21 Realistic Tips To Enjoy Life
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On average, 70% of people suffer from their busy and saturated work schedules. Nowadays people die suffering from stress and anxiety, not from deadly diseases.

We forgot to enjoy life the way it is. We always suffer from life but do not enjoy life. Without satisfying yourself, without enjoying your life you can’t be able to live a peaceful life.

At every moment in life, you feel lonely, unlucky, and unworthy.

When you know what life is and what enjoying means to you then you’ll regret not enjoying your life till now. But no worries, from now on you can start enjoying your life because you’ll know how to enjoy life from now.

The Meaning of Life

What life mean to you?

Is it money, freedom, happiness, or health?

In simple terms, life is an Energy Pill that you get once and that is too limited. Whatever you do, you should do it in a limited period of time. Even though it seems short, there are a lot of adventures you’ll experience on the way. What matters in life is not money or freedom, it’s the Purpose that drives the life’s journey.

The purpose will help you achieve money, freedom, health, and happiness because without a purpose, you have no direction and the matter of moving forward in life seems confusing.

But many people find it hard to find their purpose in life. Indeed, a person isn’t born with a purpose, they create it.

A person with a purpose can enjoy life no matter how many challenges he/she faces, gradually by outworking everyone they achieves money and freedom.

Life is a journey of ups and downs toward purpose.

If you’re happy automatically you’ll become healthy and in the same way, if you’re healthy then you and the people around you will become happy.

3 Pillars of Happiness

Happiness is the state of a calm and peaceful mind. The three pillars of happiness are:

  • Health
  • Presence of Mind
  • Helping

If you’re healthy, you’ll have the ability to do something, make a living, and face challenges in life with strength and willpower.

Presence of Mind
When you control the things around you and inside you, no one can play with your emotions. Making you react less and respond less to the things that may lead to conflicts.

Real happiness lies in helping others who are in need. The feeling of gratitude fills your heart and makes you happy.

10 Ways To Enjoy Life

1: Practice Mindfulness

A calm and peaceful mind will help you enjoy the life that a disturbed mind will never. Mindfulness is all about achieving the Zero-Thought Stage in mind and eliminating all other unnecessary thoughts.

To enjoy life you need to have control over the things that you can control and also the things that you can’t control.

2: Change Your Mindset

You should have a growth mindset, not a negative mindset. Things around you change if your mindset changes. The power to create anything lies in your thinking and imagination. If you think that you can enjoy life you’ll obviously enjoy it.

But if you think, I do not have the fortune to enjoy life, you won’t. The power lies in your thinking, so think what you want, not what may happen.

3: Accept The Truth, Move On

All are not equal. Some may be stronger than you, smarter than you, and more beautiful than you. By comparing those things don’t live behind in life. Social media will badly influence you by showing you the rich people’s lives but it never tells how much struggle they’ve crossed to achieve that.

Everyone has their own struggle and some have their own unfair advantage. We need to accept the truth and move on to enjoy our life.

4: Do One Thing That Makes You Happy

We always do our jobs even though we don’t like it but it’s also a necessity. But we all have that one thing that by doing so we feel happy. Take that one thing and do it every day to bring satisfaction to your life so that you won’t regret not doing it later.

When you do things you love, you start loving your life.

5: Focus on Yourself

If you focus on others, you’ll always observe faults, comparisons, overthinking, and jealousy. This will not improve your life and indeed it pushes you into the ocean of depression.

But if you focus on yourself you know what really matters to you and you always strive for personal self-improvement. This will make you enjoy life.

5 Realistic Tips To Enjoy Life

6: Never Delay The Things

If you delay things today, you have pending work tomorrow. And those pending works will be left pending. Do things before the deadline because if work becomes delayed, consistency breaks.

To experience the compound effect, you need to never delay your work.

7: Never Depend on Others

We help many people, but when we need someone, there’s no one who is ready to help us. This teaches that we need to depend on ourselves. No one will come to you when you need them but everyone will make use of you.

Never depend on others during any hardships because you need to depend on yourself to enjoy life.

8: Always Be Kind And Positive

You need to be kind to others because kindness is the emotion that gives hope to others in difficult situations. If you spread positive vibes everywhere you go, you not only enjoy life but also spread positivity among people.

To enjoy life you need to be grateful for what you have. Be kind and positive and everyone will return it back to you.

9: Believe In Yourself

The one who you believe most, will always not believe in you. You should never believe in anyone because you’ll never know who’ll cheat you in the times you need them the most.

Believe in yourself and everything will be fine.

10: Trust The Process

You may have big dreams but if you won’t trust the process you’ll quit in the middle of the successful journey. You have to trust the process and you need to have to trust yourself that you’ll achieve what you aimed for no matter what happens in your life.

Trust the process to enjoy life.

Mindset To Enjoy Life

Once you change your mindset you’ll face a lot of challenges in your life. And you’ll reach a point where life seems hopeless and meaningless but when you believe in yourself and trust the process you’ll become the one that you dreamt about in your life.

As soon as you start living your life by your own rules, you start losing your friends through many misunderstandings, you start feeling lonely. You won’t find any results in your hard work and you think of quitting. But this is the time you need to continue doing hard work.

After some time, you’ll reach a point where the compounding effect will reflect in your life and you become overnight successful. But the main thing that you need to do is to “enjoy life“, then only you’ll be able to reach your desired goal. Because real success lies in the way of living.


To enjoy life you need to accept life the way it is. If you think about the things that you won’t have then you won’t be happy with the things you already have. There is no particular formula to enjoy life because everyone’s life is different.

To enjoy life you need to see life the way it is, not the way you want to see it. If you understand that everything happens for a reason then you’ll live a beautiful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enjoy my life by myself?

Do these things to enjoy life by yourself:
1: Avoid Comparisons
2: Avoid Overthinking
3: Give a Smile

How to make yourself happy?

To make yourself happy you need to live life with your own rules and you should maintain some boundaries so that no one won’t take favour of your helping nature.

How can I enjoy life without spending money?

Money can buy happiness but even without money, we can lead a beautiful life. Practice mindfulness meditation and volunteer to enjoy life.

Why should I enjoy my life?

You have only one life, whatever you do you need to do in this life only. The aim of our life is to be happy and enjoy life. So you need to enjoy your life.

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