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Ever imagined how you design your dream home that you want to live in? You take days and even months to design how your dream house should look like. Not only that even if there is a wedding, you’ll start designing your costumes the month before the wedding itself. But have you ever thought to design your life of yours?

Never Right!

You take a month of time to design customized clothes but you’ll never spend at least an hour to design and plan about your future life. But it’s time for you to design your desired life. Before you start designing the life you want, first, you need to change your mindset. Secondly, you need to clear some of your misconceptions then you can proceed to design your desired life.

10 Things You Think Right, But Actually You Are Wrong (Misconceptions)

1: I am Always Right

You think that you’re always right but you’re wrong. If what you think is always right then by now you would enjoy your dream life. Most often, what you most believe is that you’re right in most cases, you tend to be wrong. You may experience these types of situations many times in your life.

To Be Short: What you think may be right or wrong. But always you’re not right.

2: I Plan Everything Accurately

You plan, and schedule everything but what you planned will not work as you think. The things that you have never planned will happen as you thought but the things that you planned will not happen as you think. Sometimes we plan something and what happening is far away from what we have planned.

To be short: Our plans that we plan will not work as we think most of the time.

3: I’ll Do Tomorrow

You always postpone your work tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. When you’re saying I’ll do tomorrow then you’re carrying today’s work to tomorrow and the next day you need to do that day’s work and also left over yesterday’s work. So the one who’ll suffer is “YOU“.

To be short: You think you’ll do tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes.

4: I’ll Be Silent

You promise yourself that you’ll stop talking too much about your goals and secrets of your life to others, and pretend to be silent when they approach you, but as soon as they make you talk with them, you tend to reveal all the secrets that you kept private to yourself.

To be short: You pretend to be silent but you always become talkative.

5: I am Very Busy

You think that you’re busy and saturated with loads of work but actually, you pretend that you have that much work. You have things to do but you don’t do and you feel saturated with work. Once you become productive then you won’t say I am busy, you say I am productive.

To be short: If you think you’re busy, you’ll become busy. But when you think you’re productive and you do things productively then you’ll become productive.

Before you break down, become unbreakable.

project better life

Before life breaks you down like you ever believed, become unbreakable that you’ve never thought.

6: I Have Time

You think you’ve a lot of time but you’re wrong. You have a very limited period of time with you. When you do the things in which your interest lies then you’ll feel time passes like a jet speed but when you work on the things that are boring and you’re not interested in then you’ll feel time is moving slowly.

To be short: Never delay things by thinking that you have time because time flies and waits for none.

7: I Think Positive

You always think that you generate positive thoughts in your mind but you’re wrong. You try your best to think positively but you end up thinking negatively and self-sabotage yourself. This is not your mistake; the situations around you make you think like this.

To be short: Try to control your mind and try to be neutral about everything you think.

8: I See All People Are Equal

Now you’re judging a book by its cover. No one is equal and everyone has their own abilities and weakness. You should never underestimate anyone and moreover, you should treat everyone equally. Even though you have your priorities you should never belittle anyone.

To be short: Respect everyone you meet, there is something in everyone that’s not there in you. Learn from them and respect them.

9: I Hate People

You think that you hate someone but you’re wrong. Let me explain, the more you hate someone, the more you likely to become good friends in the future. You hate someone because you don’t find any similarity in their ideology to that of yours. And when you realize how good they are to you and they start talking with you, you become friends.

To be short: You don’t hate people, you hate their ideologies until you come to know how true they are.

10: I Never Compare

You think you don’t compare yourself with anyone but you’re wrong. Knowingly or unknowingly you frequently compare yourself with others and become sad about not accomplishing what they have already accomplished.

To be short: You avoid comparing, but you can’t stop comparing in your mind. So compare but not regret because you know your capabilities and you have the power within yourself to make anything possible.

Design Your Life


11: I’ll Do First

Always doing things first is not good. The one who goes first to do something may have no fear and dare to do anything but the one who does things after someone has already done then it becomes a clear picture for them to do that thing correctly and accurately.

To be short: Always doing things first is not recommended in most cases.

23 Things To Do To Design Your Life That You Want

1: Forget The Past, Not Lessons

Your past won’t change if you think about it. And forgetting the past is sometimes hard. Rather than forgetting it, accepting the past and learning the lessons is best to not repeat the same mistakes again in life. To design your life you need to detox the mind to remove negativity and fill positivity. This will help you to design your life faster than your previous mindset.

2: Change Your Mindset

Everything starts in your mind. Every habit builds in the mind. Mindset is everything and to design your life the way you want, you need to mold your mindset in such a way that no matter what happens in your life you have to move forward. Change your mindset and see how your life changes and you can design your life the way you want.

3: Restart From Beginning

Restart your life from the beginning. Disappear yourself for 6 months and focus on your career and this is what determines your success rate in the next 5 years of your life. Design your life privately and shock everyone with your success.

4: Take A Journal

Everything becomes clear if you start maintaining a journal. It’s a book of thoughts, memories, and routines that helps in building your life from nothing to everything. Take a journal and start journaling about your life and design your life the way you want.

5: Make A Vision

A life without vision is a life without value. Vision is like oxygen that’ll wake you every time when you feel like quitting. It gives the energy to live and the motivation to survive. This will help you to design your life because you know what to do and have a clear picture of your goals.

Design Your Life

6: Imagine The Future Self

Success starts with a dream. What you think really matters in becoming what you want in life. You’ll succeed in life two times, the first in your Imagination and the second in Reality. Imagine where you want to be in your future and plan accordingly to achieve your goals. This will help you to design your life as you thought.

7: Think Big

Always think out of the box. Firstly, It does not matter whether you’ll achieve that goal or not, you need to always think big. If you think big, you can make use of your full potential but if you think small, you’re limiting yourself. Think big to design your life big.

8: Take Two Things Together

We should always look into our long-term goals. Focus on the primary skillset first and master it. Along with that, have a second skill that’ll help you even more in this saturated world. Focus on two things and master one thing so much that no one can beat you in that skill.

9: Do Them Consistently

Consistency is the key to success. Anyone can become successful overnight with the intense practice of discipline and consistency. No matter how small the habit is if you do it consistently then you’ll see unbelievable results and you can design your life the way you want.

10: Have Plan B

Things won’t work the way we think, what we think is different from what is happening around us, and sometimes it’s always unexpected. So having a backup Plan B is crucial in case what we plan went wrong. Through this, we can able to take quick decisions in life and we can design our life by looking ahead to the future.

11: Never Reveal Anything

Suppose you started designing your life and when you tell the secrets of your life then how your design will become unique. Everyone copies your secret of designing a life and they build their designs too. So never ever tell your plans and secrets to anyone. This will help you to design your life the way you want.

12: Be Calm, Also Alert

Always be calm so that people believe that you’ve nothing special to design your own life. But also be alert to what they’re saying and how they’re treating you. Now shock everyone by designing the life of yours. This is the power of silence. No words, Only Actions. This will help you to design your life.

13: Make Goals, Achieve Them

Big goals won’t be achieved overnight, they are achieved by breaking that big goal into small goals, and by achieving them you’ll accomplish big goals. Small goals over time make you achieve Big goals. This will help you to design your life faster.

14: Track Yourself

The only way you know yourself that how far you’ve come is by tracking yourself. Write To-do lists and track every task you do so that you’ll know how much you’re doing your work.

15: Prioritize Health

Health is the real wealth. If we can’t maintain our health, we can’t maintain our careers too. How you maintain your health in the first 30 years of your life, determines how your life will be in the next remaining years of your life. One thing, if health is well everything is well.

16: Be Disciplined

No matter how much tired you’re feeling, never skip your work. Take rest and start doing the work even though it’s hard, this is what discipline is and this is how discipline is built in you.

17: Become Serious

You need to become serious sometimes when you feel behind in life. This is where you need to have a laser focus on your career and the hard work you do, should be outworked by everyone over there. Become serious, this is the time to design your life.

18: Never Believe Others

Believing others is like swimming without knowing how to swim. The chances are, you may drown or suffer from breathing. Both are harmful to us only. So never believe anyone blindly.

19: Never Depend

If you want to depend on someone, depend on yourself because the one who’ll help you when you need help is none other than ‘YOU‘.

20: Treat Yourself

Satisfying yourself is needed to maintain the flow of life without any burnout. Treating yourself not only eliminates burnout but also motivates you to do even more work.

21: Say NO

Say ‘No’ to the things that you want to tell but every time you hesitate to tell No and eventually tell Yes. When you say no, that means you’re giving priorities to yourself rather than others.

22: Have Conscious

You have to know whether you’re going on the right path and you have to be conscious about what you’re doing in your life. You have to be honest to yourself in taking the right decisions consciously.

23: Be Happy

We always strive for happiness in life. But happiness is not a destination where we get it, we need to adopt happiness in order to achieve success. Always be happy because being happy is what we’re aiming for.


Whenever you start changing your life, you plan everything but hardly you’ll continue for a week or two. Again the same mindset and routine continue. To design your life you need years of time to build momentum and make it continue, for this, you must have determination, patience, and a burning desire. If you have these three things then no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

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