how to work hard
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Hard Work beats Talent when you work harder than you expect. Work Hard Every Waking Hour said Elon Musk. Hard work is the key to success….(Then how to work hard?)

We all feel goosebumps whenever we watch a reel or other YouTube motivational video but how much time does that impact will be there in our life?

Hardly that same day.

It’s very common for us to feel the Dopamine Rise when we watch a motivational YouTube video but it’s only for a fixed amount of time. Then all becomes normal.

Why aren’t we able to work harder on our goals and improve our lives for a better version? Let’s know the reasons for it and also the solution to a better life ahead.

How to Work Hard Even If You Don't Want

Reasons For Not Working Hard

1: Distractions

There are too many distractions that are disturbing us from doing hard work. Mainly social media is the major reason for most of the distractions. Unnecessary scrolling, and chatting with friends wastes our valuable time.

Solution: You can’t avoid distractions so block your time for your certain favorite activities.

2: No Results

Becoming successful faster is the dream of everyone. But the bitter truth is success can’t be achieved overnight. It’s the effect of compounding hard work for several days, months, or even years. Then it adds up to huge success one day.

Solution: Rather than giving up on your goals just train yourself by saying that you’ve come this far to do something great and if you give up now you’ll never succeed in that field again.

3: Not Enough Interest

You will work focused on your field only if you’re interested in it. If you’re unwillingly doing something because others are doing it to earn money and fame then you’re doing the wrong thing. Focus on what’s more suitable to you than what’s trending on the internet.


Solution: Find out your Passion and work towards it.

What’s The Solution To Work Hard

1: Use Pomodoro Technique

Working for long hours without taking any breaks can break your attention span and also make you less effective in learning things. To avoid this apply Pomodoro Technique in your work. Effort 45 minutes and take a 5-minute break and repeat the same session. By applying this technique you feel less stressed and more productive.

2: Trick Your Mind To Work hard

If you are constantly distracted from your work, trick your mind to effort by counting from Your brain actually listens to you and it starts to keep the focus on work for some more time.

3: Work Early

It’s better to wake up early in the morning and effort than to stay awake late at night to get the work done. Always remember that working early in the mornings not only makes work done faster but also It helps to retain information long time since the attention span is more during the mornings.

4:  Be Patience

If you want long-term success then waiting for it is a must. We have to put in the hard effort that takes to achieve things. Having patience is the key to success.

5: Discipline

To never skip the effort and to be accountable for our work, discipline is the major key to success. Being disciplined in our effort even though no results are coming is known as Actual Discipline.

6: Teach Others

If you read something or you know something then teach it to your friends. Teaching helps to memorize the concept better and for a longer time in your brain.

7: Commitment

No matter what happens in your life, if you’re committed to something you need to stand up to the end. Your commitment tells how strong you are in achieving your goals.


Working hard on your goals is needed to achieve your goals faster. By following the above tips, working hard becomes easier somewhat. It helps you to avoid burnout. A combination of hard work, as well as smart work, is required for early success.

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