How to get out of Depression? (5-Step Formula)
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We are living in a generation where living our own life depends on how and what others are doing in their life. This is why due to constant comparisons and fallbacks we fall into the darkness of our life where getting back from there seems hardly impossible. Even though we can get back from that darkness by knowing why it happened and what we can do to overcome the problem further. Let’s see how to get out of Depression. (5-Step Formula)

It’s better to change your life by yourself, before time changes your life.

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What causes Depression?

There are many factors causing Depression. Some of them are:

  • Comparisons
  • Fear
  • Failures
  • Breakups
  • Overthinking

Primarily due to these factors, depression is caused for most people. Where some depression can be cured if we take certain measures, but some may require consulting a Psychiatrist.

Let’s see how to get out of misery through the 5-Step Formula

Steps To Get Out Of Depression

Step: 1 Go Ground

The first step is to find out what made you fall into depression. There may be many reasons i.e. you failed exams, you lost your job, etc. Find out that particular reason that made you sad and depressed to get out of depression.

Step: 2 Know the Problem

After you found out your reason, think is this the only reason, that made you sad and depressed? After experimenting with several thoughts in your mind, you will come to know the exact reason for your depression to get out of depression.

Step: 3 Think Solution

Write down the exact reason on a piece of paper. Start thinking about the solution to that written problem. Research on Google and ask your friends, talk to your parents, and write down the solution of the people in such a way so that you won’t make the same mistake that you’ve done in the previous one that made you depressed.

Step: 4 Implement It

Now, after you’ve found your reason and solution to your depression, this is the time for implementation. In this step, you need to implement the solution in order to get back from your depression.

Step: 5 Overcome Again

After a few days or months, you will be able to see the elimination of your problem. If your problem does not seem to be solved then you need to get back to step 4 to find another solution to your problem. After you’ve overcome your problem, you need to be aware so that the same problem shouldn’t come again. Even though it arises you should have the ability to overcome it rather getting depressed.

For Example:

Rohan is a good student but he unknowingly failed in exams, he can’t able to swallow this truth, and eventually, he fell into depression.

Let’s know how can he cute his depression by following the above 5-step Rule:

In Step 1 he awakes and identifies that failing exams was the reason for his depression.

In Step 2 he finds out that the main reason is not failing in exams but the Overthinking of what his parents and others think about this. This overthinking made several imaginary thoughts that pushed him into depression.

In Step 3 he finds the solution to the problem. He feels that he needs to convince his parents that he will study hard for the next upcoming exams and make sure to achieve an A Grade in his exams.

In Step 4 he implements the solution and you know what happened after he implemented his solution? His parents are convinced and they are supporting Rohan.

In Step 5 he understood that his overthinking of what his parents and others said made him fall into depression. He understands that he should never Overthink anything.

Like this Rohan is able to get out of his depression.

How not to get depressed again?

Sometimes we never have a problem that makes us depressed, but you even get depressed by thinking about your past unknowingly. Let’s see how not to get depressed again.

  • Do Meditation
  • Stop Overthinking
  • Start Living In the Present
  • Make Yourself Busy
  • Talk To Friends
  • Be Yourself
  • Don’t Make Comparisons
  • Be Fearless
  • Be Challenging
  • Be Consistent


No matter what measures we take in our life knowingly or unknowingly we fell into depression. It’s can’t be controlled but what in our hands is to overcome it. Whereas some depressions can be cured but some are really hard to cure, because the problem which is visible to us, might not be the real and primary problem. The real and primary problem might be hidden behind this visible problem (Like In Rohan’s Problem), if you succeed in finding out that hidden problem, you may probably get out of your depression. Even though some depressions can be solved by the above 5-Step Formula.

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