The Science of Happiness: Strategies For a Fulfilling Life
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The science of happiness is the study of human emotions and well-being which is also known as positive human psychology. What we really think about happiness sometimes becomes wrong and we fall into some misconceptions.

Let’s know what happiness really means and the strategies for a fulfilling life.

Misconceptions About Happiness

The things that we think that’ll give you happiness sometimes will not give you the desired happiness. Let’s understand them logically‚Ķ

Case 1: Good Grades
Expectation: I’ll be happy if I get good grades.

Reality: After getting good grades, I want to top the whole class and then I’ll be happy

Case 2: Good Job
Expectation: I’ll be happy if I get a good job.

Reality: After getting a good job, I want a promotion then I’ll be happy.

If we observe carefully, we are constantly delaying our happiness. This chain never ends and the expectations of humans never end. That means happiness is nill in your life.

When you think that this will make you happy and that will not, this is where you are falling into a net unknowingly. Happiness isn’t what we get from materialistic things or expectations. It comes from the inside and it depends on your perspective of how you see your life.

You should not forget that happiness is not part of life. It’s your life.

You should practice being Mindfulness and happy while you’re working then automatically the work which is done by you joyfully will not make you tired eventually it helps you to enjoy life while you’re working.

5 Strategies For A Fulfilling Life

1: Practice Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have today, and where you are today.

You Have To Be Grateful If You Have These 3 Things:

1: House
2: Food
3: Clean Drinking Water

Because out of the 7.96 billion Population in the world,

  • 150 million people are homeless.
  • 811 Millions of people are starving for food.
  • 2 Billions of people have no access to clean drinking water.

And you need to be grateful for having all these basic things which most people don’t have.

2: Combine Joy+Work

What’s the most important thing in your life?

Is it Money?
Loved Ones?

No. They too play major roles in life but the number one thing is ” YOU AND YOUR HEALTH “, if you’re healthy you can enjoy the remaining four things but if you aren’t healthy you’re going to suffer a lot. So, No matter how much burden you have try to keep yourself healthy.

Because real wealth and happiness lie in your health!

After your health, all other things will have major roles in your life.

What to do?
You just need to apply the work-life balance in your life.

3: Change Your Perspective

The Science of Happiness: Strategies For a Fulfilling Life

What do you observe in the above image?

6 Right?

The other person who is seeing your device upside down will observe

9 Right?

Both are correct but their perspective of seeing is different. The same applies in life.

Sometimes what we see is not always right. We need to observe the different perspectives and come to conclusions.

Remember you have only one life to take risks, forgive others, help, to be happy, to succeed, and to fail. Stop fearing and don’t let ego come into your life.

4: Focus on Positivity

You gonna achieve nothing if you think negatively and the point of thinking negatively doesn’t seem any benefitted you. So think positive and believe in yourself that all good things will happen in your life even though situations are not in your favor.

Focus on Positivity, eventually, positively will focus on you.

5: Be Honest

At least be honest with yourself to know more about yourself. Stop giving excuses, telling false statements, and promising false advice to yourself. Be honest with yourself so that you can get control over your mind.

The Science of Happiness: Strategies For a Fulfilling Life


Happiness can’t be found anywhere, it lies in you. If you find happiness in every work and every action you do then you’ll be happy and live a purposeful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the science of happiness called?

The science of happiness is the study of human emotions and well-being which is also known as positive human psychology.

What are the 5 elements of happiness?

1: Finding Meaning
2: Having Purpose
3: Think Positive
4: Good Relationships
5: Being Honesty

What is the root of happiness?

Living Meaningful and Purposeful life is the root of happiness

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