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We often get stuck in our life sometimes and we don’t know what to take the next step. Sometimes we self-doubt whether “Are we doing the right thing?”. At this time, we find our life meaningless and we don’t know what to take next action to make our life better. So, let’s learn how to find meaning in life.

how to find meaning in life

Why do we feel meaningless in life?

If we are doing things in which our interests don’t lie or we are doing the things because other people are doing it then we always have to suffer doing that type of work. If we see at this generation, all people are trying to do the work in which they already the people got succeed in it. And they copy the same things which they had done to succeed and eventually they fail in the process because they are not actually interested in it. They are actually running behind in money or fame but not enjoying the work they do. This is why most people feel meaningless in their life. So, it becomes crucial to find meaning in life.

How to find meaning in life?

Finding meaning in your life seems simple but it takes your utmost attention and focuses to look into your life and find meaning. If you follow the seven-step formula then you can able to find meaning in your life in a simple way…(Let’s know how to find meaning in life)

Step: 1 Observe

Observe what’s wrong happening in your life. Find out which step that you took in the past made you suffer now. After you find out the reason why it’s happening to you now find the solution to overcome the problem and to avoid the problem to expand more. In this step, you just need to observe what is happening in your life and how can you overcome those problems by taking certain measures. Keen observation can lead to find meaning in life practically.

Step: 2 Write Down

After you find out what the problem is, you need to find the solution. Ask your friends, surf the internet or read books and find out the solution for your situation. After you find the solution to the problem try to implement it in your life to overcome the problem to expand furthermore in your life. Now take a paper and write down the things which you are interested in it, you may find it difficult, but write the things which you loved doing since been in the past 5 to 6 years of period.

Step: 3 Figure It Out

As you wrote some of the things that you like doing in the second step now it’s time to figure out what is the best thing that will make an impact in your life. Now take your own time and explore all the things which have been written in your paper for a 3 to 4-month period. After experimenting, you will find out what are the things which you can prefer to work on them for a long period of time without getting burnout even in the busy work schedule.

Step: 4 Implement It

After figuring out that single goal in step 3 now you need to get into work for achieving the single goal, you may keep two to three goals but if you focus on the single goal you will achieve maximum results in the short term.

Step: 5 Work Hard

As you all know hard work beats talent anyhow, so if you want to really succeed in any field you are going through, you need to work really hard but also you need to work smartly in some situations. If you really put some effort for a straight 6 months’ time you can you can go from nothing to everything. Make yourself committed to your goal no matter what other odds happen in your life.

Step: 6 Track Progress

Tracking becomes very crucial when it comes to developing our own life. Without knowing how much we developed in the past one week or one month or one year, we cannot say how much we developed our life. Measuring is very important to find out how our work is going on and also tells that where we are falling down in our progress.

Step: 7 Reattempt

After you follow the above 6 steps you will start knowing what’s the meaning in your life and you will know that you are going the right way in your life and taking the right decisions in your life and whenever you feel that you are going out of the track again implement the steps from starting to get back on the track.



We all are going to fail today or tomorrow. But what really matters is that are we learning some important lessons from that situation and trying to overcome the same mistakes which we have done in the past? We all feel meaningless at some point in our life. However, we can implement the above-given 7-step formula to get back on track of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I can’t find meaning in my life?

Because you are constantly comparing yourself with others and trying to live other’s lifestyles. Stop comparing and start doing the things in which your interest lies, then you’ll start knowing your life’s meaning.

What are the 3 meanings of life?

1: Purpose
2: Helping Nature
3: Belief

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