How To Love Someone Unconditionally
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Love is something that can’t be expressed but felt. It is a type of feeling felt by almost everyone at some point in time knowingly or unknowingly. Love not only lies between couples but also between friends, relatives, and most importantly love between mother and son; father and daughter; and sister and brother.

Love has no age limits, no relations, no words, no rules. Just living for each other forever and ever…

Love is an infinity loop where once you fall, either you live a life of fulfillment or you entirely destroy your life.

Nowadays love is not like that, which was there in earlier days. The entire meaning of love has changed in this generation. Love is not only about sexual desire, it may be a part of love but it’s not the actual meaning of love. It’s more than that desire that you’ll ever know in your entire life, that’s the depth of love.

Let’s understand what love actually is and how to love someone unconditionally because, without love, life is partial.


Love is a combination of feelings such as attraction, attachment, trust, possessiveness, and affection. It starts with understanding and ends with misunderstandings. The fundamental pillar is understanding each other.

Love is of many types and it’s not what you think about. Love is an emotion that’s endless and considered the most important human emotion.

Love is not only about pleasures, attractions, and infatuation but it’s about the way of living life with understanding each other and most importantly living for each other.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

Types of Love

There are five types of love:

  • Blood-Relation
  • Friendship
  • Passionate Love
  • Infatuation
  • Unrequited love
How To Love Someone Unconditionally

1: Blood-Relation
This is the most precious and prestigious love that every single one of us felt with our parents, sisters, and brothers. This is the purest and most selfless form of love you won’t find anywhere in the world.

2: Friendship
Other than our parents, we mostly spend time with our friends. This love is all about helping, caring, enjoying, sharing ups and downs, and bouncing back from failures.

3: Passionate Love
This type of love is somewhat intense and comes with the feeling of mostly attraction where a person may have an intense feeling of physical contact.

4: Infatuation
Simply attraction towards the opposite gender. It’s not true love but it happens unknowingly, one may feel depressed in the state of infatuation.

5: Unrequited love
It’s basically one-sided love. Even though you think of other people as your whole world, they might not have any interest in you and they don’t even respond to you.

What Makes You Fall In Love

You don’t know when you’ll fall in love and sometimes you even don’t know that you’re in love. There are three things that make you fall in love with someone.

  • Attraction
  • Similarity
  • No Reason At All

1: Attraction
Most of the time when you think love, is not actually love, it’s attraction. You may be attracted by their looks, habits, or even wealth. We mostly fall under this type of feeling and waste a ton of time.

2: Similarity
If you observe any similarities in behavior, habits, sense of humor, way of talking, and thinking then the probability of you falling in love is unstoppable. Because everyone wants others to understand their feelings and if you find someone who has similar qualities then obviously love happens.

3: No Reason At All
Sometimes it’s not attraction or Infatuation. It’s hard to explain what type of feelings we’re going through. Simply it’s far behind the imagination. We love without any reason and moreover without any expectations.

You need to know about these things before you know how to love someone unconditionally.

Magic of Love

Love is not magic but the feelings that we feel after falling in love with someone are magical. Love brings trustworthiness, possessiveness, and responsibility.

I believe that even though you don’t have any partner who understands you, the only thing I would say is:

Work on yourself no matter what happens in your life, right people will come into your life at right time even though there is no hope at all.

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How To Know Are You In Infatuation Or In True Love

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

Infatuation is nothing but attraction and you’ll forget them when there is no interaction between each other. It doesn’t last long and there is no reason for loving that person other than physical attraction.

True love is the love that happens from a pure heart; they live life for each other and one for another. The feeling of love will be constant and will not change even though there’s no interaction.

Close your eyes and be honest with yourself.

Now you can know whether you’re infatuation or true love. Let’s know how to love someone unconditionally.

10 Signs Of A True Love Existence

1: Sharing Secrets

No one knowingly shares their secrets with someone until or unless they meant special to them and whom they trust and feel secure by sharing their personal secrets. This is the first and most crucial sign of the existence of true love.

2: Trust

Without this word in relationships, things get harder and it leads to breakups. Trust means a sign that you give to people who you are, and how you respond to others when situations are catastrophic. If you have trust then you can love someone unconditionally.

3: Quick Smile

When you’re in love with someone, and when they interact with you, you may see a quick and charming smile on his/her face. This is the sign that they’re eagerly waiting to talk with you and you seem so special to them.

4: Respect You

They show lots of affection and respect towards you. And they never cross their limits in their relationships. They know about you and they know how to respect you. This is the most crucial sign that tells you that you’re in true love.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

5: Fight With You

Not physical fighting but the war of words that happens between the couples is so cute and lovable. This helps in strengthening bonds between each other.

6: Banter Between Each Other

As I said earlier, the banter starts with jokes and flirting, and ends with a friendly emotion, which builds healthy relationships, and when you remember those memories a little shy smile will surround your face.

7: Feel Distanced

When you won’t find time to meet each other, you feel distanced and a feeling of hope builds up to meet sooner to clear that distance. If you feel this sign then you’re in true love.

8: Have Faith

Based on your behavior and habits, one can have faith in you. But in a relationship faith between each other comes naturally with respect and trust. They have a belief that you’re on their first priority list.

9: Understanding

In reality, there is no perfect understanding between each other. Understanding comes from misunderstandings where they learn about you, understand you, and believe in you. This plays a major role in loving someone unconditionally.

10: Help You

They’ll stay behind you and they come to know about your problems and they try to resolve them without knowing you. That’s called true caring. And they always stay with you in every situation you face and help you in every situation possible.

10 Truths Everyone Should Know Before You Love Someone

1: Love Starts With A Lie

Most of the relationships nowadays start with a lie. And after spending quality time with each other they tend to reveal the lie and they open up about their faults.

They don’t have any intention of betraying trust in the relationship, because you’re only seeing the coin on one side. Behind that coin, there are so many disturbing thoughts that surround your mind at that time.

Even though love starts with a lie, in the end, it turns into clarity through mutual understanding.

2: Everyone May Not Understand You

No matter how good you are, how nice you behave, and how well you understand others. They’ll be someone who not only sometimes, but always misunderstands you.

You sometimes wonder about doubting yourself – ” Is there any mistake from my side or am I misunderstanding others”.

At last, you’ll always be misunderstood by someone in love.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

3: You Need To Be Yourself

If you try to be like someone else to be liked by someone you love, today or tomorrow your mask wears off, and before you realize the truth it becomes too late. So you need not act like others to get liked by someone you love. Rather you need to be yourself and express your love in your own style. Then it’s called true love.

4: Love Can Be Hidden, But Not Forgotten

You love someone, but you don’t tell your love to that person. Your love can be hidden but you’ll never forget that love because it’s true love. If you forget that love then that love is not a true one.

The one who never forgets his love and hides that love in his/her heart for years without any interaction is the best example of true love. This means you love someone unconditionally.

5: People Don’t Change, But Situations Will

When people don’t treat you like you wished, then you conclude that they have changed a lot. And you think that they are not like when they used to be earlier. But to your clarity, they haven’t changed themselves, situations made them change and your view towards them changed.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

6: They Obey Their Values

Being in love means living for each other but not sacrificing their own priorities and giving disrespect to their own respective ethics and values. In a relationship, both have their own priorities, goals, ethics, and values. Sacrificing them for each other is not termed to be as love but respecting each other values and respecting them is true love.

7: Love Is Unfair Sometimes

Same as life is unfair to someone, sometimes love also becomes unfair to us. What we receive is different from what we give. We think of something but it happens something other. We search for love but we find tears. Really, love is unfair sometimes.

8: Self-Love Is The True Love

If love is the most crucial emotion in life then self-love is the needed emotion in life for living a happy single life. You love yourself, you know about yourself and you have control over everything you do in your life.

Self-love motivates you and helps in knowing more about yourself gradually.

9: You May Not Receive Love Back

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. But in love, what you give to others may not be returned back to you. No matter how much you love someone, there’s nothing that you receive back.

At least you won’t get any response and they neglect you as if they don’t know you at all. And as if you didn’t do anything for them.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

10: You Will Fail In Love

Many of us searched – “how to get over heartbreak”, and you may be one too. It’s obvious to fail in love because of the most common reasons such as miscommunications and loss of trust.

You just have failed in love not in life. You have far more beautiful days ahead and lots of things to do in your life. When you love someone unconditionally then you won’t fail in love because you love without any expectations.

Love, Failures, Goals, And Hardships

With love a lot of things will come into our life, accepting them and facing them is the best way of living life.

In 2020, According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADDI), 1,337 students attempted suicide due to failure in love and this shot up to 1,495 in 2021. A gradual increase in suicide rates is a sign of a lack of awareness about love among students and people.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

Love is not only the thing that we should strive for in life, there are many more priorities in life that come before love. Love is a part of our life and we should think about our well-wishers before taking any actionable step in our life.

You have certain goals in your life and your duty is to fulfill them. That’s your purpose in life. On the way, you have to deal with many hardships and obstacles. But your focus must be on your goals.

Love is a beautiful part of your life, and you need to enjoy that beautiful life rather than find mistakes in it. Communication is the only key to a happy and healthy relationship.

So before you do something in life, think about your life’s purpose and all the people who brought you up this far. 

How To Get Over A Heart Break

Dealing with Love failure is one of the most depressing feelings that you’ll feel in life. Overcoming love failures is a bit of a challenging task because at every moment your mind will splash memories and make you hurt.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

Even though it’s hard, it’s not impossible. There are many ways to get over heartbreak but you don’t need any of them. You just need to follow these three steps to get out of a heartbreak.

  • Adapt New Habit
  • Suffer Your Pain
  • Give Time

Step:1 Adapt To A New Habit

The one who is suffering mentally has the ability to maintain consistency in a habit, not because of discipline but because of the pain he/she going through will make consistency in any habit.

For Example, You can see people as bodybuilders after love failures, they’ve chosen “Intense Exercise” as their new habit. Like this the pain will build you, rather destroying you.

Note: The habit must be the habit that’ll make an impact in your life and which means a lot to you. And that habit should create you, not destroy you.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

Step:2 Suffer Your Pain

You can’t avoid suffering from the pain of love failure, no matter how much you’ve control over your mind, you’re always not capable of controlling the pain that you’re suffering.

If suffering is permanent, then why not schedule it and suffer in that blocked time? It sounds crazy to you, but I experimented with it in my life and it’s worked like magic.

Blocking time to suffer from mental pain is the best way of suffering because you not only save your time but also get peacefulness in your mind.

Step:3 Give Yourself Time

Time heals you. You do need not to do anything in this step, just follow the above 2 steps and time will make your work. On the first day, you may think that you’re in hell, but when time passes and after a month or two, you can see a significant decrease in your depression levels and the pain of suffering. This is how time heals you.

Just give yourself some time and see how things around you will settle by themselves.

12 Tips To Love Someone Unconditionally

1: Accept Faults, Move On

Everyone makes faults, some faults might be done unknowingly or there might be some very strong reason behind them. You may notice many faults in the opposite person, but you never know the faults in you until someone criticizes you.

Accepting one’s own faults and trying to overcome them is the one thing that you must do in a relationship. This helps to love someone unconditionally.

2: Blame Less, Forgive More

Everything happens for a reason. And for everything that’s happening around you, blaming others is foolishness. Blaming someone who doesn’t do any harm to you is the most painful feeling that you’ll ever give to a person in a relationship. Blaming does not solve the problem, it creates more problems.

Forgiving may not help in solving problems but it helps in preventing problems from occurring in the future.

3: Try To Understand On Both Sides

Everything that we see is based on our view of perspective. We see things in such a way that we want to see, but not what actually are. This is why we are sometimes unable to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Before you make any important decisions in your life try to differentiate what you right to you and then take action.

Even in situations, see the coin on both sides before coming to any conclusions. This helps to love someone unconditionally.

4: Expect Less, Spend More

Either in a relationship or friendship expectations should always be less. Fewer expectations lead to less tension and more peace. What should you focus on is – “the amount of time spent with each other”. The more you spend time with each other, the more you open up and your relationships become stronger.

You tend to receive more when you’re expectations are less.

5: Communication Is Key

Lack of communication leads to love failures. Unconditional love stands on the pillar of communication. The only way to love someone unconditionally is to talk with them wholeheartedly. Without talking, you can love someone but the bond will not remain stronger and with time that love no longer remains because of lack of communication.

Where communication lacks, problems occur.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

6: Be Aware Of Ethics and Values

Everyone has their own ethics and values that they follow up in their life and you can’t judge those values by comparing them to yours. Someone’s values don’t look to be valued to you unless you value them because one shouldn’t sacrifice their values for the sake of others. In the same way, you value your ethics and values, in the same way, you should also value other person’s values.

Know about the ethics and values of each other. To love someone unconditionally you need to respect each other ethics and values.

7: Live For Each Other, Not For Others

In a relationship, we sometimes listen to the words of other people who give unnecessary advice to us. But in reality, we should know how we should manage our personal and professional lives. You must never allow anyone in your personal life.

You should live for each other and you need not give explanations to others who don’t play any major role in your life.

8: Never Hide Something That Hurts In The Future

When someone is loving you unconditionally, then he/she can also leave you forever unconditionally if the secrets that you hide from them are revealed by someone else. This is what breaks a relationship and may take a huge time to get things around back.

Never hide those things in a relationship that will bring negative results in the future.

9: Do What Is Right, Not Which Is Necessary

There are many things you can do to make a relationship stand stronger. But doing the right thing must be considered rather than doing what is necessary. You’ll need many things that are necessary but doing the right thing will make your relationship stronger.

One right decision is enough to maintain stronger relationships rather than doing all the things that are necessary.

10: Love is Perfectly Imperfect

Things don’t work as we think. No matter how planned you are, you’ll always end up having trouble somewhere in life and it might occur in relationships too. Love sometimes brings tsunamis and sometimes a shower of flowers. Just we need to know how to handle them.

Everything in life is perfectly imperfect in some context and the same applies to love too. Rather than focusing on perfectionism, focus on the improvement of life.

The Key To Maintaining Stronger And Healthy Relationships

There is actually no secret mantra to maintain stronger and healthier relationships because things always don’t happen as we think. Sometimes it happens behind our imagination and it becomes difficult for us to manage the situation, eventually falling into misconceptions and misunderstandings which often break the relationships.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

No matter how much understanding you have, how much respect you give, and how much you have faith in a relationship, there’s always a point in time when all these will break undoubtedly. No matter how strong you are, the situations will break you sometimes.

Then what’s the thing to do?

Nothing much. Recognise your responsibility in your relationship and try to compromise yourself first even though there’s no mistake from your side. This will stop any further fights in the future. When in a relationship, when one person compromises then automatically another person will come to you as normally they would come earlier and the problem will be solved.

One has to take the side to avoid fights and to maintain a peaceful life in the future. This is what makes maintaining stronger and healthy relationships.


How To Love Someone Unconditionally

To make someone fall in love with you, you’ve to give trust and belief that you’re always with them in any type of situation. Hope will make relationships stay longer and stronger. Loving someone unconditionally and maintaining that love constantly in any situation you face is the hard part of life but it’s not as hard then not expressing that love.

Love is like an ocean, sometimes calm and sometimes violent waves. But after every tough time, there is always a peaceful life.

How To Love Someone Unconditionally

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of true love?

These are the signs of true love:
1: Sharing Secrets
2: Trust
3: Quick Smile
4: Respect You
5: Fight With You

How do you truly love unconditionally?

If you do these things then you can love someone unconditionally:
1: Accept Faults, Move On
2: Blame Less, Forgive More
3: Try To Understand On Both Sides
4: Expect Less, Spend More
5: Communication Is Key

What does it mean to love someone unconditionally?

Even though they’re not loving you, you love them not because of the hope that they’ll love you back but because you love them without any strong reason and you never expect from them, other than happiness.

Why do I fail in love every time?

Love is unfair sometimes and the way you love others is different from how others love you back. Misunderstandings are the most common reason for love failures.

Why does love failure hurt so much?

If you love someone whole-heartedly and your love fails due to some reason then your heart becomes so dense because of the memories that you spend in the moments of love. Since forgetting those memories is hard for some time. This is the reason that love failure hurts so much.

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