how to get started with meditation
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What is Meditation?

Meditation is nothing but concentrating just on breathing and disconnecting from the distractions around you. It is a type of practice where our attention and focus will be held on just one singular subject i.e. “Your Breath”. Meditation helps you to bring consciousness about who you are and what you are. Let’s know how to get started with meditation;

how to get started with meditation

Types of Meditation

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Spiritual Meditation
  • Focussed Meditation
  • Relaxing Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation

Let’s Understand How to get started with Meditation

1: Mindfulness Meditation

In this type of Meditation, you will sit in a calm place and just focus on your thoughts. You shouldn’t react to them but you need to just focus on those thoughts. This type of Meditation helps you improve your concentration and prevent unnecessary thoughts from evolving.

2: Spiritual Meditation

In this type of Meditation, you will understand who you are and you will be able to connect with the higher power or The Universe. This meditation is practiced a lot in these times and it helps in spiritual awakening.

3: Focussed Meditation

In this type of Meditation, you will continuously focus on a single object by eliminating your thoughts. This meditation helps in improving focus levels and longer attention span.
For Example: staring at a candle etc.

4: Relaxing Meditation

In this type of Meditation, by breathing deeply and by visualization you make your brain relax. You breathe deeply by filling your lungs with air and exhaling at once. You may even play some relaxing background music to feel the benefits of this meditation.

5: Mantra Meditation

In this type of Meditation, you meditate by repeating some mantras. If you feeling difficulty concentrating on something or you want to put your mind into the right frame then you need to practice this meditation.

These are the types of meditation you can get started with meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation helps us in overall mental growth and wellness by bringing peace and stillness to our minds. There are numerous benefits of meditation. Some of them are:

  • Reduces stress
  • Living in Present
  • Increases Patience
  • Increases Imagination and concentration
  • Helps in gaining mental clarity
  • Controls Anxiety
  • It builds discipline
  • Helps in taking decisions wisely
  • It boosts happiness
  • It makes you emotionally stable

How to get started with meditation?

1: Choose a quiet place

Where ever you sit, make sure you are far from noises and sounds. As you are getting started, first you need to choose a quiet place. After you have experienced then no sounds can disturb you from your meditation.

2: Place a mat

You will start questioning what is the need for a mat while practicing meditation. But in reality, mats make us comfortable with the practice. They help you to maintain good posture. And most importantly, if you’re comfortable enough then you can do meditation more easily.

3: Close Your Eyes

Sit comfortably on the mat and put your back straight and your legs flat. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. At first, you will be distracted by many thoughts in your mind. With time you will be able to control the thoughts in your mind.

4: Fix your Time

As you are a beginner, just meditate for 10 minutes daily for 21 days. Slowly start increasing your time doing meditation. You can also put some background relaxing music for the better soothing your mind.

5: Relax your eyes

After your meditation session, rub your hands and slowly keep on your eyes. Relax for some time and slowly open your eyes. By doing this practice, the warmth of your hands helps in soothing your eyes and increases blood circulation around the eyes. This is the simplest beginner’s guide that can be applicable to anyone for getting started with meditation.


You won’t find any major results soon after practicing meditation. It takes time with consistent practice of over a month or two. Then only you will observe some minor changes in your life. Nowadays it is recommended to do meditation for at least 10 minutes, to control the stress and anxiety that we are facing in the social world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to think about while meditating?

The Breath
The aim of doing meditation is to get control over thoughts. So there’s no need to think about something just you need to sit calmly with a focused mind on breathing.

What time should I meditate?

It’s the best time to do meditation since your mind will be more refreshing than any other time.

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