How to Overcome Procrastination and Get Things Done
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No matter how hard you try to be productive somehow you get distracted. That’s how we get procrastinated and quit our work. So let’s know how to overcome procrastination.

What is Procrastination?

It is defined as getting disturbed by the distractions we get and going on postponing and delaying our work.

What Causes Procrastination?

Many reasons cause procrastination:

  • Excess use of Social Media
  • Notifications of Phone
  • No Interest
  • Lethargic
  • No Enjoyment
  • Excess Work Load
  • Stress
  • No Fear

How To Stop Procrastination?

We all get disturbed somehow in our life. Whether it’s a lack of motivation or tiredness we all get disturbed. We can’t stop getting disturbed because we get many distractions when we tend to start our work.

Rather than stopping them managing becomes crucial. When we can manage our distractions then we’ll be able to control our Procrastination levels. To do that we need to add some routines to our schedule to manage Procrastination and get things done quickly. Let’s know how to overcome Procrastination and gets things done in 10 Tips.

10 Tips To Manage Procrastination and Get Things Done

1: Add Minute Breaks

We are not robots to work 24 hours without any breaks. We are humans and our body needs rest for proper brain functioning and to retain things faster.

If we go on doing some work then we will obviously get tired and we start to quit the work. So to avoid that add some minute breaks in your schedule so that your mind becomes fresh and it does not get lethargic.

2: Apply Reward System

Imagine you get the first rank in your school and your teacher rewarded you with a chocolate then next time you will again aim to first rank to get that chocolate.

It means reward makes you push your aim even further. So try to reward yourself with your favorite rewards after every successful work session to make the flow continue.

3: Countdown Method

Sometimes while studying we go into daydreams. Our minds will be present in our dreams. Like that we waste a lot of time.

To avoid that, we need to splash some water on our faces, every 2 hours, and after sitting to study sometimes we tend to procrastinate, in that case, we need to count from and get back to studying.

It seems simple but it’s really effective.

4: Listing Out Things

While we are doing our work sometimes we tend to get many thoughts. Even though most of the thoughts we get are unnecessary but usually we get some thoughts that are important and sometimes those can change our future too.

In that case, we need not stop and turn our focus to those things. We just need to take a paper or our personal journal and write those things or thoughts line by line.

After your work is done and when you are in your free time then you need to figure out what are those thoughts and how they will help you in the future.

How to Overcome Procrastination and Get Things Done

5: Focus on 20%

Sometimes we need to work smart rather than working hard because in some cases smart work is enough.

The Pareto Principle says that 80% of the results can be achieved by putting in just 20% of smart work.

So focus on the main 20% of your work where you will get 80% of the results.

6: Do Easy Things First

If we start with a hard subject usually we get demotivated and we tend to stop doing our work further. So start with your easy subject then slowly move to the hard subjects.

By doing easy work you will get the momentum and flow to continue the same confidence in the hard subject.

7: Make a Game

Try to make your life a game where you will start from level one which is a beginner and go on increasing your work as you level up. This will add enjoyment to your schedule and get your work done

8: Put Your Phone Off

We get tons of notifications when we are at work or doing any important work. If we get distracted in that case then we will have to suffer a lot in the future. To avoid that we need to keep our phone switched off or we can turn on the notifications off feature so that we can’t get distracted from our phone.

And you can block your time for your social media and phone in a specified time because, in this social world, we need to network and connect with more people to get new opportunities.

9: Put Some Music

Everyone loves music. If you are doing some work where you need not put your utmost concentration you can put on some music in the background, so that you get in the flow state and do the work without getting bored.

Some of the background music that can be put in the background is Lofi…

10: Know Your Why

We all do something to get something. Students study to get a good rank. A worker works to get a good salary and a CEO works to develop his company.

So you need to know why you are doing something and you also need to know what you will get after doing that something then only will able to get something that you aim for. Otherwise, that something will remain as nothing.

And when you’re clear about your goals then you are halfway away from your success.

These tips will help you to overcome procrastination and get things done faster.


Implement these 10 tips to overcome procrastination and get things faster:

  • Add Minute Breaks
  • Apply Reward System
  • Countdown Method
  • Listing Out Things
  • Focus on 20%
  • Do Easy Things First
  • Make a Game
  • Put Your Phone Off
  • Put Some Music
  • Know Your Why


It’s common for everyone to get disturbed by distractions and also we can manage them in no time and get more productive than most people by just following the tips given above. After you implement these tips you’ll see that you’re Procrastinating less than compared before implementing these tips. These tips can change your life really.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop my procrastination?

Add Minute Breaks
Apply Reward System
Countdown Method
Listing Out Things
Focus on 20%
Do Easy Things First

What are 3 solutions to procrastination?

1: Make To-Do List
2: Know Your Why
3: Take Breaks

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