

To be short: The power of Consistency is something that’ll take you from where you are to where you want.

Why You Break Your Consistency?

Most of us break consistency because of these three reasons:

  • You get burned out
  • You won’t see the results
  • You don’t have a burning desire

There’ll be many reasons for breaking your consistency but these are some major reasons.

To be consistent in life, you need these three qualities:

  • You need to build discipline
  • You need to self-motivate yourself
  • You need to start small

These qualities will put you to be disciplined and consistent in your work.

Benefits Of Consistency

Some of the major benefits of being consistent are:

  • You achieve goals
  • You become disciplined
  • Improved Wellbeing
  • You grow significantly
  • You enjoy life
  • Your vision becomes clear
  • You’ll start becoming productive
  • You learn to manage time well
  • You Improve your focus
  • You learn the power of compounding
  • You do less but overtime that less becomes huge

10 Tips To Be Consistent In Your Habits

1: Just Start But Start Small

Stop thinking so much about everything. Just start with whatever you have and do whatever you can. But always start small, and never aim to win from day one.

Crawl on day one, walk on day two, run on day three and you’ll win a marathon on day four.

project better life

Small things done over time will bring you huge results.

2: Be Clear About What You Want

Consistency becomes easier if you know clearly about what you want in your life. If you know your destination and without changing the direction if you be consistent with your goals then no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

If you are determined to do something, don’t stop in between even though you fail to achieve your goals, change the path but not the destination.

Always believe in your capabilities and always be positive that you’ll achieve your goals today or tomorrow.

3: Make A Vision Board

Make a vision board in your room where you write your goals so that you constantly remember your goals in your tough times.

Track yourself on the board and also maintain a journal where you can track your daily habits.

A vision board gives us the motivation to survive in hard times and gives us the inspiration to never give up on our goals.

4: Design A Routine Accordingly

Well done!

You know what you want and also you made your vision board. You’re clear about your goals. Now it’s time to put those goals into action, list out all the habits that are necessary to reach your goals and write them on paper.

Now include them into your daily routine accordingly by considering your goals.

Now if you are consistent then your vision becomes reality with the power of consistency over time.

5: Don’t Become Saturated

You may have so many goals and it’s not wrong to have so many goals in someone’s life. But trying to achieve them all at once is absolutely wrong.

Because if you run behind all your goals at the same time, you’ll be left without achieving anything.

So take the one and only one most crucial goal thereby achieving your life’s purpose will be fulfilled. After identifying that goal, spend most of the time mastering this goal.

Then the remaining time you can spend mastering other goals.

Simply, don’t become saturated with goals. Take one thing at a time and put your everything into achieving it.

How To Be Consistent

6: Enable A Rewarding System

Being disciplined and consistent in something for a long time may cause burnout. To avoid that we need to do three things:

  • Take Small Breaks
  • Reward Yourself
  • Do Warmup Exercise

Working hard is not about how much you work, working hard Is all about how focused you are in your work. Because with focus you can complete your work in less time.

Always aim to improve your focus so that you’ll be more productive not busy.

Tip: Take a 10-15 power nap if you feel very tired and sleepy to recover your focus and after that nap, you can work productively.

7: Make The Process Enjoyable

If what you do doesn’t build curiosity in yourself then it means that you’re not enjoying what you’re doing. If you do what you love then that goal itself will wake you up early morning.

If you do everything hard, one day it becomes very difficult for you to further pursue that goal.

If the process is not enjoyable and you’re not interested then achieving that something will not make you fulfilled.

Do the thing that makes you happy and if the process is not enjoyable make it enjoyable by adding your special ingredients to your life.

8: Imagine Your Future Self

The time you feel that you can’t challenge yourself further, the moment you want to give up, and when you are hit with the feeling that you’ll become a failure. Always imagine your future self.

Once think about how you wanted to see yourself in the future and what it takes to you to get there. Once you imagine that picture you’ll be filled with the motivation to outwork everyone and ultimately achieve your goals.

Trick your brain to listen to you in the hard times by imagining your future self.

9: Utilize Every Opportunity

Once you get an opportunity, no matter how small or big it may be, you must grab that opportunity because from every opportunity you’ll learn something new that’ll put you directly into the phase of improvement.

The more you improve, the more you become skilled and experienced. Then one day, the one opportunity will change your entire life.

Always be consistent in your learning and implementing phase to maintain your growth graph always in the incremental phase.

10: Always Think Ahead

What we think most of the time may not convert into reality but we’re not that unskilled to imagine the consequences that may happen if we take certain steps in our life.

So if we take a decision to be consistent in something, we also need to think about the consequences of being consistent in that work.

If there are some significant positive results from that decision, then considering that decision in our life is a better choice.

Simply, do the things that will give you results in your desired goal, not all the things that are unnecessary.


To be consistent in something you need to put effort, without which you won’t get any type of results. No matter how many tips you use to maintain consistency those will go in vain if you have no determination.

First, your mindset should be stronger than your pain then you can overcome your pain and finally you’ll achieve your goals.

There is no secret mantra to be consistent, you’ll need to do it anyhow.

Either you achieve or you accept failure. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be consistent?

Break your huge goals into small goals and do it every day for some time consistently to achieve your huge goals by putting in less effort. (Compounding Effect)

How can a person be consistent?

To be consistent in something either you need to do your work consistently either through the love of your passion or through the pain of discipline.

Why is it important to be consistent?

With less effort, we can achieve our huge goals with the power of consistency. This is why it’s important to be consistent in your goals.

Is being consistent a good thing?

Yes, being consistent is a very good thing. Because the efforts are less and with time your growth graph increases significantly.

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