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We are all stuck in a busy work schedule and we forget to make our life better. Improving our life makes our life more meaningful and interesting because we get bored and lethargic due to extreme work schedules. So, to step into the interesting life we need to do things that we are not done before.
So, these are the 27 ways to make your life more interesting because interesting life is a blissful life.

Let us know 27 ways in which we can make our life more interesting and meaningful:

how to make your life more interesting?

The Simpliest way to be more interesting is to put a smile on your face!

– Project Better Life

1: Plan A Vacation

You would feel exhausted by spending your time at the same place and breathing the same air every day. To experience nature beauty and greenery, going on a vacation is the best idea to get relief from the pressure and tensions you have. Going for a vacation can make your relationships stronger and decreases your burnout and helps in boosting happiness levels and greater well-being.

2: Go to Library

If you are in a phase where you feel depressed and don’t know what to do in life and feel confused in life then you must go to a calm place like the library and try to read the biographies of great people who achieved a lot enough though they failed many times. After reading those biographies you would feel motivated and energetic to face challenges in life.

3: Participate in Volunteering

Volunteering is not a job but a duty of a person where one offers to do something with interest and doesn’t work for money. He does it purposefully. Volunteering teaches you responsibility and discipline. It provides you to meet with new people and by interacting with them you would know the different perspectives of life. And moreover, it helps you to know life better.

4: Travel Alone

You may be traveled with your friends, relatives or with family. But did you ever travelled alone for a long distance? If yes it’s a better experience. If No, you should plan for a solo trip. It teaches you independence and makes you brave. You will be stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people. Lastly, a solo traveling experience is priceless.

5: Eat Differently

There are many varieties of food. Italian, American, Indian, and many more. Try to switch your meals often so that you won’t get bored eating the same food every day. If you are a non-vegetarian go for a vegetarian diet for a day. Explore different types of food which are available in your location.

6: Ride a Cycle

It will be fun riding a bicycle. Bicycling not only improves your muscular strength but also somehow reduces air pollution and makes you fit and flexible. And mainly if you are overweight it also helps you to lose weight. Cycling has numerous benefits whose results are shown in long term.

7: Decrease Your Phone Usage

Scrolling unnecessary reels and spending huge time on social media will bring you nothing but stress and tension. Only if you consume the reel world less and real world more then you can experience real happiness and blissfulness.

8: Talk Smartly

Who doesn’t like Smart People? Everyone Does! To grab the attention of people and to create an impact, you need to talk smartly and confidently. Hook up the audience at first and by using use hands give appropriate gestures. Put your chin up and talk without getting stuck in between.


9: Meet a new person

Try to choose and spend with the people who are talented, better, aged, than you, then you would get enough time to learn something valuable from them. Meet a new person or call someone to improve your speaking and social skills.

10: Attend Friend’s Parties

Enjoying with friends is something which I missed in my childhood. And whenever I think about that I would feel regret about not attending friend’s parties or any other functions. But you don’t do the same mistakes, you can finish your work today or tomorrow but you can’t always attend parties or functions because they are done only at once. Sometimes skipping your work and spending time with your loved ones fills your heart with a priceless and wonderful experience.

11: Be Friendly

Never see that someone is more and some are less. Treat them all equally and give equal importance to everyone. Avoid raising complaints over silly reasons and try to maintain understanding among everyone. Don’t wait to wish for someone and don’t be egoistic to say sorry to someone whom you hurt you.

12: Drop Your Ego

We have only single life and we are mortal. Remembering this bitter truth we need to be humble and genuine with everyone. We shouldn’t allow ego to occupy our minds. Be honest and Authentic. Many broken relationships can be reattached if you just put your ego down and be humble.

13: Take a Cold Shower

Many of the greatest ideas came during the cold shower. A cold shower improves blood circulation and also makes you active throughout the day. To be smart and active you need to shift to cold showers every day.

14: Give a Smile

A smile is the only expression that will change your life forever if you maintain it on your face. A smile can change an arrogant into innocent. A smile can stop fights from arising. A smile can give you a sign of hope and happiness. The real purpose of life for everyone is to be happy and it’s only possible when put a smile on your face in any situation.

15: Let it Go

Don’t take anything seriously. If you failed, let it go and work on yourself. If you succeed, then congrats and don’t stop working towards your goal. It may be anything happiness, sadness, depression, or anger, don’t take it deep to your heart. Let it go!

16: Think Less

Overthinking leads to anxiety and depression. If you think less and that too big then you will get your work done fast. Never think about others and compare your life with them because you are unique and different and everyone has their own strengths and weakness. so, think less and work more to accomplish your dreams faster and easier.

17: Meditate More

If you want to improve mentally then you must do meditation daily. It not only helps you to think clearly but only helps to take decisions better.

18: Declutter Things

Having a minimalistic wardrobe is recommended so that we can find things easily when required. Remove the things which you don’t need anymore. Decluttering helps you to manage things easily and productivity.


19: Dress Well

Your first impression is the best impression. People first look at your personality and the dress you wear. I am not saying to wear expensive clothing but to wear simple and formal-looking clothes. Don’t run behind materialistic things because they aren’t going to fulfill your life.

20: Eat that Fear

Everyone has some fears and everyone would be frightened about something. Find that something and try to face that fear confidently.

21: Watch a Documentary

A documentary is a film based on a true story that is educational. They give the opportunity to explore, understand and connect with the world better. Since filmmakers document the film based on a true story, it seems realistic and more interesting to those who are watching. A documentary is a film based on a true story that is educational. They give the opportunity to explore, understand and connect with the world better. Since filmmakers document the film based on a true story, it seems realistic and more interesting to those who are watching.

22: Ask Questions

Asking questions to someone tells that you are really interested in that topic. And also helps you to clear your doubts. And also people like the attitude of someone who is asking questions. Asking questions isn’t mean that you are asking any random or silly questions, it means that you have to ask related to that context.

23: Say “No”

The people who don’t have value to their time, they only say “Yes”, to everything. Not being in the presence is the best way to show someone your value. Being absent reveals that you’re passionate about your goal and you don’t waste your valuable time by saying Yes to everyone. So, start saying “No” from today.

24: Be a good storyteller

On average, most public speakers start their speech by telling a story. They hook the audience with their storytelling and then they slowly go into their topic such that the attention span of the audience can be maintained by a longer extinct.

25: Follow your passion

No matter what others are doing in their life, don’t care about them. You need to focus only on your passion and nothing should be there in your mind other than your goal. Because if your mind occupies with overthinking, comparing, and jealousy then you can’t focus on your goal anymore. So, to avoid that only focus on your goal and don’t care what others doing in their life.

26: Make an eye contact

Eye contact makes an impression that you are true and genuine. Most people believe that those who maintain eye contact while talking then they are telling truth, but it is not correct always, because some people may feel nervous or uncomfortable while making eye contact. Lastly, try to make eye contact more often so that you would become habituated well doing so.

27: Read Books

There is nothing that can replace books. Neither videos nor podcasts, books provide a brief knowledge of a particular subject that videos or podcasts don’t provide. Reading books makes you intelligent and helps in growing your career to the next level. If you are ever feeling bored then take these top 10 books that will change your life and read them.


There are many ways to make life more interesting than a normal life. Living the same life every day can make you burn out one day and mainly work-life balance should be maintained. So, to stop being depressed and to live a happy and interesting life, follow some of the above 27 ways to make your life more interesting.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make life thrilling?

Do the thing which likes you the most and never overthink what others are doing in their life.

How can I make My Life Meaningful?

Live with a passion and have a strong desire to achieve your goals. Track every moment and try to put attention to everything you see in your life. Then automatically you will be in a meaningful living.

Why is life so boring to me?

If you’re feeling bored, that means you are in the wrong work culture. The work or job you’re doing may not be your passion. Try to do things which are interesting to you and you love spending the whole day and night working on that something.

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