How to Focus Better and Faster?
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Due to excessive usage of social media and constantly distracting from our work we lost our ability to focus better on things for a long time. Not only social media but there are also many other reasons because why we aren’t able to focus better on anything longer. Let’s know the reason why we lost our ability to focus and how to regain it with simple exercises.

What is Focus?

Focus is the ability to indulge in any particular work without distracting from that work.

Why we lost our focus?

There are three reasons that can make our focus to reduce:

1: Constantly Distracting

We often get distracted from our work easily, and because of these distractions, our ability to focus on the subject decreases gradually, and also our attention span decreases. Due to multitasking also our attention span decreases and we can’t able to focus better.

2: Mental Stress

We have many tensions in our day-to-day life. Due to heavy work culture, responsibilities, abuse, etc many things led to mental stress which makes us stressed and unable to focus on things longer.

3: Lack of nutritious diet

Many times we lack the required nutrients and minerals for the proper functioning of our brain and body. Sometimes we eat unhealthy foods and do not include enough fruits and water in our diet which in turn makes us suffer from mental health problems.

How to regain our ability to focus?

Regaining focus is not a big task. Focus can be regained by just simply doing three things:
1: Do Meditation/ Exercise
2: Focus on Single Task
3: Learn in chunks

By doing these above three things you can regain your focus back.

But if you want to improve it to more level then these exercises are for you.

Exercises that will make you focus better

1: Mindfulness Meditation

Choose a peaceful environment and sit down on a mat and prepare yourself for mindful meditation. Put a time limit and close your eyes and visualize your goals.


2: Yoga

Doing yogic exercises every day can also help you regain focus back. Some of the exercises like Tratak Kriya help on focusing on a single subject which makes us improve our concentration.

3: Cold Showers

Cold Showers activate the neurons and help in thinking of new ideas. It also makes you active and energetic throughout the day. Most successful people got their billion-dollar-worth idea in their showers.

4: Use Pomodoro Technique

Many of us study for long work sessions where we often lost our concentration on our studies and what we learned becomes hard to remember. This is why we use Pomodoro Technique which helps to take rest every 5 minutes in an hour session.

5: Use Spaced Repetition Technique

It is a technique in which we review our important information at systematic intervals. For example: After reading, the first repetition should be after one hour; then after 9 hours; after a day; and after a month. This helps to keep information in long-term memory.

6: Use Flashcards

Flashcards help in improving and retaining information for a long time by constantly repeating them. It helps to memorize important concepts in less time and to remember them for a longer time.

7: Read

Reading helps you to manage your stress levels and improve your communication skills as well as memorizing skills. It helps you to think clearly and the power of silence. Reading also enhances your knowledge and intelligence.

8: Reduce Multitasking

Multitasking can make you complete things faster but not effectively. You won’t able to focus longer on a task if you multitask. Try to focus on a single task at a time to finish it effectively as well as smartly.

9: Get enough Sleep

Because of sleeping less your ability to focus comes down. A correct sleep schedule is important for making your whole day active. Make a schedule for when you should go to sleep and when should you wake up and no matter what, you should only sleep at that scheduled time.

10: Relax

Sometimes you just need is to relax for some time. Working the whole day and feeling like burnout, somewhat happens with all of us, then we just need a bit of relaxation.


The ability to focus can’t be gained in a day or two but through practicing consistently for a long time i.e. For a month or two.


Many of us can’t practice all the above-given exercises but if you at least select what suits you better then your work can be done.

Just meditating regularly for at least 10 minutes a day can benefit you more than you think and more than you know.

However, you can change your life in just 6 months.

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