How to Find Purpose of Life (10 Tips)
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We spend hours and days to find purpose of life but in the end, only a few of us are able to find the true purpose of life. Finding the purpose in life is a dream of most people but hardly it seems difficult sometimes in finding it and moving towards it. Let’s understand what purpose means and see how to find the purpose of life (10 Tips)

What is the Purpose of life?

The intention of doing or achieving something personally or individually is termed Purpose of the life.

Purpose differs from person to person and some know their purpose in life by themselves whereas some struggle to figure out their Purpose in life.

Many people have different purposes in their life. For someone their purpose might become a doctor; to help others; to become rich etc.

No matter how different their Purpose is, all want to live their lives happily and Healthily.

Why is it Important To Find It?

It’s important to find out one’s Purpose in life because it helps and enhances the way in which we are moving by giving the correct direction.

Without knowing Purpose we always change our direction and eventually we can’t reach any goals in our life.

So figuring out that purpose is very essential to move forward in a single direction without changing it frequently.

However, everyone cannot find their purpose, they need to create it.

How to find Purpose of Life (10 Tips)

1: Ask Questions

Ask questions about yourself and your parents about what things you kept your utmost interest in during your childhood. You may not know but your parents might help you in finding out what you liked the most in your childhood. If you never ask them the answer is always “No”.


2: Know Your Interest

After believing your parents and asking questions to them, now it’s your turn to reflect on yourself by asking questions to yourself. You might have some interest in some things such as drawing, painting, singing, dancing, etc. Go deep into your past and figure out the things which you love doing them.

3: Write Them Down

After you find out the things which you love, write down those things one by one, choose the most probable five things, allocate some time for each thing, and after experimenting for several months, you’ll be able to find out the one thing you’re mostly good at.

4: Be Positive

Be Positive in finding out your Purpose, everyone can’t find it immediately, it takes time and effort. Remove negativity from your mind and immensely focus on yourself in figuring out the Purpose of your life. Things can really become favorable to us if we just are positive about them.

5: Take your Time

Some might be able to figure out their purpose faster and some may take huge time. Living about how others figure out their Purpose, you need to be patient enough to stay confident that you’ll however find out it.

6: Explore More

If you’re under 18 and are trying to figure out your purpose then you must have to explore more, because you have a good time experiencing something more in your life. The more you explore, the more you become closer to the desired one by eliminating unwanted things.

7: Move Forward

All not might be able to find out their Purpose. Because for some people purpose is not found, but it is created. So in the way of finding out our purpose we tend to create our new Purpose. So, never get back in the fear of failure but move forward by believing great things will happen.

8: What You Love

If someone told you to do something in which your interest doesn’t lies, no matter how much time you do, one day you will quit doing it due to burnout. But if in the same place if your loved work is there, then you’ll do that work with ease. If you want to be happy with your work then you; Love what you work or else Work what you love.

9: Take a Risk

Don’t get back if you need to take risks in your life. Before taking those risks, remember to take them calculated. Never fear to fail, because you’ll learn valuable lessons from those failures that you’ll help you to move closer to your goal.

10: Get Going

Never ever stop moving forward. Even though you’re tired, learn to move slowly because still, you’re moving. One day consistency and compounding effect will blow up your life from nothing to everything.


We are not born with any Purpose, we choose and create our purpose according to our wishes and goals sometimes.


Sometimes you know what to do with your life earlier than others and seeing them we give up on our work.

Believing that everyone is doing their work according to their needs, and just we need to focus on what we want and what to achieve then automatically you will be able to find out your purpose in life on the way.

Even though you can change your life from nothing to everything.

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