7 Steps To Wake Up Early In The Morning?
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We all want to wake up early in the morning but as soon as the alarm rings we tend to press the snooze button. And we later regret not getting up. It happens with most people who are night owls until they know the power of early birds. But waking up gives you immense benefits, let’s see how to wake up early without any lethargy and tiredness. Let’s see 7 Steps To Wake Up Early In The Morning.

The Benefits of Waking up Earlier

Your brain functions maximum during your morning time since at that time your brain will be free of thoughts and mostly fresh. What you read at that time will be learned faster than usual. It makes you concentrate more on one single task.

Let’s see how to wake up early in the morning through 7 – Steps:

Step:1 Sleep Earlier

If you sleep late at night you’ll obviously wake up late. So sleep earlier to wake up earlier. And keep the alarm louder and far away so you need to get up to turn off the alarm.

Step:2 Make A Commitment

If tomorrow you are going to a picnic there’s no need for any alarm. You will wake up half an hour earlier than the time. What makes you wake up earlier, is your excitement, interest, and commitment. So make a commitment to wake up early in the morning.

Step:3 Treat Yourself

Treat yourself when you wake up early so you can trick your mind to push yourself the next day to wake up earlier the same as today.

Step:4 Punish Yourself

The same way you treat yourself, the same way you need to punish yourself if you fail to wake up early in the morning. The punishment shouldn’t be something impossible but as simple as doing 50 pushups and 25 pull-ups. At the same time, your body will get stronger and your punishment will also be completed.

Step:5 Make it Simple

It’s not rocket science and it’s not mandatory to wake up early. It’s just a sign of productivity. If are willing to wake up, then wake up earlier. If not continue your previous schedule and make sure you sleep 6-7 hours which is enough. And you can sleep more on your holiday.

Step:6 Know Why You are Waking

The reason must be strong. If you have a valid reason, you will wake up even though your alarm is not ringing. Find that strong reason and commit yourself that you’ll wake up early no matter what.

Step:7 Meditation/Exercise

Meditation and Yoga help you to increase the quantity of sleep and reduce the sleep quota. By practicing meditation you’ll be able to concentrate better and focus better for a long time. Exercise keeps your body in shape. This combination makes your overall state better.


The Bottom Line

Waking up early makes you productive and takes less time to do things. Everyone doesn’t like to wake up in the mornings so it’s up to you, you can be as a night owl or an early bird.

What should matter is how much are you willing to work hard to accomplish your goals. Whether you work hard any time, work ahead and smart to achieve your goals.

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