How to Actually Set Your Goals And Achieve Them
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To become successful in life, setting goals and achieving them is the first most thing to do so. Goals might be small or big but how we go through in the process of achieving goals matters a lot. So in order to achieve goals, we must set goals in an achievable manner. So let’s see how to set your goals and achieve them.

How to Actually Set Your Goals And Achieve Them

What are Goals?

Goals are tasks that we tend to achieve someday or other. Goals differ from person to person. Some keep career goals, and some other personal goals.

Why Goals Are Important?

Imagine a situation where you haven’t had any goals in your life. What you’ll do?

You wake up, go to work, eat and sleep. And this schedule repeats every day.

What happens in this case?
You would still be a salaried person and you may suffer financially in the future. And mostly you wouldn’t able to identify your inner talent.

But if you made some goals you be accountable enough and you would try to get some free time in the middle of your work and spend time sharpening your skills in order to reach your desired goals.

What happens in this case?
You would be able to figure out your purpose and talents and at the same time, you would earn some passive income.

So no matter how small your goals may be, due to the compounding effect it benefits in the long term. So it’s important to have goals in our life in order to avoid lethargy and to continuously flow in work.

Keeping goals put us in busy conditions so that we need not get time to procrastinate on unwanted things.

5 Steps To Set Your Goals And Achieve Them

Step: 1 Tiny Goal

It’s better to break out big goals into tiny tasks to look like they are achievable in an easy way. If we see our To-do list, it will be filled with many incompleted tasks. If we see those all tasks at once we feel exhausted even before completing them. But if we trick our brain and consider completing one task at a time and forgetting all remaining tasks then without any burnout we’ll be able to finish those tasks.

Step: 2 Achievable

You shouldn’t set goals unachievable goals. Say, I’ll read 20 books in a week. etc. Reading 20 books is an extremely hard task and it’s unachievable. If you keep these goals, you will fail without any doubt. If you reconvert from “reading 10 books a week” to ” reading 10 books for a month. Then it becomes achievable.

Step: 3 Realistic

A goal that is set according to one’s ability and experience in that field, which in turn makes you to reach from where you are to where you want is known as a realistic goal. Simply, a goal which is made by considering one’s strengths and capabilities to pursue in that career.

For Example: If you are an introvert then you would prefer to work alone without much talking. According to his strengths, he must set goals in such a career where he can do work comfortably. If he unknowingly went to the marketing field then he won’t able to perform better because he hasn’t had enough speaking skills among the customers. So choosing goals according to strengths and weakness makes us to choose a better career option.

Step: 4 Measurable

Without tracking and measuring your goals you won’t be able to know how much you have completed your goal and how much close you are to achieve your goal.

If you are reading a book a week then measure how much time you are reading every day.

Say, if you read 20 minutes a day it adds up to 140 minutes a week. If you measure like this you will be in a flow of reading. And if you took 140 minutes to complete to read a book then try to increase your reading speed and decrease the amount of time spent on the next book when you read it. By doing so you will see your confidence building up.

Step: 5 Fixed Time

Try to use the Time Blocking technique wherever necessary. Give a fixed amount of time to a particular work to complete it. If You don’t put a deadline on your goal then it may consume more time than it requires to complete it or it may remain as a dream only. Moreover, try to put deadlines for your work to get work done fastly and at the correct time.

If you follow the above pattern in setting your goals you be able to achieve them easily without any burnout and you’ll succeed in setting your goals and achieving them.

How to Actually Set Your Goals And Achieve Them

Why We Fail To Achieve Goals & (How to achieve goals faster)

Even though we follow the 5 step method to set goals, then also some of us fail to achieve some goals. There might be many reasons behind it, but the most common are these 5 reasons. Let’s understand each one in detail.

1: Postponing

Starting anything at first seems really hard. But only if you start doing things over time it becomes easier to continue the flow of work. If you keep on postponing things you’ll have to suffer in the future. When you feel like quitting something just count 5..4..3..2..1 and again get yourself to do work.

2: No Results

You will never know how close you are to achieving your goals. But due to a lack of patience, we tend to give up very soon if we aren’t getting any results. You should never give up even though no one is clapping before you. Because success comes to those who have the ability to be patient until they succeed.

3: Burdening Themselves

Sometimes pushing behind the limits causes you to burn out. Excusing sometimes can make you relax. Forcing yourself to study 20 hours every day makes you stressed and it also affects your health. Forcing and burdening yourself for one day is good but if you continue it every day, at some point you will surely quit your work. Next time only push yourself to some extinct only.

4: Over Excited

Sometimes we feel over-excited and reveal our goals to others without thinking whether it’s correct or not. We work really hard for some days in the mood of excitement and after that excitement ends, we too end our work. And we feel regret for saying our goals to others for no reason. Never share your goals until you succeed in them.

5: Comparisons

Comparisons disturb you in achieving your goals. No matter what others are doing in their life, you need to be aware that only you can change your life, not others. Focusing on Yourself and working hard is the key to achieving success.


We live in a world where everyone wants to go ahead of us. Everyone running behind a successful life. In order to be successful in any career, you need to know to set smart goals and how to achieve them. Only making smart goals aren’t enough, you need to understand the field in which you are and constantly do hard and as well as smart work, then you’ll be going to achieve your goals.

Now you know how to set your goals and achieve them so why late go ahead and start making your dream come true…

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 steps to goal setting?

1: Think Big Goals
2: Write Them Down
3: Break Them Into Tiny Tasks
4: Keep Deadlines
5: Track Progress

How do you set goals and achieve them for students?

Moreover studying is the primary goal for most students. Also, implement these things for achieving success faster:
1: 80/20 Principle
2: Be Disciplined
3: Improve Speaking Skills

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