When you want to do something unique and great in your life then you must think creatively.
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When you want to do something unique and great in your life then you must think creatively. If Thomas Edison didn’t think creatively about light, there would be darkness all over the world. If Wright Brothers doesn’t think creatively about how to fly, then no planes would flow over the world. So thinking creatively not only make people’s lives better but also solve many people’s problem.

How To Think Creatively?

What is Creative Thinking?

Creative Thinking is nothing but thinking differently than others and recognizing the ideas to build them or to solve them.

Now we know the idea of creative thinking then without any late let’s see how to think more creatively

10 Ways To Think More Creatively

1: Quantity > Quality

We know that quality lies slightly higher than quantity. But when it comes to creative thinking quantity matters first. Because if you focus on quality, you will be able to experiment only with a few things. But if you focus on quantity you will be able to go wider about creative thinking and you can experiment with many things which in return helps you in doing more creative activities.

2: Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions to anyone if you have any doubts. Asking questions is the better way to understand the concept and to also retain that information for the long term. If you don’t ask questions the answer is always “NO”. Only if you ask your questions you will be able to understand the problem and you can go ahead to the next question otherwise a question mark will stick in your mind.

3: Failure Matters

Don’t feel sad or bad if you fail in your life because the more you fail, the more you’re going closer to success. Thomas Edison said that he didn’t fail 10,000 times inventing the bulb. He just found out the 10,000 ways that won’t work. This means the hard work that you do in your life, will always pay you off by any means. So don’t bother about the challenges and failures, rather utilize them to learn more and achieve great success.

4: Speak More

If you fear talking among the audience then you can’t deliver your creative ideas to them. Communication skills matter a lot in any career. The creative idea that you made should be delivered to the audience in the same creative way to grab the attention of the audience. Speaking more makes you create an impact on the audience. Speaking creatively is also a great skill of a public speaker.

5: Read More

In order to speak more, you need to gain knowledge. In order to gain knowledge, you need to read books. Reading books is far better than watching short summaries or listening to a podcast. Because through physical books you would learn the concept in better understandable level while compared to other means. If you don’t know what books to read then read these top 10 self-improvement books that will change your life.

6: Imagination

Many of the great scientists even though they haven’t completed their schooling only with the power of imagination they did some unbelievable things. Any action will always be done in the brain and then only happens voluntarily. We can make our wishes true with our thought process and a strong sense of imagination.

7: Be Yourself

Don’t copy others. Try to crave your own style of creativeness. Think of different solutions to solve a single problem. Think negative side, i.e. how to not think creatively, etc. If you be genuine and transparent in any situation then most of the problems will be solved in life.

8: Be Confident

If you got many ideas but if you’re not confident enough to express those ideas then people not might get interested in your ideas. Being confident says that you’re capable of doing something and also proves that you’re strong in your subject. There are many ways to become more confident at your work.

9: Help Others In Solving Problems

Helping others in solving problems makes you capable of thinking about different perspectives of life at the same time and you would become more efficient in your field. You tend to solve more problems once you help other people.

10: Relax and Meditate

Be relaxed and try to meditate at least once a day to get clarity in your mind. Meditation helps you in thinking clearly and stops you to overthink the things that are not in your control.

How To Think Creatively?


Creative Thinkers can change the way of living. Creative Thinking is a skill to be gained at anyhow. People need problem solvers in this generation which helps in making our life better personally as well as at work. The world is widely running in the hands of communicators and problem solvers. So start thinking in a different way to open the door of opportunities.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I train myself to be creative?

Just focus on asking questions and try to see the different perspectives on how a problem can be solved.

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