How to be Motivated to study?
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Motivation isn’t something that can be gained in one or two days. It’s a continuous practice that involves consistency and dedication. Studying is necessary for achieving good grades, but we always feel studying is hard. But we can make it enjoyable and stress-free. Let’s find out how to be motivated to study (21 Tips) in simple ways.

21 Tips To become Motivated To Study

1: Start Small

No one can able to read the whole syllabus in a day. Only if you break your syllabus into very small parts that seem very easy to achieve, then only you can able to finish your study session without any burnout. Always starts small and never understand the power of small steps in your life and you’ll become motivated to study.

2: Read Summaries

We always read every chapter word to word to understand the meaning of it but one should always read the first summary then only they should move to the lesson because the brief and short explanation of the whole chapter is explained in the summary itself. Always read the summary first to know what the lesson is about and what its meaning is.

3: Make a Goal

Without any goals, we can’t achieve anything. Make a small set of goals every day according to your studying ability and again implement them according to the allocated time per each subject equally and you’ll become motivated to study.

4: Block Your Time

Block your time for your studies where you only study by eliminating all other distractions. And only studying should happen in this session. After the study session, block your time for entertainment and social media. Like this, you will be satisfied on both sides.

5: Play Music

Sometimes playing background motivational music can help you boost your potential of learning ability. The soothing waves of music will make you less stressed and more productive and you’ll become motivated to study.

6: Get Serious Earlier

Getting tense the day before exams and studying the whole night before exams seems crazy but it’s your life, not a game. In reality, If you fail you need to suffer a lot with the feeling of regret. Why all this drama? Studying in small chunks every day can make you pass out exams easily without any tension. So get serious earlier before you think to study later.

7: Reward Yourself

If you worked really hard then a small treat is necessary to balance the hard work. An Icecream, chocolate, or any of your favorite items you should treat to yourself. Rewarding helps you to be disciplined in your study session since you’ll receive a reward for a every successful study session.

8: Study What Is Needed

In a hurry, we tend to read and memorize every chapter, and every sentence word to word before knowing whether it’s there in the syllabus or not. First, know your syllabus well; Second, Choose the chapters which give you Maximum marks in the exams; Third, read only these chapters perfectly then only jump into other chapters and ignore some chapters in which the probability of getting marks is very low. This is what is called smart work.

9: Use the 80/20 Principle

As I told you before, 20% effort can bring you 80% of the results. So why do more hard work if you’re achieving your goals by putting in less effort? Then you this principle to find out where to keep that 20% effort to achieve maximum success in life.


10: Use Pomodoro Technique

Study in fixed intervals of time say 40 minutes and take a break of 5 minutes. Repeat doing like this session to complete your studies. By following this technique you won’t feel heavily tired and also you would finish your studies.

11: Use Spaced Repetition

If you struggle to memorize things in the exams then this technique helps you memorize things easier. In this technique, basically, you need to repeat the information in systematic intervals, say 1 hour, 5 hours, 1 day, and after a month to fix the information in the long-term memory.

12: Study In Groups

If you feel alone to study then call your friends and make a group and then study as a group where you ask a question and others will reflect their answers according to that question. This helps in gaining strength on that topic as well as the subject.

13: Set Small Goals

Rather than setting big goals and regretting them later of not completing them, it’s better to set small goals and complete them in no time. Setting small goals improves your confidence levels.

14: Study in Calm Environment

Choose a calm place where it’s impossible to get distracted such as a library nearby you. It’s not always easy to find a library nearby you so study in a calm room. Sometimes tv sounds may distract you, but you can eliminate them by turning on some motivational background music.

15: Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are everywhere, it’s sometimes impossible to eliminate some of the distractions, in that case, block those distractions at a particular time to why distracted at the allocated time. So like this, you can eliminate distractions.

16: Go for a Walk

Always sitting at your desk studying makes you lethargic and tired. It’s not a problem if it happens one day or two but if you see long term then you may suffer a lot and eventually, your study sessions would break. To avoid this,  taking small breaks and going for a walk, and stretching your body make you fit and strong.

17: Use Flashcards

Always we have some important formulae and important topics in a chapter and it sometimes becomes hard to memorize them for longer, but using flashcards and writing the important things can help you with the spaced repetition technique and also helps you memorize the day before the exam.

18: Draw Mindmaps

Always writing important points and topics will not help you memorize things faster. Mindmaps help you to store information in the form of photographic memory through flow charts, pie charts, graphs, and many more. This helps in memorizing things better and faster.

19: Challenge Friends

Challenge your friends that you will score more in exams than your friends. Like that you also tend to read with a fully focused mind and also at the same time your friend also would read hard in order to beat you in the exams and to win the challenge.


20: Find a Valid Reason

Find out the reason why you’re reading and for whom you are reading. Your parents are the inspiration for you. Whatever happened in the last, leave it. Now you know what to do, your bigger goals can be accomplished only if you cross these small challenges. Studies are not hard, you’re making them so. If you read a consistent amount of time for consistent days then you’ll easily clear all your exams without any tension or regrets. Find a reason for your hard work and always remember your end goal.

21: Commit Yourself

If you said that tomorrow you’d complete that chemistry first chapter, then no matter what happens to you, you must complete your work tomorrow itself. This is what is called Strong Commitment. If you Commit Yourself, you can push yourself into far higher limits to reach your goals.

One can become motivated to study by following the above 21 tips.


Actually, Motivation doesn’t need in order to study better, in order to achieve something impossible. What is needed is a Strong Reason and that is enough to push you so far that you’ll never believe that you can come this far.

But Motivation is something that people are overlooking nowadays and it also works for some people. Although one can become motivated to study by following the above 21 tips.

However, you can change your life from nothing to everything in just 6 months of focused hard work.

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