50 Powerful Affirmations For Success And Abundance
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What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that help us in overcoming negative thoughts and stop self-sabotaging ourselves, only when we repeat them often. These 50 Powerful Affirmations For Success And Abundance will change your life forever.

How to Start  Repeating Affirmations for Success

First of all, follow this 369 method to repeat these given 50 affirmations for success and abundance:

369 Method:

  • 3 times in the morning
  • 6 times throughout the day
  • 9 times before bed

Things To Know Before Starting Affirmations

  • Make sure they are short
  • Make sure they are written in the Present Tense
  • You should be patient enough
  • Be Positive About Yourself
  • Write statements that you want to want or achieve in life

Examples of Success and Abundance Affirmations:

1: I am Strong

2: I am Wealthy

3: I am Goal-Oriented

4: I am What I am

5: I am Focused

6: I am a Hard Worker

7: I am Grateful For What I Am

8: I compare myself with yesterday, not with others

9: I think Positive

10: I am Happy

11: I Respect Everyone

12: I am Capable of achieving anything in my life

13: I believe in myself

14: I attract new opportunities in my life

15: I am blessed to live a happy life

16: I am Successful

17: My action creates what I am

18: I live every moment happily

19: I am blessed to have true friends

20: I have a lovely relationship with everyone

21: I am more than what I think

22: I embrace new changes in life

23: I am ready to work hard to accomplish my goals

24: I am closer to accomplishing my goal

25: I am getting better by 1% every day

26: I love everyone

27: I have no ego

28: I am happy with what I am today

29: I am clear about my goals

30: I am good.

31: I help everyone who is in need

32: I am humble

33: I never worry about future

34: I am free of other people’s opinions

35: I am never jealous

36: I am willing to work harder than everyone

37: I live in the present moment

38: I am blessed with wonderful parents

39: My past will not determine my future

40: I am the creator of my life

41: I always attract good things to my life

42: I am beautiful

43: I am worthy

44: I am open to new Challenges

45: My Life is beautiful

46: I never waste time

47: I admire elders

48: I love myself

49: I don’t judge others through their appearance

50: I am enough

These 50 Powerful Affirmations For Success And Abundance will change your life forever.

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