How to Learn Anything Faster (Case Study)
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Learning faster not only saves our time but also makes us productive. But hardly we find only a few people around us who are able to learn fast. Let’s see how to Learn Anything Faster (Case Study)

How many of you observed your friends to top in every exam they attend even if they only study for a few hours?

Many Right!

But ever find out why they are able to learn concepts very faster than you?

No Right!

Don’t worry, because you’ll find out the reason for this question and also at the same time you will learn how to learn anything faster.

Why Does Everyone Want To Learn Faster?

In this fast-growing and developing world, everyone(companies, managers, etc.) aims to have fast learners in their team in order to beat their competitors in the race. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of being a fast learner.


  • High Probability Of Promotions
  • Get Hired Quickly
  • Makes You Productive
  • Saves Your Time
  • Makes You Valuable
  • Builds Trust
  • Able To Stand Out In The Crowd
  • More Likable And Selectable
  • Rise In Pay
  • Good Marks


  • No deep Level Understanding
  • Can Forget Easily
  • Give some trouble Sometimes

If we compare carefully, mostly fast learning is best to only some extent, even though slow learners can achieve those pros by just investing more time in them.

The reason behind saying this statement is not because I am against of fast learning, (actually, I am not a fast learner) I saw many individuals being worried since they aren’t able to learn anything faster.

Bitter Truth: Some People Cannot Learn Anything Faster, they can only learn slowly.

Don’t get worried if you’re a slow learner because even though we learn slowly, we are still moving… Lets see how to Learn Anything Faster (Case Study)

Why Only Some are Able To Learn Faster Things Than You

Surprisingly, we find many individuals around us who are efficient in learning things faster whereas we get stuck if we try to learn concepts faster.

IQ(Intelligent Quotient), measures how Intelligent a person is. Most people who seem fast learners to us might have a high IQ than you, or they might born intelligent through genes or DNA. They might have inborn talent which helps them to learn faster.

You might never believe this, but it actually happens to everyone.

If this is not the case, then they might trained them to become a fast learner. Often some individuals can have the capability to train their minds to learn faster.

Why Most People Cannot Learn Faster? (My Journey)

According to me, learning things faster is really sometimes harder for me. From childhood onwards, I can’t able to remember and recognize routes, names of people, and my friends’ birthday dates.

I struggle to remember these things but every time it became harder for me. Even now I can’t able to remember the routes and names.

Even though I try to remember, hoping that one day I will do it anyway.

You might think why memorization came in the concept of fast learning. If we succeed in memorizing things means we are one step ahead to learn things faster.

You might think how can I teach you how to learn things faster even though I myself am not a fast learner? But I may not a fast learner but the strategies, tips, and tricks which I am going to explain may help you to become a fast learner if you implement them in your routine.

Sometimes some tips which are not worked for me might work for you… Let’s see how to Learn Anything Faster (Case Study)

How To Learn Anything Faster (13 Tips)

1: Understand Better

Understanding becomes crucial when it comes to memorizing it and learning faster. Only if you understand better then only you can able to move further step ahead. If you are stuck in anything, ask questions and clarify your doubt immediately. No matter what others say, you must understand what you’re learning and doing.

2: Observe It

Laser-like sharp Observation is needed to store the information in your brain for a longer time by using photographic memory, because we may forget the information we read, but we never forget the things we see (Mostly). Observation is the key to better visualization.

3: Write It

After you understood and observed it, it’s time to write briefly on what you understood on a piece of paper. Writing is the Proven way of retaining information for a long time. Writing down goals increases the probability of achieving them.

4: Visualise It

The most successful people achieve their goals two times. First in their Imagination and Visualisation and, Second in Reality. The power of visualizing is something that is underrated. After you learn anything, visualize it in the form of pictures or virtual drawings.

5: Teach Others

After you got the grip and depth of the concept, try to teach what you learned to your friends or others. Teaching is the best to recall the concept once again and at the same time help others teach something new. Teaching not only gains you clarity but also builds up your confidence.

6: The 80/20 Principle

In most situations, we need to put in only 20% of the hard work to gain the 80% maximum results. For example: In exams, if you focus on maximum marks questions based on your Previous Year’s Questions then your work is almost done to get good marks in the exams.

7: Learn in Chunks

We can’t eat the whole cake at a time, but if you’ve cut them into pieces then it’s easy to eat. The same applies everywhere, try to break your task into small chunks that seem simple and easy to achieve.

8: Spaced Repetition

Repeating information on systematic intervals of time to retain it for a longer time is called Spaced Repetition. The first repetition should happen soon after 1 hour of learning; then after 9 hours; then after a day; then after 5 days; then after a month.

9: Review and Test Yourself

All have weak points and figuring out them and repairing them matters a lot. Reviewing yourself where you’re lacking behind and working on them to make them stronger is the best way to avoid mistakes. Test yourself why you’re stronger and where you’re weak and take further measures according to it.

10: Avoid Overlearning

In the intention of learning everything faster, we tend to overlearn everything without actually knowing is that worth learning and adds value to our life or simply we are going on learning without any goal. We all are humans, not computers to run multiple programs at the same time. Focus on just 1-2 skills that add value to your life.

11: Do Meditation

To avoid distractions and lethargy throughout the day you need to keep your mind calm and focused. This state of mind can be achieved by meditating for some time every day. There are endless benefits of meditation as well as exercise. To train and control your mind meditate and exercise regularly for at least 10-20 minutes a day.

12 Believe In Yourself

Anything impossible can be achieved if you believe in it truly. No matter what others say to you, what you’re doing and what you’re about to do, should know to you and you should believe in what you’re doing. No matter how hard your goals look, believe in them.

13: Practice

Practice makes anyone Perfect. Practice can overtake talent. Consistent Practice on one goal over a year can make you master in it. Practice is the key to achieving anything you want in your life.


It’s not necessary for to become fast learners to everyone there. It’s only an Option because most of us learn better and understand better if we learn things slower. (In my case)

As a matter of fact, it’s only an option to become a fast learner. Since they are more benefits of fast learners you can implement these tips in your life to transform yourself into a fast learner.

Those who tried everything at their level best and still struggling to learn things faster,(like me) Don’t worry even though you’re learning slowly, you’re still moving.

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