Become Fearless
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“Fear is in the dark, yet people built their empires in the dark. Until you come out of fear and become fearless you won’t live a peaceful life”.

Fear is something we are mostly familiar with among the different types of emotions.

Fear is the byproduct of our thoughts. Until or unless you control your thoughts you won’t become fearless.

Fear can be caused due to many reasons.

Identifying the reason behind the fear is essential to eliminate it to become fearless.

Let’s find out how to become fearless and live a peaceful life.

What makes you fear?

Your Memory?

Your Experience?


Your Past?

All the above can be considered as the triggers of fear but mostly fear is caused by “Your Imagination“.

You fear about the things that already happened in your past and also fear about the things that may happen in your future.

To make it short, your fear is your imagination that indeed doesn’t exist right now.

Simply you fear nothing!

Your intellect makes you suffer in pain, nothing else much.

It’s simple to say, but when you come into reality things don’t work as you think.

So, let’s clearly understand the root cause of fear to eliminate it from its roots.

Whenever you encounter fearful or abnormal situations your brain releases stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline which makes your body alert and active.

This increases your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and your senses become active to handle those situations.

Fear is good but when it’s more than usual then it leads to critical health issues.

Everything has a limit, when it is consumed more than a certain limit, it becomes poisonous.

How does someone address their fears if they don’t even know what they’re afraid of?

You may overthink and compare yourself but you don’t know that you’re doing so.

Your thoughts disturb you, but you don’t know about that.

You suffer from nothing but also suffer from everything that you feel fear of.

In this case, you just need to follow the below tips and you could be able to overcome fear.

But if this isn’t the case then consulting a Psychiatrist is recommended to diagnose the problem and take that particular medication.

We have several types of fear but all these fears are derived from two fear types below:

  • Real
  • Imaginary

This fear may be caused due to genetics.

These fears are also called Phobia such as fear of height – acrophobia, fear of water – aquaphobia, etc.

Mostly these types of fears cannot be avoided or eliminated from our lives but can be managed somehow.

These are self-made by our thoughts in our minds.

Fear of failure, Fear of what may happen in the future, etc come under this type of fear and we can eliminate them by following some tips.

This type of fear can cause negative effects in our life than that of Real Fear.

Fear can make our lives miserable. Excess of something will always bring negative results in the end.

These are the major symptoms you may face when you constantly feel or encounter fear regularly in life:

  • Mental Disturbance
  • Lost of Peacefulness
  • Depression
  • No Focus
  • Lethargy and Laziness
  • Severe Health issues
  • Loss of Interest in Life

However, by following some tips you can overcome fear and cultivate a courageous mindset.

1: Start Writing A Journal

When you maintain a journal, you track yourself. That means you can track your fear too.

Whenever you feel frightened of something write that cause in your journal.

Identifying your most common triggers to fear and take corresponding action to overcome it.

2: Practice Meditation

Meditation is the one-step solution to control your mind, thereby reducing unwanted thoughts you will suffer less from your imagination.

Overcoming fear and building a courageous mindset is only possible with mindfulness.

Just 15-20 minutes of meditation a day can help you in fear management, conquer fear, and enable fearless living in life.

3: Do Breathing Exercises

It’s impossible to eliminate fear in one go, but we can somehow manage it by controlling the level of fear by doing some breathing exercises:

Whenever you encounter fear or anxiety, perform any one of the below two exercises.

Breath Hold Breath

Steps to perform this exercise:

  • Take a long breath
  • Hold it for 5 seconds
  • Exhale slowly
  • Hold for 5 seconds

Repeat it and do at least 10-12 rounds for maximum relaxation.

Breath Exhale Breath

Steps to perform this exercise:

  • Take a long breath for 5 seconds
  • Exhale Slowly for 7 seconds
  • Repeat

Do 7 cycles for maximum results.

Whether you want to overcome fear of failure or anxiety these exercises will help you survive in tough situations.

4: Accept and Confront

No matter how many tips we follow to become fearless, at some point, we lose our control and none of the tips gonna work for us.

So accepting the fears that you have is considered to be a smart move in understanding fears and becoming comfortable with them.

You’ll never know what happens tomorrow, rather than living a life of fearfulness, it’s better to accept them and confront them with a positive and courageous mindset.

5: Cultivate a Positive and Courageous Mindset

These 5 strategies will help you in mastering fear.

a roadmap to fearless living.

Involve Yourself in some physical activity to strengthen yourself physically.

Thereby your confidence level increases, you improve your attitude and develop your mindset.

When nothing is going in your way, remember to change your physical appearance and you’ll see everything changes around you.

When you put your brain into doing something worthwhile then you’ll be busy enough to not get frightened by many of your fears by far.

Avoiding fear is better than managing it, therefore it’s better to make yourself busy with some work to not experience the feeling of fear.

You have one life to live, whatever you want to do, you need to achieve in a limited time.

Fear is imaginary, but the blessings upon you are also imaginary. There is something upon you that’s saving you from tough times.

Hoping that everything will go well and being grateful for your life will help you to become fearless and develop peace.

Even impossible things that you never imagined of achieving them can become easily achievable when you just believe in yourself.

Stop doubting yourself, believe in yourself to overcome the fear of failure, and develop a fearless mindset.

This tip will help in transforming fear into fearlessness.

Never give anyone a chance to play with your weakness.

Hide your weakness by saying nothing about them even to your best friends and relatives.

Strengthen your strengths and balance your weaknesses to live a well-balanced life, build confidence, and to become fearless.

Being restricted in your comfort zone may make you feel better but you need to break the barriers to achieve your goals in life.

Take calculated risks and break the walls of fear. One practical advice for overcoming anxiety and doubt is to become silent and get control over your breath.

That’s how you control your anxiety and fear and gradually you become fearless.

Cultivate a Positive and Courageous Mindset
Cultivate a Positive and Courageous Mindset

6: Live in the Present

Living in the present moment is essential to eliminate imagination.

Neither you can change your past nor you can see into your future, so thinking much about them doesn’t change your life.

Living in fear will bring you anxiety, and depression and it disturbs your overall health.

Therefore, it’s better to live in the present because it’s where growth happens.

You’ll live in peace when you focus on the present moment or else you welcome anxiety into your life.

7: Control Your Emotions

When it comes to fear, we can’t be able to handle or control it like any other emotion because we don’t know how long it stays with us.

So controlling our emotions is our primary step to minimize the impact of Fear in our lives.

The only tip that helps you to control your emotions is to become “SILENT” when you encounter that situation.

8: Sleep

Sleep can immensely help in overcoming fear. Whenever your emotions are out of control (or) you feel fear of something, just Sleep.

Rather than thinking all the time, sleeping is a smart choice to escape from fear.

And when you wake up you’ll feel refreshed and the feeling of fear will no longer stay with you.

Many people find it hard to sleep when they feel fear of something, indeed it’s true but once you make it a habit you’ll get habituated at some time.

9: Expect Less

More expectations lead to more thinking and more thinking will bring immense pressure in your mind.

The rate of fear is directly proportional to the number of thoughts.

To become fearless, you need to limit your expectations and expect only the things that mean to you.

10: Enjoy Life

Every one of us has a short lifeline. Don’t allow your emotions to rule over you. You by yourself need to gain control of your emotions.

Don’t allow your fear of failure make you a failure. Overcoming anxiety and building resilience is the way to become fearless.

Once you achieve mental strength and you succeed in conquering self-doubt, you no longer feel fear of anything.

5 Tips To Overcome Fear And Become Fearless
  • A life without fear is useless, A life with fear and challenges provided with the courage to cross through them is what is needed to live an adventurous, worthwhile, and courageous life.
  • Your comfort zone restricts your success, once you cross beyond it, you’ll be able to break walls of fear and become fearless.
  • Fear leads to depression, anxiety, and tension. But Fearlessness brings peace, confidence, and a strong attitude.
  • Excessive Imagination is dangerous, once you shift your imagination into manifestation things turn towards you.
  • When fear is limited it changes your life but when it exceeds it disturbs your life.

By applying these 10 tips in your life you can become fearless and embrace happiness:

  • Start Writing A Journal
  • Practice Meditation
  • Do Breathing Exercises
  • Accept and Confront
  • Cultivate a Positive and Courageous Mindset
  • Live in Present
  • Control Your Emotions
  • Sleep
  • Expect Less
  • Enjoy Life

Fear of failure will make you incapable of doing something in your life.

When you become fearless, you embrace opportunities and achieve success.

But it’s not that easy than said.

Whenever the feeling of fear arises, you get out of control of your emotions.

Rather than trying to control them over and over again, confronting them becomes your only choice in conquering fear.

You can’t overcome fear by avoiding them, you can overcome fear by confronting them.

Self-belief, Motivation, and Growth Mindset are the three pillars of Personal Growth.

Maybe fear is your weakness today, but not forever. Every one of us can conquer our fears and live a fearless life.

It may take time but believe me time takes care of you back.

Be Fearless.

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